Afghanistan: Thursday night is boyz night

* Defending freedom to abuse

Police rape of Afghan boys ignored

* All cultures are equal, right? Who are we to judge..?

Canadian soldiers say they have witnessed children selling themselves for sex with Afghan police forces.

OTTAWA -Canadian soldiers in the main guard tower at forward operating base Wilson last summer winced when I asked about the sudden lineup of teenage boys along the mud walls of the neighbouring Afghan market.

“Wait a few minutes. You’ll see,” said one, his lip curling. “It’s disgusting.”

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Sure enough, a handful of uniformed Afghan police officers emerged from their rundown detachment, walked through the barricades and started chatting up the dozen or so teens, some looking decidedly pre-teen.

A few minutes after they returned, the selected kids were waved through the main gates and went straight inside the police station. An hour later, when I left the observation post, the boys were still inside.

This evening ritual is often derided by soldiers as man-love Thursdays.

Afghan officials insist the notion of men and boys getting together the night before the Muslim holy day for sex is a myth. And, sure, it’s theoretically possible the cops were merely good-deed-doers giving these teens reading lessons.

But Canadian soldiers insisted we had just witnessed the regular Thursday evening negotiation for sex between Afghan men and boys, apparently for gifts or money.

It raises the disquieting question of how much responsibility Canadian soldiers shoulder, being military guests and all, to stop Afghan activity that would result in rape or child prostitution charges back home.

It should be stressed that the activity at FOB Wilson does not mean Afghan police and army officers are engaged in an epidemic of juvenile sodomy.

But the issue was given fresh legs last week by a military chaplain named Jean Johns, who reported that soldiers under treatment for posttraumatic stress syndrome had been told to “ignore” any assaults or rapes on Afghan civilians they had seen.

The Toronto Star also reports a Canadian soldier overheard an Afghan soldier abusing a young boy in late 2006 and later saw the victim with signs of rape trauma, specifically protrusions of his bowels and lower intestine.

There’s not much doubt that while the Canadian military may jackboot the Taliban at will, soldiers have to tiptoe around Islamic justice that clashes with our version of the law and the consequences for breaking it.

If Canadian soldiers had intervened between Afghan police and boys clearly selling themselves for sex, for example, an important partnership would quickly sour. Now that several years’ worth of Taliban prisoners have been freed during the Kandahar prison breakout, we arguably need what passes for an Afghan police force more than ever.

Still, Defence Minister Peter MacKay told the Commons he’d met with military leaders yesterday and insisted soldiers “report any allegation of unlawful activity they see.”

That’s easy for him to say, as Canadian soldiers rumble LAVs through marijuana crops or swaths of opium-producing poppies so vast, a single field would net Canadian law enforcement its annual seizure.

There’s not much even top military brass or diplomats can do to prevent marriages forced on pre-teen Afghan girls or women who have been raped from being charged with adultery for failing to convince male justice that the intercourse wasn’t consensual. Global pressure barely prevented an Afghan student from being executed for downloading a report on women’s rights from the Internet.

Yet Canadians have a right to question the sort of Afghan freedom our troops are being sacrificed to defend if police can molest young boys without fear of our intervention.

No wonder Canadian soldiers come home confiding that killing Taliban insurgents isn’t as stressful as knowing an innocent kid might be regularly raped by an Afghan cop inside a Canadian military base.

Man-boy homosexuality has flourished anew in the aftermath of Taliban zero-tolerance laws, albeit a selectively punished offence in that era. Warlords again parade cities with teenage boys known as an “ashna” by their side.

The strict social separation and severe consequences for premarital sex with women have given rise to the cultural wrinkle of men used for sexual recreation and women reserved for reproduction.

But that hardly makes it right when Afghan boys are police rape victims.

And it’s a wrong that Canadian soldiers should be encouraged to report so that Afghan officers being trained in law enforcement can be pressured to stop it themselves.


* Homosexuality is rampant in Islamic countries. Denial is part and parcel of the Islamic psycho, but its roots are very deep:

Biography: Abu Nuwas 

Credited as one of the most acclaimed and influential poets in Arabic, Abu Nuwas (Abu Nuwas al-Hasan ibn Hani al-Hakami) spent most of his life in Baghdad. He was said to have been a submissive sex partner to his teacher, master poet Waliba ibn al-Hubab.He enjoyed the practice of pederasty, rarely showing interest in women or older men. He helped to put forward as a genre of Arabic literature love poetry written to young boys. His prominence is often cited as proof that Arab culture has been relatively tolerant of same-sex love between men and young men, despite Islamic law.

Perfumed Garden” by Abu Nuwas:

O the joy of sodomy!
So now be sodomites, you Arabs.
Turn not away from it–
therein is wondrous pleasure.

Take some coy lad with kiss-curls
twisting on his temple
and ride as he stands like some gazelle
standing to her mate.

A lad whom all can see girt with sword
and belt not like your whore who has
to go veiled.

