Thousands of Muslims go apeshit, ransack university building over exam question referring to Muhammad as a "raider"


 Say Islam is a Religion of Peace, or we will riot:

* Muhammad was a bandit and a raider of caravans. He wiped out whole tribes for booty and slaves. All of this is well documented in the  Koran, sira and hadith.  Muslims take great pride in the exploits of their spiritual leader who claimed he heard voices from ‘Allah’. But when you, the kuffar, daresay ‘Muhammad was a raider’ the Muslims go on a rampage, like here:

“University question riles Indian Muslims,” from the Irish Sun (thanks to JW):

In India, the University of Ranchi in Jharkhand state had to cancel its post-graduation history paper on Thursday, after thousands of Muslims took to the streets protesting against a reference to the Prophet Mohammed, which they said was derogatory.


* That’ll prove he was no raider!

The university Vice Chancellor cancelled the paper after studying the history paper question which caused some Muslim organisations to march and ransack university offices.
The police had to use force to control the mob.

Another link with more details: “Ranchi boils over exam paper,” by Jaideep Deogharia for the Times of India:

RANCHI: Angry groups of Muslims ransacked the main building of Ranchi University on Thursday protesting against the contents of a PG History question paper that sought comments from students on Prophet Muhammad who was described as a “trader” whose career ended as a “raider”.
The language used in the paper so incensed some Muslims that they assembled in large numbers and attacked the university building. Police resorted to lathicharge to disperse the crowd following which the agitators forced down the shutters of shops on the Jharkhand capital’s main road.

* A lathi is a long cane, sometimes as long as eight feet, with a metal tip. Police in India use lathis for crowd control. And not missing a trick, in an attempt to deflect attention away from the rioters, Islamic groups are demanding investigation of police actions to control the mob:

Later, a delegation of socio-religious organizations met DC Avinash Kumar and SSP M S Bhatia demanding inquiry into the lathicharge and arrest of those who hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims by posing such an inflammatory question. An FIR was lodged after receiving the specific complaint and the police also ordered an inquiry into the lathicharge.

University officials cancelled the history exam and formed a panel to probe the matter following the fracas. Vice chancellor A A Khan said the question-setter was solely responsible for the disturbance. “Since the questions were set by Patna University, we are writing a letter to its vice chancellor asking him to act against the question setter,” he said….

That will bear watching.