Wine, Women & Song in Muhammad's Bordello in the Sky

A heavy breathing islamic cleric gets carried away: The breasts! The thighs! The legs! What hair! What a chest! What a mouth! What cheeks! What a figure!

* Of the 72 black eyed houri’s in heaven, that is.


Saudi Cleric Omar Al-Sweilem Extols the Breasts and Thighs of the Black-Eyed Virgins of Paradise



Following are excerpts of a video-clip featuring Saudi cleric Omar Al-Sweilem, which was posted on the Internet. The video quality is low in the original.

Omar Al-Sweilem: Harith Ibn Al-Muhasibi told us what would happen when we meet the black-eyed virgin with her black hair and white face – praised be He who created night and day. What hair! What a chest! What a mouth! What cheeks! What a figure! What breasts! What thighs! What legs!

What whiteness! What softness!

* Islam usually peddles the lie that the worshipers of the prophet are not racist…

No lubricants needed, No Viagra, Eternal Erections:

“Without any creams – no Nivea, no vaseline. No nothing!”

Narrated Abu Huraira:
Allah’s Apostle said, “The first group of people who will enter Paradise, will be glittering like the full moon and those who will follow them, will glitter like the most brilliant star in the sky. They will not urinate, relieve nature, spit, or have any nasal secretions. Their combs will be of gold, and their sweat will smell like musk. The aloes-wood will be used in their centers. Their wives will be houris. All of them will look alike and will resemble their father Adam (in statute), sixty cubits tall.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 55, Number 544)

“Appetising vaginas.”


“Each time we sleep with a houri we find her virgin. Besides, the penis of the Elected never softens. The erection is eternal; the sensation that you feel each time you make love is utterly delicious and out of this world and were you to experience it in this world you would faint. Each chosen one [ie Muslim] will marry seventy [sic] houris, besides the women he married on earth, and all will have appetising vaginas.”

Size matters, just ask the houris:

“All of them will look alike and will resemble their father Adam (in statute), sixty cubits tall.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 55, Number 544)

cu·bit (kyo̵̅o̅′bit) noun, an ancient unit of linear measure, about 18-22 inches (45.4-55.5 cm); orig., the length of the arm from the end of the middle finger to the elbow.

Sixty cubits = 90-110 feet, so how big would the suicide bomber’s reconstituted, proportional, and eternally erect dick be in Paradise?

Warning: clicking this image might get you sexually aroused like Omar Al-Sweilem

Sex & Sexuality in Islam by Abul Kasem, Part 1 of 6


* If you think you need to ‘revert’ to Islam to get some pussy, click here


Today’s Fartwa, with Mufti Ibrahim Desai:

* The Party Question:

I would like to know that can a man have sex with two or more of his wives in one room. Mufti Sahab I would like to know that If there are two, three or four females in my Nikkah and I would like to have sex with two or more at a same time in one room, it is allowed? If I call two of my wives to one room and start having sex so it is right or wrong?

* Click for the wise Mufti’s answer here

*  the Islamic paradise is a huge brothel where men eat, drink and have sex with endlessly compliant eternal ‘virgins’ (and possibly boys), untouched by man or jinn (demons not alcohol!)

Eg. Koran sura 78.31-33, 55.54-58, 55.72-74; 45.70-74, 56.35-38, 52.17-20, 37.48-49, 44.51-55, 38.49-53, 2.25  or young boys with skin like pearls 52.24, 56.17, 76.19).   Hadith eg Tirmidhi note, male virility, 72 virgins/ white houris-girls of  tender age with transparent skin, large breasts, free from  menstruation, menopause, urinal and other discharges, child bearing and the related pollution (also Bukhari V4 book 54 No. 476 and v4 book 55 No. 544).  Great Muslims like al-Ghazali (1058-1111) in Ihya Uloom Ed-Din (almost as important as the Koran) continue the fantasy promising more virgins.

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  1. A “dry f*ck” is sanctioned my Allah?? Damn, how many men are gonna use THAT line??? LMAO


    GET RID OF THAT FILTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. “so how big would the suicide bomber’s reconstituted, proportional, and eternally erect dick be in Paradise?”

    Here is a calculation I prepared earlier:

    “One cubit is approx 44cm, so at sixty cubits they would be about 26 meters tall. So do their whores get to be 26 meters tall or do the jihadis retain a small penis? Curious infidels would like to know! Because if everything is kept in proportion, it would mean their erect penis would measure in at just under 2.5 meters – much taller than the average whore in Allah’s brothel.

