G.W. Bush didn't get Condi's message yet: can't avoid "Jihad"- the forbidden word!

* He’s still a limp dick, ignorant and foolish. But so are the lefty loons who pester him …

 Fitzgerald:  The Pentagon scores a goal for the opposing team:

“Jihad”- the forbidden word…

Read it all…

* The lunatics run the asylum:

U.S. State Department praises Saudi  efforts for turning jihadi’s into ‘victims’

* Of course the Saudi’s do everything to support the global jihad around the world, they just don’t want any in their own backyard. Their jihad-apes, or holy warriors if you will,- are the hatchlings of their cult of hate. As long as they take the jihad abroad they are  ‘martyrs’. While this re-education program may work for Sowdi’s, it will never work for the US.

But this is exactly what Western strategists would have us believe.

Read it and weep.

More madness & collective insanity:

 “Liberty’ is also a forbidden word now;  because ‘experts’ around the world would discount the term as a buzzword for American hegemony.”

The experts we consulted debated the word ‘liberty,’ but rejected it because many around the world would discount the term as a buzzword for American hegemony.”
“The fact is that Islam and secular democracy are fully compatible – in fact, they can make each other stronger. Senior officials should emphasize that fact.”      

* Sez who?

The USG [U.S. government] should draw the conflict lines not between Islam and the West, but between a dangerous, cult-like network of terrorists and everyone who is in support of global security and progress.


“Speaking in tongues” 

New Mexico: FBI nabs 10 illegals from “certain countries are associated with special national security concerns”

Hmm. Now what countries might those be? Might this story have any resemblance to this one?

“FBI busts ‘special interest’ illegals,” from KRQE (thanks to JW):

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – FBI agents on Wednesday busted 10 people they termed “special interest illegal aliens” for allegedly trying to use fraudulent documents to get New Mexico drivers licenses.
A Motor Vehicle Division employee alerted police several weeks ago about what the employee believed to be a fraudulent attempt to get a license, according to an FBI news release.

Albuquerque police called the FBI, which worked with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to investigate the incident.

The investigation showed that several New Mexico residents had allegedly been fabricating proof of residence documents to allow people from out of the country to obtain authentic licenses.

The FBI said the New Mexico residents were themselves illegal immigrants.

While the FBI isn’t saying which countries the 10 came from, the news release said “certain countries are associated with special national security concerns,” and that using the term “special interest alien” depends on which a given person is from….


3 thoughts on “G.W. Bush didn't get Condi's message yet: can't avoid "Jihad"- the forbidden word!”

  1. Yes George, the jeehardists do strap bombs on themselves, but as we now have learned,
    jihad can mean walking the dog across the frog and toad, so … here Hamza! walkies!

  2. Actually, his talk was pretty good. He understands the islamist buggers. What he fails to mention as their main goal is that they think they get to go straight to a paradise and get 72 virgins and lots of wine. They can bypass the tortures of the grave…..so to speak. THAT IS THE MOTIVATION OF MOST OF THEM. Oh, and I still have it on good authority that it isn’t 72 virgins…its a 72 year old virgin!!
    And I’m glad that he isn’t paying attention to jihadi Rice.

  3. I hope that C. Rice ends up being one of the 72 year old virgins up there in paradise too.

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