The Islamisation Of Britain

Dr Michael Nazir-Ali has been getting some stick for suggesting that Christians should evangelise British Muslims. Dr Nazir-Ali, who previously received death threats for suggesting there were Muslim no-go areas in Britain, has been outstanding as a rare voice within the Church of England speaking out against the erosion of Britain’s Christian culture and traditions under the cultural onslaught from radical Islam. But now his concerns are echoed in a striking cri-de-coeur by the Church of England newspaper. In its editorial, it writes:

At all levels of national life Islam has gained state funding, protection from any criticism, and the insertion of advisors and experts in government departs national and local. A Muslim Home Office adviser, for example, was responsible for Baroness Scotland’s aborting of the legislation against honour killings, arguing that informal methods would be better. In the police we hear of girls under police protection having the addresses of their safe houses disclosed to their parents by Muslim officers who think they are doing their religious duty.

While men-only gentlemen’s clubs are now being dubbed unlawful, we hear of municipal swimming baths encouraging ‘Muslim women only’ sessions and in Dewsbury Hospitals staff waste time by turning beds to face Mecca five times a day — a Monty Pythonesque scenario of lunacy, but astonishingly true. Prisons are replete with imams who are keen to inculcate conservative Islam in any inmates who are deemed to be culturally ‘Muslim’: the Prison service in effect treats such prisoners as a cultural block to be preached to by imams at will. Would the Prison service send all those with ‘C of E’ on their papers to confirmation classes with the chaplain?! We could go on. The point is that Islam is being institutionalised, incarnated, into national structures amazingly fast, at the same time as demography is showing very high birthrates.

Indeed. Britain is being steadily Islamised – and hardly a word is being breathed about it.

*   Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali: “The decline of Christian values is destroying Britishness and has created a “moral vacuum” which radical Islam is filling”



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ST George flag  is not halal: cop tells motorist to take ‘racist flag’ down

* UK: Cops tell motorist to remove “racist” England flag from his car

Motorist told flag could be racist


A TEENAGE motorist was told to remove an England flag from his car by a police officer because it could be offensive to immigrants.

Ben Smith, 18, was driving back home to Ingram Road in Melksham on Thursday evening after filling up with petrol, when the officer stopped him on a routine patrol.

He checked the tax disc and tyres on his Vauxhall Corsa but when he noticed the flag of St George on the parcel shelf he told Mr Smith to take it down.

Mr Smith, who works for G Plan Upholsterers on Hampton Park West, said: “He saw the flag and said it was racist towards immigrants and if I refused to take it down I would get a £30 fine.

“I laughed because I thought he was joking, but then I realised he was serious so I had to take it down straight away. I thought it was silly – it’s my country and I want to show my support for my country.”

Mr Smith had recently installed new speakers in the parcel shelf of his car and wanted to cover them up so they did not get stolen.

He used the flag and laid it out flat on the shelf so it was not obscuring his view out of the rear window.

But it was only there a couple of days before he was stopped by the officer at about 9.30pm close to Melksham Enterprise Park and made to take it down.

He said he is used to getting stopped by the police because he is a young male driver and is often mistaken for a boy racer’.

But he thought it was “a bit strange” to be asked to take down the England flag when the officer found nothing else wrong with his car.

PC Dave Cooper, of Chippenham Road Policing Unit, said he had never come across an officer asking someone to remove an England flag from their car because it could be racist.

He added: “It all depends on the context of a stop. If they are going past a lot of Polish people, for instance, and abusing them, then we possibly would ask them to take the flag down.”

He said there would be no police log of Mr Smith having been stopped with details of what was said to him, as there was nothing wrong with his car.

He added the officer could have been based anywhere around the county and just made an independent stop.

2:45pm Friday 23rd May 2008


By Charley Morgan


Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali: Radical Islam is filling void left by collapse of Christianity in UK

Last updated: 2:23 PM BST 28/05/2008

The decline of Christian values is destroying Britishness and has created a “moral vacuum” which radical Islam is filling, one of the Church of England’s leading bishops has warned.

The Bishop of Rochester, the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, claimed the “social and sexual” revolution of the 1960s had led to a steep decline in the influence of Christianity over society which church leaders had failed to resist.

He said that in its place, Britain had become gripped by the doctrine of “endless self-indulgence” which had led to the destruction of family life, rising levels of drug abuse and drunkenness and mindless violence on the streets.

The bishop warns that the modern politicians’ catchphrases of respect and tolerance will not be strong enough to prevent this collapse of traditional virtues, and said radical Islam is now moving in to fill the void created by the decline of Christianity.

His claims, in an article published in the new political magazine Standpoint, come just days after he accused the Church of England of failing in its duty to convert British Muslims to Christianity.

Dr Nazir-Ali claims in the new article that Britain, previously a “rabble of mutually hostile tribes”, would never have become a global empire without the arrival of Christianity.

