The Verdict Is In: 46% of WoJ Voters Believe Islam Is A Mental Disorder

14 % of all voters believe that Islam is a religion (most of those votes came from the Middle East)

11 % believe that Islam is an Ideology (something which Muslim spokesmen like Ibrahim Hooper (CAIR)  themselves tell us)

29 % of our voters believe Islam is a cult

46 %  believe Islam is a mental disorder

*  Unfortunately, there isn’t a lunatic asylum anywhere in the world able to cope with a billion of these unfortunate peoples. What to do? What to do?

Stay tuned for our next poll: What is Jihad


8 thoughts on “The Verdict Is In: 46% of WoJ Voters Believe Islam Is A Mental Disorder”

  1. Islam is indeed a mental disorder, created by an ideology that exists with the Islamic religion. Unfortunately it isn’t a cult.

  2. Over a hundred people voted, plus many who didn’t, equates to a whole lot more people visiting this site than are posting comments. Sheik’s site is getting more popular!

  3. Your site beats the hell out of a site called littlegreenphootballs. I used to go there daily but, it became tiresome and tedious to read those posts. That guy also fancied himself something of an artist what with taking pictures of ocean waves, tankers, seagulls, and piers. That too, was boring.

  4. What to do with that billion? Invent a gas that restores their brains to normal. Either that or invent a gas that wipes their memories clean. They can then be retrained to be peaceful members of the world.

  5. Islam may be a mental disorder, but it’s more akin to aids only harder to get rid of. Oh, and greetings to all our Mo worshipping pals in the ME!

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