    Imagine the frustration of being surrounded by all these hot babes and not being able to bork them? I guess they might have to stick with Mrs Palmer eh?”

    I have to agree somewhat with Jenny, the images are a bit crook.

  4. Thank you Jenny, you only confirm what we’re been saying all along:

    Actually its not that we give them ammunition, its their ideology that turns them into missiles against us.

    Jenny: You don’t blame our enemy for the stonings, the beheadings, the suicide bombings and the perverted belief-system that makes them kill us and themselves: you blame us for making a mockery of it, is that what you’re doing, Jenny?

    Yes, this shows indeed the revolting decadence of our Western society.

  5. No Sheik,
    I am complaining about the disgusting pictures that are completely uncalled for.

    I search the net for video clips of ranting Imams, slavery, fgm, (all of the things you mentioned above), I put them on DVD and hold public Islamic Information nights, as well as showing Obsession and Islam-What the west needs to know – at great risk to myself.
    I won’t hide from them but when I saw those pictures I was totally disgusted. There is no need to get down to their level.

  6. Point taken, Jenny.

    However, the pictures are like FITNA, we are just holding up a mirror that reflects the Islamic belief-system.

    This is a satirical, comical, but nevertheless educational blog.
    Nobody has the right not to be offended!

    Please don’t hold it against us, its not us sinking to their level, but reflecting the absurdity and perversion of their ideology.

    Btw: your efforts are greatly appreciated, stay safe and keep up the good work. Its not every day that we post about the 72 houris…

  7. Those who object to the pictures need only not visit the site. If you don’t like it, turn it off.

    Beheadings on the internet, now that’s disgusting.

  8. Don’t know about the misogynistic stuff, it’s ugly. Doesn’t help. Still the funniest end-of-civilisation-as-we-know-it anti-jihad site around. Keep it classy.

  9. i m a musluem girl i think i play i dance there is not any fair about this words above..we love like u, we bleive in god like u,we hate osama ebn ladn and his friends,we hate all who hurt people and kill them.this words about the black-eyed virgin with her black hair and white face ,not like this way,the meaning is make good at your life to get what you want what ever you want at the end.this who called Saudi Cleric Omar Al-Sweilem really i have ever hear about him,by the way 89% of muslem has got only one wife (the good ones)

  10. there is not a relationship btween islam and those who bombing Themselves ,please Separate btween Politics and the Religion why america and Israel (here i mean plitic mens not people)why they Confused politic into islam,there is Israelian bad people,american bad people,Italian bad people,all over the world.if these let me say Christian is bad religion . that is not fair again i said that is not fair

  11. Firstly I would like to congratulate you for this fine piece of ignorant research and journalism. How you find the time to inflict this crap on the world, whilst holding down a minimum wage job is a mystery. Any moron like yourself can take a verse from the Qu’ran out of context and defile the overall message of peace, enlightenment and a complete way of life into something sordid. Find a true Muslim and ask him/her what their motivation for embracing Islam is. Also try educating yourself a bit on the overall subject before offending anyone else, rather than regurgitating nonsense off the internet.

  12. jon doe,

    you are quite welcome to point out what’s ‘ignorant’ and how the above is ‘out of context’. Furthermore, I would like to encourage you to post anything (in context, of course) that makes Islam “the overall message of peace, enlightenment and a complete way of life”

    I have known many Muslims and have studied Islam intensively for years before deciding to actively oppose it. Perhaps you can let us know how ‘knowing Muslims’ would change anything on the vile and demented scriptures called Koran and hadith, or on the ideology of the believers that follow it?

  13. ISLAM and the AIM of LIFE

    What is your purpose in life? What is the rationale behind our life? Why do we live in this life? These questions frequently intrigue people who try to find accurate answers.

    People provide different answers to these questions. Some people believe the purpose of life is to accumulate wealth. But one may wonder: What is the purpose of life after one has collected colossal amounts of money? What then? What will the purpose be once money is gathered? If the purpose of life is to gain money, there will be no purpose after becoming wealthy. And in fact, here lies the problem of some disbelievers or misbelievers at some stage of their life, when collecting money is the target of their life. When they have collected the money they dreamt of, their life loses its purpose. They suffer from the panic of nothingness and they live in tension and restlessness.

    Can Wealth Be an Aim?

