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*  Inayat Bunglawala, polit-commissar for Islam-intern (MCB) in Londonistan, knows all about ethics. In fact the Bunglawussi knows so much about ethics that he wants to teach some (ethics) to the outspoken Bishop Nazir-Ali, who calls for converting Muslims to Christianity.  Something  so brazen and unheard of that it left the whole ummah spooked,  and we can’t have that because we won’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of the Islamization of Britain.

From this article in the Telegraph:

A senior bishop has been accused of “doing the BNP’s work” by claiming radical Islam is filling the gap created by the decline of Christianity in Britain.

Its Assistant Secretary-General, Inayat Bunglawala, said: “We can understand Bishop Nazir-Ali’s concern about what he sees as the declining influence of Christianity in this country, but scaremongering about Islam is not a particularly ethical way of seeking to correct that.

“Frankly, his behaviour is quite unbecoming of a senior clergyman.”

* Bungla gets (unexpected) help from a useful idiot:

Terry Sanderson, president of the National Secular Society and author of important works like “The Gay Man’s Kama Sutra” said: “Dr Nazir-Ali’s remarks are ill-advised, dangerous and manipulative.

“He is playing a very dangerous game with these repeated scaremongering tactics against Muslims, and risks doing the BNP’s work for them.

“He risks creating even more hostility towards the Muslim community in this country – and community relations are already very fragile in some places.”

* Lets all drink the cool aid, Terry. Important work you’re doing here! But for whom are you working again?

The NSS, which campaigns against what it calls the privileged position of religious groups in society, called on the Archbishop of Canterbury to discipline the bishop for his remarks and prevent him from making “further inflammatory statements”.

* Get this inverted logic right: Terry Sanderson, who runs an outfit called the ‘National Secular Society’, who is supposedly ‘campaigning against privileged position of religious groups in society is campaining against the Church of England on behalf of Muhammedan infil-traitors. Yet no other group in England enjoys a more privileged position than the soldiers of Allah.

* Why would that be?


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  1. Inayat Bunglawala and Terry Sanderson might be pleased to know that Christianity
    is in decline (in accordance with prophecy – eg 2 Thessalonians 2:3) but they are not
    likely to be pleased with comes next – the revealing of the man of sin (lawlessness)
    better known as Antichrist. While noone knows the day or the hour, it appears to be
    very close now.

  2. Down with all religions, it is nothing but brain washing people.
    The younger you start the better it works.
    Old men’s war, for the hunger of power and wealth, using the sons and daughters to fight their crazy battles.
    Sons having to pay for the sins of their fathers.
    England, France, what are you former colonies now doing???
    What goes around comes around.
    The Anti-Christ??? When we all blow each other up to bits and pieces
    and the rest of the world will live in misery.

  3. For some time now, Christianity has been under siege from the atheists, who having failed in every attempt at producing a society of their own, have always been good at being the natural parasites of Christian society.

    They will not tell you that in fact their attempts at nation building have miserably failed and at the same time been responsible for the death of more people in the last century, than the sum of all the deaths caused by religion in the past 2 millennia.

    You see, not too long ago, people like Stalin and Mao were welcomed as the prophets of a new age, who would rebuild humanity on the foundation of a new creed..atheism… Then as now, Christ and Christianity were treaded upon by these same pillars who thought that they had a higher calling.

    What they did was no different to what many do when they leave Christ for another. For, when people knowingly leave Christ they will undoubtedly follow nothing more than murderers, and mass murderers at that.

    When these false prophets failed, many of the atheists have turned to islam to do what they could not do with Stalin, Mao and Hitler.

    multiculturalism is nothing more than atheisms last stand and attempt at undoing Christianity as it seeks help from all types of societies…religious ones like islam and the rest…all united and effectively aiding each other to thwart Christianity. But, so be it, for as a result, they have relegated Christ and will replace Him with no other but mass murderers of the kind like muhammed, stalin, mao, pol pot…etc.

  4. Dr. Nazir,

    must understand that he is commanded by Christ to preach the Word, and to challenge evil ideas in the name of Christ.

    Dr. Nazir was not called by allah, nor by atheism…but was called by Christ, and to that end he must persevere.

    Dr. Nazir is responsible to sound the warning to those that would listen…that a new religious fascism is now raising its ugly head in Europe, and all over the world. It must be challenged as never before…for the future will judge us for what we do in these very days…

    Do not expect accolades, but persecution… remain on the side of Christ, and do His calling.

  5. Sanderson says “He [Bishop Nazir-Ali] risks creating even more hostility towards the Muslim community in this country – and community relations are already very fragile in some places.”
    === === === === ===

    Has Mr. Sanderson asked himself WHY “community relations are already very fragile” some places? My best guess would be that the host communities (used in the double sense: “host-and-guest” / “host-and-parasite”) now realize that the waves of new immigrants their government has settled in their midst are totally unwilling to become the useful, helpful, industrious “Guest Workers” the government originally envisioned. They are not grateful for our expansive Western values of freedom, tolerance, and equality. They have no interest in acculturating. They demand that we accommodate their rights and freedoms, but refuse to acknowledge that others’ rights and freedoms have equal value. They say their religion teaches that our “man-made” laws have no moral authority over their actions. They demand our tolerance while practicing intolerance. They cling to the hostility and paranoia of their third-world desert culture, they brook no criticism of their mindlessly violent religion, they demand to be governed by their 7th century sharia laws…


    not least,


    Relations very fragile, indeed!

    PS–These Judases from within our own society who try to browbeat us into appeasement and submission to the “religious sensibilities” and ever-escalating demands of the “religion of eternal conquest” deserve public shame and ridicule (at the very least). Tar and feathers would not be inappropriate.

    PPS–Has this Terry Sanderson “Gay Man’s Kama Sutra” person considered what happens to gays when sharia is the law of the land? He should take a side trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to broaden his worldview. He might return to the homeland in a box, though…

  6. >>”Terry Sanderson, president of the National Secular Society and author of important works like “The Gay Man’s Kama Sutra” said: “Dr Nazir-Ali’s remarks are ill-advised, dangerous and manipulative.

    And not a word about dangerous Moslem terrorism?

  7. The socialists came late to the party. Islam has been at war with Chritianity since 700 A.D. The Socialists joined the war at the inception of socialism in the French Revolution. The socialists are winning – though what they win in the end may well be life under Sharia law. I would imagine for most of the rabid lefties, that will be a short and unhappy life indeed. Dinah Lord has a good post up about two evangelical ministers who entered a Muslim enclave in West Midlands only to be ejected by the police and told that they would be charged with a “hate crime” if they returned to the area to proselytize. http://dinahlord.blogspot.com/2008/05/uk-christians-preachers-told-to-leave.html

    Good post, as always. Linked. http://wolfhowling.blogspot.com/2008/06/interesting-posts-from-around-web-1.html

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