Naked News comes to Japan:

* Winds of Jihad readers: how do you prefer your daily jihad news? Shall we stick with old Moe or do you prefer Yukiko?

* Lifted from AB

Japan soon bought into the idea, peddling out the dainty Yukiko Kimura. She is studying glass blowing, which is great experience for interviewing conservative pollies.


6 thoughts on “Naked News comes to Japan:”

  1. Footbaths at local airport? Wear a huge crucifix and wash YOUR feet. The savages will pubicly display their bigotry by protesting!

  2. Yukiko looks nice, but I liked the girl in the burqa showing her milkies better–not too mention it ticks of the savages more. LOL!

  3. El Greco “I don’t get it

    Beautiful girl= Potential Moslem rape victim?

    Potential victim of Moslem dhimmi hatred?

    Potential Moslem slave?

    Potential victim of Moslem theft?

    Potential target of taqiyya?

    Potential Moslem wife #1 of four?

    Potential contributor to pay jizya and feel herself subdued?

    Potential opportunity for Moslems to mention that any Japanese inventions were actually Moslem inventions?

    Potential opportunity for Moslems to imagine they are superior in some way to the Japanese?

  4. Actually, its about ‘Naked News’, a news show where women strip in front of th camera while giving you the news. I think it started in Canada. You can get it on Austar. Something makes me think some of our posters above missed the bus, too…

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