Honest Muslim Discovered!

 “Yes, I reject democracy and all other forms of governance except Islam “


A Q & A with Naeem Muhammad Khan


* Naeem Muhammad Khan, a supporter of the Taliban, uses this flag, which combines the Taliban flag and the ‘support our troops’ message on his Facebook profile.

*  Khan openly supports the Taliban and calls Osama bin Laden a hero. Stewart Bell speaks to a self-avowed fundamentalist, here


Inverted Reality Watch:

Al-Qaeda video: “Christians and Jews are terrorists”

*  That’s right, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter:


* Bush Islam comments here


“The true enemies of Islam are the crusading Pope that Allah curses and the head of the crusading campaign, Bush,” reads one caption over photo.


* And yet, GWB is the best friend Islam ever had in the whole USA!


2 thoughts on “Honest Muslim Discovered!”

  1. 1)Why isn’t Khan deported? He at least needs to be placed in a rubber room because he’s clearly out of touch with reality.

    2)By the usual Koranist logic I guess the Pope and Bush are both Jewish.

    3)If Bush was any softer on Koranism the White House would be the Green House.

  2. Given that — George Bush is a self-described friend of Islam, the Religion of Peace; and …

    Given that — Islam is a self-described enemy and hater of Democracy and Freedom; and …

    Given that — A traitor is a person who gives aid and comfort to the enemy;

    Then — George Bush is a traitor to the United States of America.

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