Swiss 'Crusader referee' tells Sowdi's to get rid of sword on soccer shirts


* Hahaha, just kidding. Of course not: The Sowdi’s have a problem with the cross, because it reminds them of the crusades, and that hurts their tender feelings.

* But this upright Swiss whistle does not bow to the sons of Allah: 


Riyadh, 2 April (AKI) – Swiss football referee Massimo Busacca vowed he would wear a whistle with the Swiss Cross symbol on it during of the Saudi championship on Wednesday, despite anger voiced in the Kingdom at the ‘crusader’ item.

“I have respect for all religions, including Islam, but I don’t see anything offensive in this and am optimistic. I will not give up my ‘crusader’ whistle,” he told pan-Arab daily Al-Sharq al-Awsat.

Many in Saudi Arabia had called for Busacca to sport a different whistle to avoid offending Muslims. He has previously refereed several soccer matches in the Kingdom.

The Swiss Cross is Switzerland’s national flag and also forms the world famous Swiss army knife logo.

But Muslims associate the Christian symbol with the bloody medieval crusades to conquer Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

* The crusades were called after 400 years of Islamic occupation of the holy land. Thanks to the crusades we are a free people and not  the slaves soldiers of Allah today.

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  1. These bastards know EXACTLY what they are doing! I am so sick of ‘this offends Muslims’ or ‘that offends Muslims’. Get the frack over it. We have NEVER heard so much of this before. Now that they are calling for prayer rooms ‘because it is a basic tenent’ of their religion, what the hell did they do before we started capitulating to them??? But, noooooooo, some dumbass had to give them and inch, and now they want a mile! It’s time to revive Nancy Reagan’s slogan…..”JUST SAY NO!!!!!”

  2. To HELL with muslims. Don’t give in to their whining. Those sumbitches want something to get offended about? How about having to put their face within 12 inches of the guys in front of thems asshole? Screw a buncha offended muzzies. I am ready to fight them using weapons for real.

  3. “But Muslims associate the Christian symbol with the bloody medieval crusades to conquer Jerusalem and the Holy Land.”

    They won so why are they so offended?

  4. They didn’t win. Look who owns most of the Holy Land now…..
    Muslims are just hanging on like a bunch of bums. Like squatters. Like beggars. Like….muslims.

  5. Gramfan>>”They won so why are they so offended?


  6. Can someone give me a kick up the coit, or a pinch & a punch? Either I’m dreaming, or
    April Fools Day came late in Britain … on the one hand, there aren’t any muslim “no-go
    areas” in Britain, & it is “Islamophobic” and “racist” to claim there are; on the other hand,
    the “Communities Secretary” Hazel Blears is going to break up the “non-existent” areas:

    Labour: We’ll break up Islamic ghettos

    Muslim ghettos which have become no-go areas for whites must be broken up, Labour will declare today.

    * At the Fabian Society, no less:

    She will tell the Left-wing Fabian Society: “No neighbourhood should be dominated by one group in ways which make others feel alienated or unsafe.

  7. Well, I am sick of it too and I am doing something about it.

    I bought a bigger than usual cross to wear around my neck – not the dainty little girlie kind – and wear it outside of my T-Shirt. I wear a little ‘anti-CAIR’ button (I wish it were bigger – but I didn’t know how big they were when I ordered it). I also ALWAYS have a book with me and make sure to sit around muslims. Today’s book was ‘A Never Ending War’ that has a minaret and a crescent moon on the cover and hold it so the muslims can see the title.

    Sometimes I will print things off such as the ‘Slavery in Islam’ article and try to find muslims so I can lay it on my lap with the title up and they can see it. Now, sometimes muslimettes will act sooooo coy and not look at anything and look down – I can only hope they see whatever I have.

    There is a male muslim on the Bart in the mornings with his beads and behaving like he is trying to bow and recite his prayers – well, I have my books and sit across from him and he is the muslim I sat across from today.

    They want to shove their crud into our faces – I am just returning the courtesy. I am hopeful to find a segregated bathroom one day – that will be my joy. I want to be told I cannot enter a public restroom – segregation is against the law. And I have all the verses to show that they are doing this because they think I am dirty because I am an infidel which is outright prejudiced behavior! If the blacks can do it so can I.

  8. Mullah! Thanks for the article.

    The problem is that every time I read an article that sounds like a country is going to take back their country from the muslim onslaught – I will read 10 times the articles that show they are in full appeasement mode. So, keep our fingers crossed.

    I don’t know how they will do this though. When the muslims don’t get what they want they go into attack mode. And the people have to start standing up against them. Then the appeasers come out and basically the muslims will get their way once again and then know they have won, once again.

  9. Mullah,
    I hope that is true. Fingers crossed!
    Meanwhile, a joke for you:

    “The Archbishop of Canterbury has partially got his way. British weather has been declared Muslim.

    It’s either Sunni or Shiite”

  10. I am not to sure if the Muslims are being overly sensitive or not. But Here is something to think about. Let us say that the match was in Israel. A German referee had a whistle with the swastika on it. How would the Jews react to that?

  11. The swasitka is not a symbol for Germany, but the Swiss Cross is the symbol of Switzerland, so what’s there to think about, you fake Muslim twat?

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