Yemen: Al Qaeda-sheikh claims he found cure for AIDS

An Al-Qaida sheikh who  sports a red beard and hides in Yemen is claiming to have discovered the cure for Aids from a Hadith.

* As we all know, Yemen is a hotbed of scientific development…

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Fatwa over printing of holy names on bottles of urine samples

* Thanks to Michael 

By Afkar Abdullah (Kaleej Times) from the ‘Islam is a mental disorder’ department:

DUBAI — A fatwa has been issued by Dubai Islamic Affairs Department (DIAD) to ban printing of names that include the 99 names of Almighty God such as Abdul Rahman, Abdullah, Abdul Salam as well as names of prophets and saints on the labels of sample bottles provided by hospitals and laboratories to the patients.


A top official at DIAD said the fatwa bans writing or printing the name of Almighty God on stool or urine samples desecrates the glorious names of God.

The DIAD advised the hospitals and laboratories to write the file number of the patients on the bottles. 

The DIAD has alerted the Ministry of Health and Dubai Department of Health and Medical Services (DOHMS) to implement the decision in order to stop this practice immediately.

The official explained that “Asma-ul Husnaa” means the Excellent Names of Allah, which are also known as the 99 Attributes of God that are considered glorious and sacred.

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  1. I’ve got a couple of stool jars on hand; I might name them Abdullah the Stullah, and
    Mo from the Po.

  2. The Pope has something to learn from the mullahs

    Tehran, 18 April (AKI) – Five automatic condom dispensers have been installed in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

  3. Wait a minute cure for AIDS / HIV from a Hadith?

    Dont tell me….

    How about….

    Volume 1, Page 11a: The urine and stools of animals that are permissible to eat
    Both of these are considered impure. Ibn Mas’ud related that the Messenger of Allah, upon whom be peace, went to answer the call of nature. He asked ‘Abdullah ibn Mas’ud to bring three stones. ‘Abdullah said, “I could not find three stones, so I found two stones and animal dung and brought them to him. He took the two stones and threw away the dung saying, ‘It is impure.”‘

    The hadith is related by al-Bukhari, Ibn Majah, and Ibn Khuzaimah. In one narration it states, “It is impure. It is the stool of a donkey.” A little amount of it is pardoned though, as it is very difficult to completely protect one’s self from it. Al-Waleed ibn Muslim says, “I said to al-Auza’i, ‘What about the urine of animals whose meat is not eaten, like the mule, donkey and horse?’ He said that they used to come into contact with these during their battles, and that they did not wash it off their bodies or clothes. As for the urine and stools of animals whose meat is permissible, Malik, Ahmad and a group of the Shaifiyyah says that it is pure. Commenting on the subject, Ibn Taimiyyah says, “None of the companions held that it is impure. In fact, the statement that it is impure is of recent origin and not from the early generations of the companions.”

    Said Anas, “A group of people from the tribes of Ukul or ‘Uraina came to Madinah and became ill in their stomach. The Prophet ordered them to get a milking she-camel and drink a mixture of its milk and urine.” This hadith is related by Ahmad, al-Bukhari and Muslim and points to a camel’s urine as being pure. Therefore, by analogy, other permissible animals’ urine may also be considered pure. Says Ibn al-Munzhir, “Those who claim that that was permissible only for those people are incorrect. Specification is only confirmed by some specific proof.” He also says, “The scholars permit, without any objection, the sale of sheep’s stools and the use of camel’s urine in their medicine, both in the past and in the present, again without any objection. This shows that they are considered pure.” Says ash-Shaukani, “Apparently, the urine and stools of every living animal permissible to eat is pure.” There is nothing to prove otherwise.

  4. Dear DIAD:

    By definition, the Creator made us – all of mankind. The Creator designed us to eat and eliminate. The Creator designed us with empathy and intelligence, to want to help our fellow man and to learn how to do so. Doctors are in fact aiding the purpose of God. Laboratory analysis of bodily fluids aids them in this holy work. Whatever labeling system is most convenient and efficient for the lab should be the deciding factor.

    And this special note, DIAD: Names on lab samples do not defile the Creator. Really. He’s bigger than that. Get a Grip.

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