UK Jihad: sensitive police raids cause a few blasts

More blasts at home of man held under terror laws


Bomb disposal experts carried out two more controlled explosions Saturday at the Bristol home of a 19-year-old man arrested under anti-terrorism laws.

Dozens of people from surrounding houses in Comb Paddock, Bristol were evacuated after the arrest of the man, reportedly a recent convert to Islam.

Police have until next Thursday to question the man who was held after a tip-off. Officers say their investigation is likely to be long and complex.

“This is a genuine incident which we are taking extremely seriously,” said assistant chief constable Jackie Roberts of the local police.

“At this stage, I cannot rule out that he was acting alone or that there won’t be further arrests.”


First it was Life, then it was 4 1/2 years, now its 14 months:



ANGER erupted last night after it was revealed hate preacher Abu Izzadeen – jailed for four and a half years for terror-related offences – could be out in just 14 months.
Izzadeen and fellow Brit-born Muslim convert Simon Keeler were found guilty of inciting terrorism and fundraising for it.

The charges related to a series of rabble-rousing speeches made at a London mosque by the two men.

Izzadeen, infamous for verbally attacking Home Secretary John Reid, was born Trevor Brooks to Jamaican parents. He told young Muslims it was their duty to join “holy war”.

He also raised cash for attacks on British and US troops and praised the 9/11 plotters.

With good behaviour Izzadeen and Keeler will only have to serve half their sentences. Izzadeen could be out in 14 months as he has already served 352 days.

Rose Gentle, whose son Gordon, 19, was killed in Iraq, said last night: “It’s very sad if he’s called on people to kill our soldiers who are trying to help the people of Iraq.

“It’s a very short sentence. He’s just going to come out and start trying to recruit more people in a few years.”

Keeler, 36, received the same sentence as Izzadeen, who was 33 yesterday and lived off benefits.

Abdul Saleem, 31, also found guilty at Kingston Crown Court of inciting terrorism, was jailed for three years, nine months.

Ibrahim Hassan, 25, was given two years, nine months for the same charge.

Abdul Muhid, 24, found guilty of fundraising for terrorists, was jailed for two years. It will begin when he has completed an earlier jail term for soliciting murder during protests.
Shah Jalal Hussain, 24, absconded while the jury was deliberating, but handed himself in at court yesterday.

He was sentenced to two years for his part in the fundraising charge and three months, to be served consecutively, for breaking his bail conditions.

Judge Nicolas Price told the defendants they had “abused” the freedom to express views in a democracy.

He told Keeler: “You are someone with extremist and dangerous views.”

He and Izzadeen were both sentenced to two and a half years for fundraising and four and half years for inciting terrorism overseas, to be served concurrently.

*  Update from the ‘poverty breeds terrorism’ department:

A 19-year-old British Muslim whose father works as an NHS consultant has been questioned by terrorist squad officers after they found a bomb at his home.

The Daily Telegraph has learned that Mr Ibrahim’s father, Nassif, is a consultant pathologist at the Frenchay Hospital in Bristol. He qualified as a doctor in Egypt. His wife, Victoria, is from West Yorkshire.

The couple have another son, Peter, 25, and live in an £800,000 detached home with a walled garden on a private road in the smart suburb of Frenchay. Mr Ibrahim said last night: “I can’t talk about this.”

* Why Not, Mr Ibrahim?

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  1. british law is now a bloody joke. i crease up every time i hear the term “life”. and cringe every time a pensioner is taken before magistrates for some civil offence.
    in britain the people are now the enemy of the state!

  2. We have a Muslim problem in the UK. But dont worry – our esteemed Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, is going to call on the services thousands of Imams from Pakistan. They are known as the “Jihad Busters”. Like the “Ghost Busters” they too have a signature tune – loud wailing music that drives Jihadis sane.

  3. God help Britain! The legislative, the judiciary and the executive are all on the side of Satan!

  4. And Gordon Brown wants a “global covenant”. To last for seven years, perhaps?

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