"The ultimate aim of every Muslim was to have an Islamic state"

7/7 accused had Afghan training

A man accused of a scouting trip for the 7 July 2005 suicide bombers has admitted he went to the Afghan frontline to train for jihad.

* Other than that, he lies and denies:

Sadeer Saleem and Mohammed Shakil also deny the charge

“Islamically and morally it’s 100% correct to help your Muslim brothers,” said Mr Ali.


“Jihad is a term that means to defend Muslim lands against foreign occupiers and to help your brothers in any way you can,” said Mr Ali.

* Which means Britain is in the hands of ‘foreign occupiers’…???

“It’s an obligation on every male Muslim – God has commanded us to help our Muslim brothers when they are in need.”

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“He fell on my knife”, sez Muhammedan murderer

Times Online (politically correct) reports the perp was ‘Asian’

A Muslim community elder told a jury yesterday how years of trouble from the British National Party activists next door resulted in him going for his white neighbour with a kitchen knife.

Habib Khan is accused of stabbing to death Keith Brown, 53, who died in the street after a major artery was cut.






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