The 'Islamophobia' Propaganda Machine, Useful Idiots & Orwellian Turnspeak

By Jeffrey Imm

What do the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC), and the Daily Kos all have in common? They are all seeking to define the enemy as other than “jihadists”.

A. Daily Kos: Jihad “Not Terrorism”

Three weeks after AP’s report of the NCTC/DHS recommendations to eliminate the term “jihadist” (among others) from the lexicon describing Jihadist terrorism, the latest salvo in this “war of ideas” was published on the popular Daily Kos web site by “Amad” on May 12: “Who Speaks for Islam? Part 3b: Jihad, Religion & Politics”. The Daily Kos author states that to “most Muslims, jihad implies honor and sacrifice for others”, and “[u]sing jihad and terrorism as synonyms is wrong and counterproductive” — seeking to define the threat as “extremism”. The article also expands on the real cause of “extremism” as “disrespect for Islam”, “aggressive” U.S. foreign policy, and “double-standards exhibited by the US on democracy and human-rights”. It quotes a student at the American University of Cairo as condemning U.S. foreign policy: “Bush has given Israel carte blanch to attack Palestinians and Lebanese. The war on terror is an open-ended war on Muslims.”

Daily Kos provides a biography on “Amad” stating: “Amad runs… [and]… was one of the founders of Texas Dawah.” Amad’s blogroll on Daily Kos promotes and CAIR. What Daily Kos does not mention is who some of the participants at Texas Dawah meetings and at the website are, as they include supporters of jihadist groups, unindicted co-conspirators in U.S. terror trials, and supporters of the Taliban.

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