Steven Emerson: Fighting Global Islamist Ideology the Key to War on Terror

Steven Emerson speaks truth to power:


Unless we are prepared to accept severe restrictions on free speech, legitimize terrorist groups, allow the introduction of Islamic law in the U.S., prohibit any criticism of Islam, and propose the destruction of Israel, nothing we do will satisfy the ‘grievances’ of the radical Islamic believers.

Emerson’s testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence:

Congress should require the lead agencies and departments in the Global War on Terrorism (most notably the FBI, CIA, and DHS) to fully and formally educate all counterterrorism personnel in the proclaimed Islamist ideology of al Qaeda the global Islamist movement. This ideology is easily accessible in Islamic religious texts and treatises such as Sayyid Qutb’s Milestones. This has not been instituted at any agency.

More than six years after 9/11, this is inexcusable.

Instead, U.S. actions have been counterproductive, empowering the Brotherhood at a time it could have challenged its ideology and the terrorist groups that it has spawned. Contact with government agencies effectively anoints the groups as gatekeepers to the Muslim-American community. This policy, which continues to this day despite the criminal connections of many of these organizations, can only end in disaster for the interest of the United States both domestically and abroad.

When considering this matter, it is important and instructive to consider the Danish cartoons controversy. With the exception of a handful of courageous news outlets, the American media refused to republish the cartoons, claiming that “respect for religious values” overrode the principle of free speech.


For everyone else, free speech, the bedrock of western civilization, was suddenly thrown out the window at the first sign that many in the Muslim world were offended and retaliatory violence was possible. The U.S. State Department denounced the publication of the cartoons as “unacceptable.”

This censorship and intimidation continues each day in a disturbingly growing volume. Critics of Islamism and extremism who have written books, spoken out, or published cartoons deemed “offensive” to Islam, have had their lives permanently changed – facing death threats and being forced underground or behind the protection of 24-hour security details. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the former Dutch parliamentarian and a friend of Theo Van Gogh (the Dutch filmmaker murdered for producing a film deemed “offensive” to Islam) has been forced to live under 24-hour protection and in hiding in her homeland and in the United States where she stayed for a year. Geert Wilders, another Dutch parliamentarian, produced a short film called “Fitna” that included images of the Quran being burned and has called for the banning of the Quran. For this admittedly offensive to some, but protected, transgression, Mr. Wilders has had to live in hiding under protection around the clock. His film was blocked by various websites, although anti-Christian and anti-Semitic films can be seen on YouTube and thousands of other sites routed through servers in the United States and Europe.



4 thoughts on “Steven Emerson: Fighting Global Islamist Ideology the Key to War on Terror”

  1. A standing ovation for Mr. Emerson.

    Now, let us see our ‘intelligent’ ones in Congress do something other than ‘I hate Bush’. I can’t believe that our ‘intelligent’ ones haven’t figured this out for themselves. The Pentagon needs a talking to also as do our FBI and CIA agencies!

  2. I would like to see this “Islamist ideology of al Qaeda and the global Islamist movement. ” that Emmerson says is so available and easy to understand. Then have it Condensed into a nice one or two short paragraph soundbite that even the most uninformed person can understand .

    Frankly, I’ve been studying this Islamic Ideology seriously for close to 7 years and do frequent tabling outreach events for the United American Committee .

    Maybe someone here can give me the golden soundbite that takes this complex subject of Political Islam and boils it down to it’s bedrock foundation.

  3. After 7 years you should be able to attempt what you suggest. Do you have any thoughts to your own question?

    I think that my idea is: islam is a political movement that uses religion as a front. They want to either kill us, convert us, or subjugate us. And to do this they will do anything even kill their own children and themselves. All types of tactics against us will be used by them to achieve their goals and time is no matter to them. They will use immigration, uncontrolled birthrates, da’wa, hudna, taqiyya/kithman, fear, terror, our own laws, infiltrate our institutions, wreck havoc with our economy/money, brainwash our children, cry victimhood, use their own dead – especially if they are women and children that they hid behind – as propaganda against us, demand concessions by the infidels while giving none in return, etc.

  4. I hereby second R_not’s standing ovation.
    Two generations of political correctness and cultural relatavism have destroyed our ability to recognize and admit the obvious; all moslems hate us and our tolerant, democratic way of life and are determined to impose their stone-age theocracy upon us. I pray that the US and my country, Canada, will wake up in time to avoid what has happened to Great Britain, now in its death throes.
    Yes, I do hate Bush – not for his decision to go into iraq, but for his cowardice in refusing to stand up and denounce islam itself as the real enemy of freedom. I felt like throwing up when the dust hadn’t as yet settled at the World Trade Centre and he admonished us all to not “lash out against the great religion of islam,” and again recently when I saw him toadying up to his saudi masters and waving that sword about – how many Christians, women and homosexuals do you suppose it had beheaded?
    allah sucks!!!!!

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