Jeremiah Wright: “God damn America”, Asshole of the Month

 * The ‘former’ Muslim invokes Jesus to spew hatred:

Wright at the National Press Club: The “black church” is under “attack;” “I am open to being vice president;” defends his AIDS conspiracy-theorizing, “God damns,” “Louis Farrakhan is not my enemy;” don’t be dissin’ my mama or my faith…


*  Rev. Wright, (no longer Barrack Hussein’s ‘spiritual advisor’)  gave a very defiant speech to the National Press Club this morning and claimed, among other things, “This is an attack on the black church.” He seemed to be quite fired up by that wildly enthusiastic reception he got from the NAACP.

*  And he’s (still) being accompanied by bodyguards from the Nation of Islam.

* And here’s Jeremiah Wright’s ‘spiritual advisor’ Louis Farraklan:

White Folks, You Owe Us The Whole Country!

Meanwhile, outside the National Press Club:


3 thoughts on “Jeremiah Wright: “God damn America”, Asshole of the Month”

  1. Four Corners last night showed BO refusing to condemn the Rev Wright. BO is obviously a soft cock.

  2. Saw a bit of it. His manner bothers me and the fact that he likes Farrakan is also a worry.

    I think he is being very divisive. We all know a lot of African-American suffered, but things have been moving forward for a long time now.

    There are lots of successful African-Americans who prove this – Obama is one of them.
    Think of Rice and Winfrey – two of the most powerful women in the word.

    This is a good piece:

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