But he said the Church’s influence began to wane during the 1960s, and quotes an academic who blames the loss of “faith and piety among women” for the steep decline in Christian worship.

He says Marxist students encouraged a “social and sexual revolution” to which liberal theologians and Church leaders “all but capitulated”.

“It is this situation that has created the moral and spiritual vacuum in which we now find ourselves. While the Christian consensus was dissolved, nothing else, except perhaps endless self-indulgence, was put in its place.”

The bishop, who faced death threats earlier this year when he said some parts of Britain had become “no-go areas” for non-Muslims, said Marxism has been exposed as a nonsense but went on: “We are now confronted by another equally serious ideology, that of radical Islamism, which also claims to be comprehensive in scope.”

Asking what weapons are available to fight this new “ideological battle”, the bishop said the values trumpeted by modern politicians such as “respect, tolerance and good behaviour” are “hardly adequate for the task before us”.

“The consequences of the loss of this discourse are there for all to see: the destruction of the family because of the alleged parity of different forms of life together; the loss of a father figure, especially for boys, because the role of fathers is deemed otiose; the abuse of substances (including alcohol); the loss of respect for the human person leading to horrendous and mindless attacks on people.”

The bishop added that Christian hospitality has been replaced by the “newfangled and insecurely founded” doctrine of multiculturalism, which has led to immigrants creating “segregated communities and parallel lives”.

He said many values respected by society, such as the dignity of human life, equality and freedom, are based on Christian ones. But he warned that without their Christian backbone they cannot exist for ever, and that new belief systems may be based on different values.

“Radical Islamism, for example, will emphasise the solidarity of the umma (worldwide community of the Muslim faithful) against the freedom of the individual.

“Instead of the Christian virtues of humility, service and sacrifice, there may be honour, piety and the importance of ‘saving face’.”

In an implicit criticism of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent claim that the adoption of some parts of Islamic law is unavoidable, Dr Nazir-Ali said: “Recognising its jurisdiction in terms of public law is fraught with difficulties precisely because it arises from a different set of assumptions from the tradition of law here.”

He said that the Church of England must retain its importance in public life even if it does not remain privileged as the established church.

“It is necessary to understand where we have come from, to guide us to where we are going, and to bring us back when we wander too far from the path of national destiny.”



15 thoughts on “The Islamisation Of Britain”

  1. The incident for this lad in England (North Pakistan) is political correctness in all its glory. Good Muslims work on pretext this is evident all around the world. The bully needs a fight so the bully is sensitive. Chamberlain cow towed to Hitler. His land for peace deal never stopped Hitler’s pretext but rather gave him more confidence.

    The English government has been infiltrated by a foreign power. The foreign power has enlisted the use of the Saudi propaganda machine and play secular humanists like violins.
    England has been invaded not by a race, not even by a religion but by a political ideology hell bent on world domination. Islam has been like this since the early seventh century. The farce of multiculturalism is simply shield for these bastards to hide behind.

    Its odd, in Australia, the NSW department of Community Services Ministers are none other than the Member for Lakemba and to assist the Member for Auburn. Both areas are Muslim enclaves. The website dictates the fantasy of multiculturalism. It is easy to see the veil of multiculturalism has many benefits including the silencing of opinion against Islam.

    It’s funny an article appeared in the paper a few weeks ago with details on a push for banning alcohol consumption in local area trouble spots including within the home. This was pushed by none other than you guessed it the Minister for Lakemba (who is unfortunately also the NSW Premier). Now I bet the first areas having trouble with alcohol would be Auburn and Lakemba. Banning within the home hard to police you say? Think again I am sure that the local Sharia enthusiasts would be more than willing to take up the flag.

    When you get the opportunity to talk to some leftist idiots, it is disgusting their views on the Iraq war, Israel or topics on Islam. Ranting includes such items as ‘American soldiers in Iraq should all be killed’ by these arseholes are never considered indecent, they are tolerated. In fact their colleagues consider this view the only correct view. The denial of historical fact regarding Israel, and the “Islam is a religion of peace’ myth is undeniable points in favour of the Saudi propaganda machine.

  2. Re the boy with the flag in his car:

    When are they going to remove the red cross from ambulances? Surely there are many ambulances all over the UK offending people left,right and centre,,and even inside them!

  3. * When are they going to remove the red cross from ambulances?

    Gramfan, I think it has already happened. Remember the footage from “7/7” and the colourful ambulances? They have a symbol with three crossed lines with the snake / staff medical symbol, as far as I can tell. (No sword of islam – yet). But it is a good point, & the peaceful ones will demand the removal of crosses & non-islam symbols from public places & things.

  4. I wonder why so many people are leaving England(istan).

    Please, all you Poms who have left, please let the rest of the world know why!

  5. Mullah,
    thanks for the update. I didn’t know that. It would explain a lot.
    Just did a google image search: you are right – very fancy-coloured vehicles – although one of many shows the St John logo.