    We often hear of a millionaire committing suicide, sometimes, not the millionaire himself but his wife, son, or daughter. The question that poses itself is: Can wealth bring happiness to one’s life? In most cases the answer is NO. Is the purpose of collecting wealth a standing purpose? As we know, the five-year old child does not look for wealth: a toy for him is equal to a million dollars. The eighteen-year old adolescent does not dream of wealth because he is busy with more important things. The ninety-year old man does not care about money; he is worried more about his health. This proves that wealth cannot be a standing purpose in all the stages of the individual’s life.

    Wealth can do little to bring happiness to a disbeliever, because he/she is not sure about his fate. A disbeliever does not know the purpose of life. And if he has a purpose, this purpose is doomed to be temporary or self destructive.

    What is the use of wealth to a disbeliever if he feels scared of the end and skeptical of everything. A disbeliever may gain a lot of money, but will surely lose himself.

    Worshipping Allah as an Aim

    On the contrary, faith in Allah gives the believer the purpose of life that he needs. In Islam, the purpose of life is to worship Allah. The term “Worship” covers all acts of obedience to Allah.

    The Islamic purpose of life is a standing purpose. The true Muslim sticks to this purpose throughout all the stages of his life, whether he is a child, adolescent, adult, or an old man.

    Worshipping Allah makes life purposeful and meaningful, especially within the framework of Islam. According to Islam this worldly life is just a short stage of our life. Then there is the other life. The boundary between the first and second life is the death stage, which is a transitory stage to the second life. The type of life in the second stage a person deserves depends on his deeds in the first life. At the end of the death stage comes the day of judgment. On this day, Allah rewards or punishes people according to their deeds in the first life.

    The First Life as an Examination

    So, Islam looks at the first life as an examination of man. The death stage is similar to a rest period after the test, i. e. after the first life. The Day of Judgment is similar to the day of announcing the results of the examinees. The second life is the time when each examinee enjoys or suffers from the outcome of his behavior during the test period.

    In Islam, the line of life is clear, simple, and logical: the first life, death, the Day of Judgment, and then the second life. With this clear line of life, the Muslim has a clear purpose in life. The Muslim knows he is created by Allah. Muslims know they are going to spend some years in this first life, during which they have to obey God, because God will question them and hold them responsible for their public or private deeds, because Allah knows about all the deeds of all people. The Muslim knows that his deeds in the first life will determine the type of second life they will live in. The Muslim knows that this first life is a very short one, one hundred years, more or less, whereas the second life is an eternal one.

    The Eternity of the Second Life

    The concept of the eternity of the second life has a tremendous effect on a Muslims during their first life, because Muslims believe that their first life determines the shape of their second life. In addition, this determines the shape of their second life and this determination will be through the Judgment of Allah, the All just and Almighty.

    With this belief in the second life and the Day of Judgment, the Muslim’s life becomes purposeful and meaningful. Moreover, the Muslim’s standing purpose is to go to Paradise in the second life.

    In other words, the Muslim’s permanent purpose is to obey Allah, to submit to Allah, to carry out His orders, and to keep in continues contact with Him through prayers (five times a day), through fasting (one month a year), through charity (as often as possible), and through pilgrimage (once in one’s life).

    The Need for a Permanent Purpose

    Disbelievers have purposes in their lives such as collecting money and property, indulging in sex, eating, and dancing. But all these purposes are transient and passing ones. All these purposes come and go, go up and down. Money comes and goes. Health comes and goes. Sexual activities cannot continue forever. All these lusts for money, food and sex cannot answer the individual’s questions: so what? Then What?

    However, Islam saves Muslims from the trouble of asking the question, because Islam makes it clear, from the very beginning, that the permanent purpose of the Muslim in this life is to obey Allah in order to go to Paradise in the second life.

    We should know that the only way for our salvation in this life and in the hereafter is to know our Lord who created us, believe in Him, and worship Him alone.

    We should also know our Prophet whom Allah had sent to all mankind, believe in Him and follow Him. We should, know the religion of truth which our Lord has commanded us to believe in, and practice it …

    Those in search of truth

    Who have an open mind and heart,

    Islamic Education Foundation

    Welcome You.

    Objectives: –

    To Convey the message of Islam

    To Educate Muslims about Islam

    To keep in close contact with new Muslims.


    Offering Courses and presenting lectures about Islam in several languages.

    Teaching Islam and Arabic.

    Teaching new Muslims to receive the Holy Quran.

