Australia: Monash University Succumbs To Islam

* Monash will get a brandnew mosque……

…and a synagogue, a church, a sikh temple, a hindu temple, a Buddhist shrine…???


 * How long will it be  before we’ll see  professor Richard Larkins’ sporting kaftan & coffee-filter? Can you spot a bump on his forehead?

*  Monash is to build a new mosque on campus. Not only that, but the Vice Chancellor is donating $10,000 towards the project.

* Help to stop the Islamization of Australia and  write your letter of complaint to

*  Tell him we oppose jihad, sharia, misogyny, discrimination, racism,  dhimmitude, Arab supremacy and imperialism. Please be polite!

*   Here’s more from the excellent Australian Islamist Monitor

*  Update:

“There was once, O men of Athens, something in the minds of the people that is no longer there –something that defeated the might and wealth of Persia, that vindicated the liberty of Greece, the was never conquered on land or sea, and that is now gone, leaving all Greece in turmoil and dismay.

“And what was that? Nothing elaborate or abstruse, but the simple fact all men hated those who took bribes from the seekers of power and the agents of subversion. That was accounted the greatest of crimes, so that he who was convicted of having been corrupted of bribes or by favors was condemned to the ultimate penalty, with no room for excuse and no hope for pardon.

… But now everything is for sale … For what are now the consequences of treason? Envy, for those who have profited; laughter for those who confess; pardon for those who are convicted; and hatred–hatred is now reserved for the man who speaks harshly of treason.”

— Demosthenes, 341 B.C. (written three years before Athens lost her independence) ,

7 thoughts on “Australia: Monash University Succumbs To Islam”

  1. Monash was an Australian Jew. Monash was SIR JOHN MONASH – a General in the Australian Army. There should be no mosque anywhere in a University named after this great man.

    It would have been far more appropriate to have built a synagogue!

  2. Kindness encourages terrorism. Moslems view our humanity as submissiveness.

  3. Students should protest aginst this move and Monash should be booed out. Will the students have so much guts?

  4. Yes, Monash was a proud Jew and a proud Australian. As the son of immigrants, he rose in the ranks through merit and was instrumental in turning the tide in WW1. He was universally admired for his courage, integrity and leadership qualities.

    How our standards of ethics have declined, so that now universities sell themselves to the highest bidder (invariably Arab!), who turn campuses into little more than madrassas and replace open enquiry and egalitarianism with propaganda and Islamic privileging.

    I feel nothing but contempt for Prof Larkins and his ilk. Whether what he has done is through cowardice, ignorance or a thirst for more money for his campus, he has betrayed the principles on which a university should be founded.

    It is to his eternal shame that he has pursued this course of action. I encourage everyone to write to him and express their horror and dismay.

  5. Monash University had a non-denominational centre ages ago.

    Why this? Why now?Why is it that other religions count for zip, but islam gets the red carpet treatment?

  6. If there were any men, other the usual run of gutless whiners, we would be blowing up the dung heap mosks — not building them.

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