"Islam Invented Equal Rights For Women"


* Islam.  Islam invented a lot of things. Perhaps not.  But this is what the Islamo-propagandists would make believe. From the “Islam elevates women”-department:

 “They preach that girls’ education leads to obscenity and vulgarity”: Girls’ school torched in northwest Pakistan

“Militants encourage girls’ education in religious seminaries and even collect donations for this purpose. However, they strongly oppose teaching girls modern disciplines such as science, geography, social sciences and mathematics.”

So, for example, does geography lead to obscenity and vulgarity, or is it one or the other? “Islamists Torch Girls’ School in NW Pakistan,” by Shaheen Buneri for The Media Line, via DW


Bangladesh: Leader of Islamic Law Implementation Committee threatens to “paralyze” country if women’s rights measures are approved

*  Those measures could lead to outrageous, horrible, unthinkable, and obscene things like equal property rights.


An update on this story. “Amini threatens to paralyse nation if women policy executed,” from The Daily Star

 He said it himself: Sharia law and modern standards of women’s rights do not mix. He must be a real Islamophobe. “Bangladesh retreats on women’s rights after clerics protest,” from Agence France-Presse

DHAKA (AFP) — Bangladesh’s military-backed government has backed down from a policy to ensure equal property rights to women amid angry protests by Muslim clerics that the move would override Islamic law.

The country’s law minister Hasan Arif said the government “does not have any plan to enact any laws that goes against the Koran and the traditions of Prophet Mohammad,” a government statement said.

*  Case closed.


Why must there be four witnesses to establish rape and adultery?


* The whole kaboodle by  Robert Spencer


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