    Helping Non- Muslims embrace Islam and complete the required procedures

  14. Twelve Proofs that Muhammad is a True Prophet
    Shaykh `Abdul Rahman `Abdul Khaliq
    Originally published by IANA


    My brothers and sisters everywhere! With this essay, I am not singling out the adherents of Islam – to which I ascribe – but rather I am writing this essay to every man and woman throughout the whole world.

    I ask Allah that He facilitates tat this essay reaches every ear, falls under the sight of every eye, and is understood by every heart…

    Muhammad the son of `Abdullah is Allah’s Prophet and the Final Messenger Sent by Allah to the Inhabitants of Earth.

    My brothers and sisters everywhere! You should know that the Messenger, Muhammad the son of `Abdullah (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) is Allah’s Messenger in reality and truth. The evidences that show his veracity are abundant. None but an infidel, who out of arrogance alone, could deny these signs.

    Among these proofs:

    1. Muhammad (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) was raised illiterate, unable to read or write, and remained like that till his death. Among all his people, he was known as being truthful and trustworthy. Before receiving revelation, he had no prior knowledge of Religion or any previously sent Message. He remained like that for his first forty years. Revelation then came to Muhammad with the Koran that we now have between our hands. This Koran mentioned most of the accounts found in the previous scriptures, telling us about these events in the greatest detail as if he witnessed them. These accounts came precisely as they were found in the Torah sent down to Moses and in the Gospel sent down to Jesus. Neither the Jews or Christians were able to belie him regarding anything that he said.

    2. Muhammad (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) also foretold of everything that would occur to him and his community after him, pertaining to victory, the removal of the tyrannical kingdoms of Chosroes [the royal title for the Zoroastrian kings of Persia] and Caesar, and the establishment of the religion of Islam throughout the earth. These events occurred exactly as Muhammad foretold, as if he was reading the future from an open book.

    3. Muhammad (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) also brought an Arabic Koran that is the peak of eloquence and clarity. The Koran challenged those eloquent and fluent Arabs of his time, who initially belied him, to bring forth a single chapter like the Koran. The eloquent Arabs of his day were unable to contest this Koran.

    Indeed, till our day, none has ever dared to claim that he has been able to compose words that equal-or even approach-the order, grace, beauty, and splendor of this Glorious Koran.

    4. The life history of this Noble Prophet was a perfect example of being upright, merciful, compassionate, truthful, brave, generous, distant from all evil character, and ascetic in all worldly matters, while striving solely for the reward of the Hereafter. Moreover, in all his actions and dealings, he was ever mindful and fearful of Allah.

    5. Allah instilled great love for Muhammad (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) in the hearts of all who believed in and met him. This love reached such a degree that any of his companions would willingly sacrifice his (or her) self, mother or father for him.

    Till today, those who believe in Muhammad honor and love him. Anyone of those who believe in him would ransom his own family and wealth to see him, even if but once.

    6. All of history has not preserved the biography of any person in the manner it has preserved the life of Muhammad, who is the most influential human in history.

    Nor has the entire earth known of anyone whom every morning and evening, and many times thereafter throughout the day, is thought of by those who believe in him. Upon remembering Muhammad, the believers in him will greet him and ask Allah to bless him. They do such with full hearts and true love for him.

    7. Nor has there every been a man on earth whom is still followed in all his doings by those who believe in him.

    Those who believe in Muhammad, sleep in the manner he slept; purify themselves (through ablution and ritual washing) in the manner he purified himself; and adhere to his practice in the way they eat, drink, and clothe themselves.

    Indeed in all aspects of their lives, the believers in Muhammad adhere to the teachings he spread among them and the path that he traveled upon during his life.

    During every generation, from his day till our time, the believers in this Noble Prophet have fully adhered to his teachings. With some, this has reached the degree that they desire to follow and adhere to the Prophet’s way in his personal matters regarding which Allah has not sought of them to adhere to in worship. For example, some will only eat those specific foods or only wear those specific garments that the Messenger liked.

    Let alone all that, all those who believe in Muhammad repeat those praises of Allah, special prayers, and invocations that he would say during each of his actions during day and night, like: what he would say when he greeted people, upon entering and leaving the house, entering and leaving the mosque, entering and leaving the bathroom, going to sleep and awaking from sleep, observing the new crescent, observing the new fruit on trees, eating, drinking, dressing, riding, traveling and returning from travel, etc.

    Let alone all that, all those who believe in Muhammad fully perform-even to the minute detail-every act of worship-like prayer, fasting, charity, and pilgrimage-as this Noble Messenger (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) taught and as he himself performed.