    Interesting isn’t it? The Red Cross won’t (didn’t?) allow the Israeli Magen David Adom to become part of their global network, but they allowed Red Crescent!

    I guess one can assume those little first aid kits don’t have a red cross on them anymore either? And hospitals?

    What will happen to the Swiss flag,,,eventually?

  6. Couldn’t find any red crosses on hospitals, but there are still first aid kits with crosses, although not all have them.

  7. Anyone on this site who thinks that all British shrug their shoulders over this sort of crap are mistaken.English flags are being flown all over England now where a few years ago you would not have seen any.
    Every time some misguided PC prat pulls this sort of thing it only re-inforces the will of the people not to be intimidated.
    Personally,the next time I am in Britain I will place an England flag in my hire car and hope some copper….preferably ethnic….tells me to remove it.
    Call their bluff ! It works.

  8. Mustapha Bunn

    Good for you! I do believe more Aussies are into flying flags, and for more reasons than you mentioned.

    Mullah, pardon the pun but there are some real “sickos” in the health sector.

  9. * there are still first aid kits with crosses

    Gramfan, I bought a St John Ambulance first aid kit in the early ’90s, & it does
    have the stylised St John crosses on it – 1 in red, & 2 in green, the current safety
    / fire exit colour – but also the crescent colour. It would be easy to slip on a crescent
    without publicity in the name of diversity & sensitivity (& dhimmitude). I might see if
    I can get a genuine Aussie flag from the Flag Shop (preferably not made in China),
    and you are right about the “sickos”.

    I’ve just been on WND, & surprise (well not really), the US Army is moving to remove
    crosses from the chapel at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo as part of a “relandscaping project”
    and because it breaches regulations. I wonder if they upset the sensitivities of certain

  10. Mullah,
    “I might see if
    I can get a genuine Aussie flag from the Flag Shop (preferably not made in China),”
    Good luck with that.
    As for the story about Kosovo, we shouldn’t be that surprised any more:(

  11. My flag of St George will fly and woe betide anyone trying to remove it, i wear a cross around my neck also a pin on my jacket!
    The English [British] are from silent we just never get airtime, but by God do we let the BBC have it in buckets full.
    Bishop Nazir should replace the Archdhimmi of Canterbury hated as much as Gay Gordon [The Fabian]
    Geoff, Those that have infiltrated our government are not foreign just traitors quote..Westminster is dominated across all parties by Fabians as is the EUSSR.
    Google and get up to speed the jigsaw will begin to fit!
    Mr Smith is protected by English common laws but he obviously does not realise this.[ No fines without a court trial ]
    The English bill of rights 1689 lays out the rules by which we should live and not by illegal EUSSR laws.[Fabians want to re-write this]
    He would have been in the right to refuse to remove his national flag.
    Had the police arrested him and insisted he went to court then he can ask to be tried under English common law and judged by a jury of his peers.
    A large and growing group now refuse to pay taxes also the illegal BBC license fee.
    checkout..www, Then read about John Harris now a freeman of England after serving notice to the Queen of his legal intention to dis-obey all laws made by the Fabians at Westminster!
    Research Fabians then spread the word! Start with Blair he was chairman of this society, his new cabinet in 1997 were Fabians also known by the name Common purpose.
    We can hear Drakes Drum beating out it’s warning that England is in danger.
    We shall not block our ears!!
    For England and St George…………….

  12. The Fabians originally were an elite group of intellectuals who formed a semi-secret society for the purpose of bringing socialism to the world. Whereas Communists wanted to establish socialism quickly through violence and revolution, the Fabians preferred to do it slowly through propaganda and legislation. The word socialism was not to be used. Instead, they would speak of benefits for the people such as welfare, medical care, higher wages, and better working conditions. In this way, they planned to accomplish their objective without bloodshed and even without serious opposition. They scorned the Communists, not because they disliked their goals, but because they disagreed with their methods. To emphasize the importance of gradualism, they adopted the turtle as the symbol of their movement. The three most prominent leaders in the early days were Sidney and Beatrice Webb and George Bernard Shaw. [2] A stained-glass window from the Beatrice Webb House in Surrey, England is especially enlightening. Across the top appears the last line from Omar Khayyam:

    Dear love, couldst thou and I with fate conspire

    To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,

    Would we not shatter it to bits, and then

    Remould it nearer to the heart’s desire!

    Beneath the line Remould it nearer to the heart’s desire, the mural depicts Shaw and Webb striking the earth with hammers. Across the bottom, the masses kneel in worship of a stack of books advocating the theories of socialism. Thumbing his nose at the docile masses is H.G. Wells who, after quitting the Fabians, denounced them as “the new machiavellians.” The most revealing component, however, is the Fabian crest which appears Between Shaw and Webb. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

    1936 G.B Shaw ..within 100 years i can see islam rule England nay Europe.
    Hope this wets the appetite!

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