Make for smooth-faced boys and do your
very best to mount them, for women are
the mounts of the devils

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  1. This is nothing new. For confirmation read George MacDonald Frasier’s Flashman in the Great Game from the series the Flashman Papers, based historically on Afghanistan in the 1840′-60’s. Great stuff, a wonderful captivating and thrilling read, and thoroughly researched with footnotes I might add. Flashman confirms this has been the norm for hundreds of years. Boys for fun, and girls for babies.

  2. * No more kite flying in Pakistan …

    The Rudd government, fresh from applying a blowtorch to OPEC, is considering sending
    counter-terrorism experts to Pakistan to “help prevent the spread of Islamic extremism”.

    Unfortunately, the Rudd government will probably be remembered for being “all blow,
    no torch”, in the Opposition’s words.

  3. If only Prime Minister Harper had the balls to say that! It’s disgusting that this is happening in front of the eyes of our soldiers and they must accept it as part of “Afghan culture.” (Now there’s an oxymoron for you!)

    Tell me again why the hell we are in Afghanistan anyway.

  4. * in front of the eyes of our soldiers

    As long is it is done live, & not on DVD on in a cinema, they have no problem with it.
    Hot Bollywood flicks, music & TV are “un-Islamic”, of course.

  5. This is so freakin’ sick. Apparently we (the US) can’t do anything about this sick practice so we need to get our men and women back home and keep our own society safe from the influence of this. I don’t mean the practice of same sex, but the rape of children.

  6. Moslem Men must not be allowed to come to civilized countries it’s disgusting how they behave and they see nothing wrong with it.I have a friend who’s done two tours in afghanistan and the scenes he replays to me make me physically ill. These soldiers have to live with these memories of predators raping boys and beating women while the canadian government says they have to allow it because it’s their culture WTF!!! All I have to say is the army is lucky it’s not made up primarily of women we’d shoot all those pigs and leave the children and women to start over.

  7. Small-‘c’ conservatives have to accept some of the blame for this. Ronnie ‘Alzheimers’ Dementia’ Reagan helped put the Mujaheddin cum Taliban in power. ‘Conservative’ writers like P.J. O’Rourke and Bill Buckley wrote glowing propaganda about the Islamists and the Mujaheddin. And don’t forget those ‘Rambutt’ movies…

    Now, the ‘left’ has taken up the defense of rotten Islamic cultures: honour-killings, women wearing bags on their heads and pederasty are all a part of the wonderful Multicultural Mosaic’.

  8. I don’t know why Afghanistan government hide all its shits, I confirm what Canadian soldier witnessed, it is happening all over Afghanistan but specially more in the south provinces of Afghanistan, in Kandahar province where Canadian forces are located, in Kandahar some men who are married but still do that, raping a boy is a very simple issue and it happens everyday, we witnessed these things even during the Taliban regime, some of Taliban brought teens from Madras a to their bases, last year in Helmand province 3 police have kidnapped a teen boy and kept him for 13 days in their base, they collectively raped him during this period. this happen mostly in those places where women are ristricted.
    This is prevalent in the south provinces of Afghanistan among pushtons and in the north among Uzbiks.

    I would like to mention that this is not part of our culture or Islam; I am living in Harat province in the west Afghanistan, our people hate and condemn these actions.

    I think, Canadian government should put pressure on Afghanistan government to prevent these crimes, Canadian soldiers have to kill these police and soldiers.

  9. Homosexuality is rampant in Malaysia also. You can read about it in the days of the sultans..the sultans always had lots of boys around them.
    Nowadays, there is a saying …”Out the front Kolo Mee , round the back sodomy.”

  10. “The King”,
    Why exactly is this an example of hypocrisy?? Are you going to claim that many muslims in that part of the world do not behave in this repugnant fashion??? The facts suggest that they do. Whether or not islam is the driving force is not relevant – the article poses the fact that specific men in this region who have positions of authority are abusing minors – the cause is not discussed – however the term muslim is used because these men are muslims.
    Any interpretation of this story as being an attack against islam is nothing more than a reflection of your own paranoia.
    Regarding your moniker – when you have actually done something useful in this world call yourself “The King”. It is possible that you are trying to either insult a certain religion or that you have severe character deficiencies – but I suspect that no one really cares! You should also learn to spell.

  11. This kind of stuff happens in any society where there is violence, ignorance and lawlessness. I don’t think this is something that is isolated to Islam. Just look at all of the priest that the Catholic church has defended who’ve had sex with young boys. This is just an attempt to impose and black and white view of the world, to say this religion is bad and we are completely good. That’s not the way the world really is.

  12. A lot of this can be traced to the Pashtuns…they are the ones who primarily engage in this activity…the Tajiks and Uzbeks in the north and northwest do not. Funny how the Taliban are primarily Pashtun, also…

  13. These are some sick people what the hell is wrong with them, some needs to flog them, snd stick something up them and see if they like it.

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