    All of this allows those who believe in him, to live their lives in all aspects with this Noble Messenger as their example, as if he was standing before them, for them to follow in all their doings.

    8. There has never been nor will there ever be a man anywhere upon this earth who has received such love, respect, honor, and obedience in all matters-small and large alike-as has this Noble Prophet.

    9. Since his day, in every region of the earth and during every period, this Noble Prophet has been followed by individuals from all races, colors and peoples. Many of those who followed him were previously Christians, Jews, pagans, idolaters, or without any religion. Among those who chose to follow him, were those who were known for their sound judgment, wisdom, reflection, and foresight. They chose to follow this Noble Prophet after they witnessed the signs of his truthfulness and the evidences of his miracles. They did not choose to follow Muhammad out of compulsion or coercion or because they had adopted the ways of their fathers and mothers.

    Indeed many of the followers of this Prophet (may Allah’s blessings peace be upon him), chose to follow him during the time when Islam was weak, when there were few Muslims, and when there was severe persecution of his followers on earth. Most people who have followed this Prophet (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) have done so not to acquire some material benefits. Indeed many of his followers have suffered the greatest forms of harm and persecution as a result of following this Prophet. Despite all this harm and persecution, this did not turn them back from his religion.

    My brethren! All of this clearly indicates to anyone possessing any sense, that this Prophet was truly and really Allah’s messenger and that he was not just a man who claimed prophethood or spoke about Allah without knowledge.

    10. With all this, Muhammad came with a great religion in its credal and legal make-up.

    Muhammad described Allah with qualities of complete perfection, and at the same time in a manner that is free of ascribing to Him any imperfection. Neither the philosophers or the wise could ever describe Allah like such. Indeed it is impossible to imagine that any human mind could conceive of an existing being that possesses such complete ability, knowledge, and greatness; Who has subdued the creation; Who has encompassed everything in the universe, small or large; and Who possesses such perfect mercy.

    Nor is it in the ability of any human being to place a perfect law based upon justice, equality, mercy and objectivity for all human activity on earth like the laws that Muhammad brought for all spheres of human activity – like buying and selling, marriage and divorce, renting, testimony, custody, and all other contracts that are necessary to uphold life and civilization on earth.

    11. It is impossible that any person conceive wisdom,, morals, good manners, nobleness of characters as what this honorable Prophet (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) brought.

    In a full and complete manner, Muhammad spread a teaching regarding character and manners toward one’ parents, relatives, fiends, family, humanity, animals, plants and inanimate objects. It is impossible for the human mind alone to grasp all of that teaching or come with a similar teaching.

    All of that unequivocally indicates that this Messenger did not bring an) of this religion from his own accord, but that it was rather a teaching and inspiration that he received from the One Who created the earth and the high heavens above and created this universe in its miraculous architecture and perfection.

    12. The legal and credal make-up of the religion that the Messenger, Muhammad, (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) brought resembles the engineering of the heavens and the earth. All of that indicates that He who created the heavens and the earth is the One Who sent down this great law and upright religion.

    The degree of inimitability of the Divine law that was sent down upon Muhammad is to the same degree of inimitability of the Divine creation of the heavens and earth. For just as humanity cannot create this universe, in the same manner humanity cannot bring forth a law like Allah’s law that He sent down upon His servant and messenger Muhammad (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him).

  15. I find your views to be typically ignorant. Why do you wrap yourself up with such misconception, hate, and vulgarity. If killing of infidels, beheadings, stonings of women, and the like were indeed what the Quran preached, then there would be chaos in the world. In the United Kingdom alone, there would be daily and weekly accounts of such a nature, but we do not hear of anything like that because Islam preaches a good moral code, and peace.

    What you hold onto are examples which i do not defend, or promote, and to whcich i will not turn a blind eye, but there are criminals, and ignorant people in every society. You cannot stereotype over a billion people from the actions of a select few.

    You represent to me, what the extremist clerics are to you. Let me assure you, that all this “islamic extremism, suicide bombings, terror plots, etc” are flames fanned by western governments, secret services, think tanks, special interest groups, lobbies, and various privately funded agencies. The whole fire was started by them to begin with. You burn in the same flames, you are also a casualty, but your ignorance of the bigger picture deprives you the much needed relief you so desperately need.

    be neutral for 10 minutes, clear your head of the junk you have accumulated, and take a fresh look at the wonder of Islam, how it gives each and every prophet the world knows his rightful pedestal, how it condemns the bad, and promotes good nature. It covers every aspect of human life because it is a complete way of life.

