OhBommah & the 'Spiritual advisor' he never knew…


 *  Wolf Howling has context…

* Lots of Obama cartoons here (thanx to Rosie)


OhBommah: Meltdown ahead?  He’s irritated, he’s angry, he burns with barely suppressed rage:

Michelle Obama: Barack Hussein has hit ‘boiling point’


Barack Obama is struggling to contain his anger and frustration over the constant barrage of questions about his character and judgment, his wife has revealed.

* We are all racist homophobe Islamophobe Bigots for not accepting Barack Hussein  Ohbomessiah and all his ideas.

* We are all damned to hell!

Don’t laugh!


One thought on “OhBommah & the 'Spiritual advisor' he never knew…”

  1. Hannity had an interesting piece today about some Black Churches. (Forgot the exact terminology he used).
    The movement he was referring to started in South America and is a form of “Christianity” with Marxist/socialist/political leanings. Rev Wright is one of these.

    There was another Black clergyman on who said these people were in the minority, and said Christianity transcends colour as indeed it should.
    Rev Wright and Obama highlight the differences and are divisive as indeed is our own PM, but he is divisive for different reasons.

    Anyway,,here are some more cartoons:

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