Political Correctness is worse than AIDS

US urges officials to stop linking Islam with terrorism — now if they could only convince the jihadists to stop also

* with thanks to JW


WASHINGTON, May 6 (UPI) — U.S. officials are being advised in internal government documents to avoid referring publicly to al-Qaida and other terrorist groups as Islamic or Muslim, and not to use terms like jihad or mujahedin, which “unintentionally legitimize” terrorism.

“There’s a growing consensus (in the administration) that we need to move away from that language,” said a former senior administration official who was involved until recently in policy debates on the issue.

 “You have a large percentage of the world’s population that subscribes to this religion,” noted the former official. “Unintentionally alienating them is not a judicious move.”

* Perhaps they should intentionally alienate them instead of sticking their heads in the sand.

Here’s the answer to this PC insanity:

8 thoughts on “Political Correctness is worse than AIDS”

  1. * Here’s the answer to this PC insanity:

    So good I watched it twice & saved it.

  2. Yep. Michael Savage is a good man. And a correct thinker. Our government is no longer sane. Especially that Kondy Rice. Power does strange things to people. At least our president still sees with clear eyes.

  3. Your president Abraham Lincoln was wont to employ the following argument whenever he was confronted on the campaign trail by some hostile know-nothing:
    “Look, if you called a sheep’s tail a leg, how many legs would the sheep have?”
    “Five,” would be the inevitable reply.
    “Wrong,” said Lincoln, “calling a sheep’s tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.”
    No amount of euphemistic newspeak can alter the fact that islam is a cult (I refuse to call it a religion) of mysogenous, paedophilic and totalitarian losers bent on propelleling the civilized world into a barbaric ninth century theocracy.
    I’m going to spend the next couple of days forwarding this awesome video clip to everyone I can think of. Would it be eligible for an Academy Award?

  4. This video rocks. As an Englishman, I know only too well what our governments are up to. It is all about reducing the majority of the white race, and dumbing us down with sharia law. The tide is turning, and it will be the white man who kills these infidels, these filthy dirty bastard preachers of hate. 90% on welfare? Yeh, too true, in Britain also. Nothing but leeches, suffocating our society, and pro creating like their is no tommorrow. Burm down the mosques, destroy their self esteem, as they try to do to ours. Protest against the west’s invasion of the Christian Serbian state, for it is the muslims who should be repelled, not the christians, not in our homelands. We are committing GENOCIDE against our OWN people. This madness has to stop, to preserve the European White Homelands. We must not allow this to continue, this hate and genocide against the white race, for we are the greatest. The greatest scientists, philosophers, inventors, and humanisers. But our governments are evil, and should be rooted out. The Bilderburg group? Fuck the Bilderburg group. Fuck the communist and marxist left wingers. These mad evil people must be stopped, our survival depends on it.

  5. Did I say Islam was a race?
    Read my post again. I am against the persecution of the WHITE race, and the genocide of such. Islam is helping to fuel this genocide. Being a member of the white race, I think, entitles me to say this.
    I am well aware that Islam is an Ideology, and its followers are from ALL races, not just Arabs. But it is an Arab Ideology, and as such, incompatible in the western world.
    Read my post again pal, before you do yourself an injury, by labelling people as Racist.
    Now if you are against political corectness, don’t get all PC on my ass, as it makes you look like a hypocrite, and does you no favours.

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