Gaddafi: Pal's (and Israeli's) are stoopid, there is no global terrorism, only Islamic terrorism…

* Well, never mind the logical fallacy here, what he meant is probably that there is “global Islamic terrorism”…

* Another rant from the illustrious ‘colonel’ Gaddafi, who often worries that America might come to hang him just like Saddam:

Clare Lopez via ZIP:

Jihad Means Offensive War to Spread Islam: Osama Bin Laden’s Warning to Europe

Europe needs to wake up, and quickly. The obligatory Islamic warning has been given, the Continent put on notice that unless it agrees to compromise on its liberal lifestyle and legal system, al Qaeda will unleash its Jihadi attackers.

“Europe must either somehow assimilate its burgeoning and increasingly hostile Muslim elements, adopt a draconian program of expulsion and immigration control, or acquiesce to Muslim dominance. “

Knowing the enemy, naming the enemy, and mastering the enemy’s culture, history, ideology, and tactics are essential to meeting and defeating his challenge. Only by frankly facing the Islamic Jihad and resisting every urge to dismiss it as primitive, already defeated, or somehow unequal to modern civilizations such as our own, will we have any chance of prevailing.

From Family Matters via Weasel Zippers


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  1. This is my prediction and mark it well. Full scale war from muslims will begin in either 2010 or 2011.

  2. He calls both Palestinians and Israelis stupid, not just Palestinians. You are deceiving your readers.

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