    May Allah guide us all, and remove from our hearts the filth of this world.

  16. The above article is not about my ‘ignorant’ views, but about the views and video of Saudi cleric Omar Al-Sweilem.

    You are welcome to take it up with him, Umar.

    Btw: the relief I need is definitely not Islamic.

  17. SYM, your views ARE ignorant, because your out to flag up muslims like the cleric in the above video. The article, the associated phrases on this blogg did not type themselves onto a server no did they. It is your mission to slander Islam, to use weird people with convoluted views on Islam as stereotypes, and true representatives of Islam when we all know that alot of them are on cloud nine!

    SYM, you are running this blogg, with your particular aims, surely they are driven by ignorance, or lack of understanding. You, yourself are being fed by a system, where to disrespect Islam has become an industry. The people profiting from this industry are very successful in getting their message out to the masses, and along come people like yourself, who simply do it for free, only to be accepted by some section of society, be it the deluded.

    The Quran and Hadith (sayings/actions of the Prophet of Islam) are not vile. The Quran is like the manual to mankind and life, like you would get a user’s manual when you purchase a new domestic appliance of sort. There for, the Quran deals with ALL aspects of life, including war. It sets forth conditions of war, which can only be good, because it regulates it, sets conditions.

    How else can I convince the reader. There is a Hadith in which the prophet of Islam stated for the prisoners taken during a battle, that whoever amongst you educates ten of our children shall have his freedom. PAY HEED my dear fellow. Islam places such value on education, and eliminating ignorance. Muhammad p.b.u.h also said, learn, educate yoyrselves, even if you have to travel to chine for it, and travelling to china in those days was no easy task! Its stuff like this that make up the Quran and Hadith, day to day details. The emphasis placed on being kind to ones neighbour alone is huge, i mean mega huge. Thats what the hadith preach, correctness in life, and life deals with good and bad, so if Islam has legislation for the good and bad aspects of life, rather than turning a blind eye to them, or disassociating with them, doesnt that make it credible, authentic, COMPLETE?

    My apologise if I have been rude to you, I promised myslef I will not be, have fun now.

  18. Dear Umar,

    thanks for your efforts, however unconvincing.

    It is not us who slanders, it is the belief-system of Islam that is based on slander, blasphemy, a perversion of good and bad and incitement to genocide and hatred of unbelievers. Besides, respect is something that is earned, not given.

    As for education among Muslims, any quick google search will prove that they are amongst the most illiterate, ignorant, poor and stoopid people in the world. If Muhammedans value education, then why do they regularly blow up girls schools in Afghanistan/Pakistan?

    Here’s another one, fresh from the press today: EDUCATION ALARM IN ARAB WORLD, 95 MILLION ILLITERATE PEOPLE

    And why are they stoopid & poor, Umar? I’ll tell you: because of Islam. Because Islam stifles mental growth.

    You seem to have a problem with the message and the mission of this blog? Stick around, you might learn something.
    We have a problem with what Muslims do. But nevertheless, why don’t you do us a favor and answer a few questions? You could start here:

    Do you agree with stoning, FGM, wife-beating, public flogging, head-chopping?

    * Do you agree with child marriage and should Muslim women have equal rights with men (for example, in inheritance shares or court testimony?)

    * May Muslims convert to other religions? May Muslim women marry non-Muslim men?

    * Which jihad is more important to you, the lesser jihad or the greater jihad?

    (Well, I guess we know the answer to that. You believe in the slow jihad, by demographics and infiltration, not in primitive terror like OBL and Al Zawahiri. but its not that you disagree with it, is it?)

    * Do you believe all man-made governments are illegitimate and must be replaced with Islamic governments (the Caliphate?)

    * Self-criticism: Do you accept the legitimacy of scholarly inquiry into the origins of Islam?

    * Do you believe apostates should be killed?

    * Do you believe in the concept of Dhimmitude and that the kuffar owes the jiziyah to the Muslims?

    * Why should we spend billions in airline security, monitoring, protecting churches and synagogues and public buildings just to keep us safe from a murderous cult that no Australian in his right mind ever wanted in this country?

    * You state: ‘The emphasis placed on being kind to ones neighbour alone is huge, i mean mega huge’.
    Fine. Good for you. I for one don’t want Muslim neighbors because their kindness doesn’t apply to non-Muslims. But please explain that to the Shia & Sunni neighbors who blow each other up all the time, you are wasting your time doing it here.

