UK: Bishop Nazir Ali tells Muslims to stop lying

Bishop tells Muslims ‘you’re in denial’


Bishop Nazir Ali

MUSLIMS were accused of being “in denial” by the senior Christian bishop accused of inflaming anti-Islamic feeling by declaring extremists have made parts of Britain “no go areas” for non-Muslims.

Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael Nazir Ali, defended himself against a barrage of criticism at an inter-faith meeting at Ilford Islamic Centre on Friday.

Organised by the East London Three Faiths Forum, about 200 people packed into the Albert Road, Ilford, centre.

One Muslim man said after the “no go” comments hit the news his family was targeted.

He said: “Surely you must have known there would be this tremendous backlash, our windows broken, our sisters and wives spat at?”

Assistant imam of the South Woodford Muslim Community Centre and Mosque, Abdulrahman Tejan Bangura, fumed: “How many times do the wider community need to be educated about the fact that extremism is un-Islamic? Anyone that’s practising extremism is not a Muslim.”

* How many times have we heard BS like this before?

Dr Nazir Ali said both Christians and Muslims needed to stop being defensive in order to move forward.

He said: “The fact of the matter is that extremists who call themselves Islamic extremists, whether they should attach themselves to that name or not is not for me to judge, have made it so difficult for Christian workers in particular places even to live.

“Christian clergy have been prevented from distributing literature in people’s homes, Christian workers have been attacked or intimidated.

“I think the Muslim community and wider community both, need to attend to this situation and address it, rather than being in denial.”

Centre spokesman Mohammed Azam said an “unfortunate understanding of Islam” had sprouted because some mosques were teaching Arabic “by rote” and without a true understanding of the Koran. He added: “There is extremism and we’d be foolish not to recognise that.”

4 thoughts on “UK: Bishop Nazir Ali tells Muslims to stop lying”

  1. hahahaha – the only ignorant turkeys are the ones who think that the muslims are delusional and not knowing they knowingly lie! hahaha

  2. when is the uk govt going to grow some ahoonies and start behaving like a real government to protect the several thousand yr old culture of the english
    deport all muslims from australia and uk now

  3. Thank goodness we have one bishop who is prepared to stand up to the Islamonazis, rather than dhimmi-tude’s spokesman Rowan Williams.

    I am embarrassed how servile our country has become to these disgusting murderers…and how far away the leadership’s opinions are from the ordinary people in the UK, most of who despise Islam with a vengeance.

    For the record the BNP now has a Jewish woman as a councillor, and are the only party speaking openly about the dangers of Islam in the UK….so is it time we trusted them as a mainstream political party?

  4. If Muslims really want to convince us that Islam is Peace they are going to have to do more than put posters on Buses. When I see them marching in their thousand to protest at Al Qaeda, the 7/7 bombings, stoning of innocent women in Pakistan, Nigeria and Somalia, over the treatment of non-muslims in Ethiopia etc,etc,etc. I want to see thouands of posters saying Muslim men and women are equal, adultery is not my business, There really is NO COMPULSION in religion, honor killings are unnecessary and abhorant , Taliban Get out of Pakistan and Afghanistan. etc etc………….when I see that, then I might, I say I might, begin to believe that some Muslims really do want to live in peace with their neighbours

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