    * Finally Umar: why is it us who should change and cater to Islamic demands, when no Islamic country would even consider giving equal rights to non Muslims?

  19. Dearest S.

    Again, you enlist issues that have been created and conveniently catalogued by the west as missiles that are repetitively fired at muslims through both electronic and print media. “What of stonings, and women, and killing ‘infidels’, and jihad”??? Stonings are absurd, they are not a tenet of the Islamic doctrine, like ive said, you flag up examples that arent really that great in number, and done by ignorant people in the name of Islam.

    There are more cases of domestic violence amongst caucasian households in the United Kingdom, compared to those amongst the muslim population, per-head. No where in the Quran does it say that muslims men should, or can beat their wives. Head choppings, like they occur everyuday, and those that have occured have again been blown out of proportion, and used by the western media as ISLAM, that is not the case. If a head chopping has taken place, then that is a MURDER. A criminal act has been comitted. There are criminals in every society. No where in the Quran is head chopping encouraged, and NO, I dont agree with killing apostates, their matter is with their God, not me. Muslims can convert to another religion if they like, it is a personal choice, though the position of such people on the day of Judgment has been outlined. We do not have an “Islamic Licence” (which you would like to believe exists) to kill apostates. It clearly says in the Quran, that there is no “jabbar” (force/enforcement) in Islam:

    We know of best what they say; and you (O Muhammad SAW) are not a tyrant over them (to FORCE them to Belief). But warn by the Quran, him who fears My Threat.
    Chapter 50, Verse 45.

    Women have less share in inheritance than men, because in an Islamic society, the man is the principal maintainer of the household. The woman marrys, and becomes another man’s responsibility. You have to look at the bigger picture. Some Islamic principals viewed in isolation may be harder to grasp. The seal on your heart and mind is such, that you do not praise how Islam, 1400 years ago is giving women a share in inheritence, nor do you see that muslims had a system of allocationg inherritence 1400 years ago, when the so called “dark-ages” where clouding europe. Islam had clearly set forth a system of jurisprudence, one that we see elements of in non-muslim systems in the modern world. Muslims were using cheques in commerce, whilst europe was still bartering with crops, livestock, and manual labour. Yes respect has to be earned, and the muslims who built the muslim empire earned it. Sadly their legacy is lost, because moral decay plagues all men, were not angels.

    I have already answered these questions you smugly ask, sitting back on your chair, rocking in the gentle evening breeze, looking up at the night sky, and how glorious is the night sky, PRAISE be to Allah. In my earlier reply, I mentioned how most problems that exist in muslim countries are due to western influence. Sunni/Shia clashes in Iraq have been fuelled by the american invasion. Why dont the americans go into zimbabwe, sudan, or north korea. Is there no oil to be free-loaded there?

    You miss the technical difference. My refference was to what the Hadith says. You have stated “If Muhammedans value education…”. That is the point, what the scriptures of Islam preach, muslims nowadys do not follow. If we did, we wouldnt be in this mess that muslims find themselves in. It is only fair to judge acccording to what the scriptures say, and not what “muslims” do.

    Muslim countries are plagued with corrupt, incompetitent leaders, puppets of the west in many cases. The political situations we face today have deeper historical roots. Muslims lost the intellectual battle in the mid 1900’s. The Islamic state has been divided by british colonialists, and through the spread of nationalism, it has been fragmented and conquered.

    You speak of girls schools being bombed in Afghanistan/Pakistan. If they werent destroyed by american helicopter gun-ship, then they are acts committed by feudal lords, and tribal leaders who by not allowing schools, building of roads, telecommunications, etc in their ares, want to maintain their authority over the poor. Ironically, the children of these feudal land lords are themselves educated in the west. It is a fact of life in that part of the world. The Pakistani government took action against one such man, Nawaab Akbar Bughti, not long ago, though his story has other dimensions (dont they all)!

    There is a desperate need for alterations in our approach to life. What isnt meant to happen, will not happen whether you bring night and day together, or warp the fabric of time and space itself. I just hope the ecstasy grows to new heights when we become what we set out to be, what our forefathers once were. That day will come InshAllah, when my feet no longer need the ground, when my fears fall prey to my will and determination, when I total myself with that which should not, and call for that which does not want to hear, when I find myself above the crowd that follows the blind man who heard it from the mute, when I realise that the question is infact the answer, and IT needs a question which will credibly turn out to be yet another answer. I speak of the place where to give in means victory, and to remain steadfast concludes defeat. Where normal norms cease to function, and those that wander in, lacking invitation, end up cursing their very existence. Your world is one where the misguided few lead the masses to fields of opium, and let them battle each others’ demons.

    By waiting and risking nothing, muslims have risked even more, and with that I must extend my gratitude for what u have invested into the chaos that once was a harmonious melody, questing its composer Beloved, so that it may once again be played at heaven’s gate.

    P.s Your almost there you know, you just need to change your platform, elevate your view point.

  20. Dearest Umar:

    thank you once again for trying your da’awa skills out here on Winds of Jihad.

    You say:

    No where in the Quran does it say that muslims men should, or can beat their wives.

    Really? Lets start with Qur’an 4:34:

    Google ‘wife beating in the Koran’ or ‘wife beating in Islam’ and you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of entries, even video clips from highly respected Islamic clerics who teach how to do it right.

    In the West, as you may know, wife-beating is forbidden by law and you know what happens to those who break the law.

    “Muslims can convert to another religion if they like, it is a personal choice”- but that’s again something you should explain to your co-religionists, because they definitely don’t agree with you.
    “There is no compulsion in religion”- (2:256) but this verse, one of the earlier verses, is abrogated.
    * No matter how much Muslims lie and deny and repeat the old canard about “To you your religion, and to me, mine” (Surat al- Al-Kafirun: 6) the cat is out of the bag: this sura was revealed when Muhammad had no power. Later, after he became a powerful warlord, these earlier verses were abrogated:

    The punishment for apostasy (riddah) is well-known in Islaamic Sharee’ah. The one who leaves Islaam will be asked to repent by the Sharee’ah judge in an Islaamic country; if he does not repent and come back to the true religion, he will be killed as a kaafir and apostate, because of the command of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “Whoever changes his religion, kill him.” (Reported by al-Bukhaari, 3017).

    * This is the reality. For that reason there are now thousands of ex-Muslims in hiding and live in fear of being killed by the soldiers of Allah…
    You can also check with Islam Online and Sheik Yusuf al Qaradwi

    ‘Stonings are absurd’- you say, but you ignore that it is traditional Islam and practiced in the Islamic Republic of Iran, for example.

    Tariq Ramadan, ’eminent scholar of Islam’, is on record calling for stoning to be implemented in the Islamic state. Are you a more respected scholar than him?

    I cannot make much sense of you blaming the West for (most) other ills in Islamic occupied countries, when all they ever did was live of the dhimmies and the jiziyah, by raiding the infidels, plundering and slave-trading.

    Umar, you are still welcome to answer my questions. In fact, I would be very peased to know your viewpoint free of ideological blinkers and obfuscation.

  21. I am a young Arab from Iraq and Muslim ćÝĘÎŃ for being Muslim dear this الموضيع uncivilized Wa Antom Unas is Akhlaqan Nhano Muslims believe in God nor involve fatter Wa Akhlguena Muslimah does not allow us fatter that respond to Hzha Altfhat you Unas Tafhen I am a Muslim and ćÝĘÎŃ for being Muslim Write my name inArab عبدالله

  22. Umar,
    Per head muslims are the most significant contributors to domestic violence and violence against women. You should look for accurate sources, do not quote what you wish to believe. Muslims are the principal sources of violence against women in Scandinavia and this fact has been known for at least three years. Violence against women in traditional muslim households is commonplace – this is well documented. Violence against non-muslims is commonplace in muslim societies – again well-document. You contribute nothing of value yet you place inordinate demands on our social services. Muslims represent a primitive and violent mindset that serves no useful purpose apart from self-propagation – islam in in end effect a virus. Umar, you are basically a piece of lying shit.

  23. Hello us the word of Islam Come tolerance Alhtram democratic freedom Dear vindictive Muslims I do not deny that in the Unas Muslim militants for I Haúolae Lisse Muslims they distort portrayed Muslims in the homelands I Sunni Muslim proud of being Muslim and Ataf for religious Wa Islamic and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him/ respected respected the Delirious Mcolt President Saddam Hussein, president of Iraq’s past God’s mercy, I am touched

  24. If you’re so great of an Arab. Why didn’t you finish the job with that Malala trollop. I’m so tired of hearing about her. What kind of a name is Malala. Then you even advertise your email address like who even cares. P

  25. So you’re young arab a muslim and you live in Iraq. You know computers. I figured you would. Nice countryside.

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