Cairns Imam gets his Mosque

” You cannot stop Islam,  Islam is like a tsunami…!”   Imam Abdul Aziz Mohamed

* Last time we checked a tsunami was a natural disaster. Does that mean Islam is a …man-made disaster..?

Bronwyn Cummings
Friday, June 27, 2008
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DUNN St residents are gutted and angry after an appeal to stop a mosque being built in their street was thrown out of court.

The proposed mosque had been the target of intensive opposition from residents and from an anti-Islamic website that was investigated by Australian Federal Police after it called on supporters nationwide to oppose the mosque.

* This is a false claim invented by rabid Cairns Fishwrap reporter Gavin King, self-appointed polit-commissar of the multiculti-Gestapo, who prides and soils himself in the capacity of the politically correct denounciant-collaborateur and useful idiot. As a result of Kings irresponsible reporting,  a Cairns businessman must now live in fear of assassination by the lunatic fringe of the ‘tiny minority of excremists’,  this is which is what Federal Police investigated, nothing else.

‘Tiny minority of extremists..’

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The website had been linked to a Cairns businessman who dubbed himself “Sheik YerMami” and called on supporters to “do whatever it takes” to oppose Islam and the building of the mosque.

* Update: the imam has dropped his malicious discrimination case against the businessman

Judge Keith Dodds yesterday dismissed the residents’ appeal in the Planning and Environment Court against the mosque being built in the quiet North Cairns street. “We’ve all been let down and are terribly disillusioned,” resident Bill Bradley said.

“We are not happy but that’s the way it goes.”

* Creeping Sharia alert: Useful idiots help to pave the way to the caliphate:

More Bad News: Scotland: Minister Backs First State-Funded Islamic School..


90% of Cairns Residents Oppose The Mosque we have to have

Artist impression of Cairns 2025

More from The Australian

Mr Bradley was among a group of 12 residents who appealed against the former Cairns City Council’s approval to demolish a house and build the purpose-built mosque opposite the Pioneer Cemetery and Kuranda rail line between low-set Queenslander-style houses.
At least one of the residents who appealed against the mosque’s approval has already put his property on the market, with others considering a similar move.
Fellow residents Michael and Kathy Gelling said they were “disappointed” with the outcome, arguing the mosque would ruin the quaint streetscape.
Judge Dodds said the house, which was built in the 1950s and would be demolished, was not “an important part of the streetscape of Dunn St” and “to demolish it and replace it with a building which complements the character values of the character precinct will not diminish the precinct”.
Recommendations for the construction of the prayer hall and kitchen facilities included fake windows and mature landscaping.
“There should be at least three of these hooded windows on each side of the prayer hall,” the report said.

Proposed Mosque:

Ibn Misr:

My dear Muslims, you complain about your hurt feelings, do you remember our feelings when  you curse Christians and Jews seventeen times a day in your prayers, “Al Fatiha”. Is this is what you call respect for our feelings, and mutual understanding?

And why are you ashamed of a cartoon showing your prophet with a bomb in his turban. Are you denying what your prophet said, “I was victorious by terror”. That’s his own admission, that he was a terrorist. Isn’t that what made you proud of him? Is there any language misunderstanding on our part for the word “terror?” Or is it you that have a problem understanding the words of your prophet? We’re only reading from your books. If you don’t like your books anymore, if you see they don’t fit now with a civilized peaceful society, which I won’t disagree with you on that, Then our advise to you is simple, just  burn them, and make yourself a new set of books, without the word “TERROR” in it. Then all your troubles will go away, and you’ll be cured from mockery. Then you will wake up, and the cartoons will be a bad dream memory.

You consider the cartoons to be a mockery of your prophet. No, it’s your prophet that is the mockery in the cartoons.


* continued:
Mr Bradley said he feared the conditions would not be met, given conditions set in 2000 when the zoning of the land was changed to a church such as landscaping were never completed.
Far Northern Islamic leader Imam Abdul Aziz said he was pleased the case had finally been settled, after first being submitted to council early last year.
“We are very happy because basically we ended up with what we had before it went to court,” Mr Aziz said.
“What every one has to realise is that everything we have planned is in accordance with the town plan.”

*  ABC Link:

Imam Abdul Aziz Mohammed, who prefers to be called Imam, feels that the motives behind the appeal may not have exclusively concerned town plans.
“Behind the scenes initially, we always felt that it was a … anti-religious, anti-Islamic appeal,” he says. “But of course, that wouldn’t have stood up in court, so they built their appeal on where they considered we hadn’t complied with the town plan.”

Cairns Muslims win fight for mosque

Padraic Murphy | June 27, 2008 The Australian

THE small but determined Muslim community in Cairns has finally won the right to build the city’s first mosque after an eight-year battle against an at-times hostile community and claims the religion was trying to “spread its tentacles” to north Queensland.

Work is expected to begin on the mosque within weeks after the Planning and Environment Court dismissed the final group of objections, noting freedom of religion was part of the fabric of the Australian community.

“It is in the public interest that persons who choose that faith, just as those who choose any other faith, have access to a safe and reasonably comfortable place of gathering and worship,” judge Keith Dodds said.

* People rarely ‘choose that faith’, judge Dodds. Islam was always spread by the sword. And mosques are far from being simple places of worship. But how would you know?

* Where will you be running to when the Islamic tsunami hits Australia, judge Dodds?

The court’s decision comes after Camden council on Sydney’s southwestern fringe blocked the building of an Islamic school on planning grounds after a backlash from locals.

Cairns imam Abdul Aziz Mohammed, a former cane farmer and Rotary stalwart whose father moved to the city from India in 1900, yesterday welcomed the decision. He said the ordeal to build the mosque had been the first time he had experienced racism in the 76 years he had lived in the region.

* Which race is Islam again? Last time we checked it was a genocidal ideology

“A lot of the objections were just crazy,” he said. “I mean, they wouldn’t know what goes on in a mosque. I was disappointed, but you’ve got to remember the objectors didn’t really number that many.”

Opponents claimed Mr Mohammed was planning to build a “mega-mosque” in the suburban street and that it would become a hotbed of terrorism.

Cairns’s Muslim community numbers less than 200. Only a handful have attended prayer at any one time for the past eight years at a termite-infested ramshackle Queenslander that will make way for the new mosque.

The council received 44 objections to the mosque, ranging from concerns over parking to bald objections to Muslims having a place to worship.

The mosque won planning approval last year from the council, but 13 residents took their objections to the Planning and Environment Court of Queensland, which yesterday dismissed their objections.

Resident Peter Romer claimed he was forced to object on planning grounds because lawyers had advised him against objecting on religious grounds.

“We were not allowed to mention Muslims in our objections, our lawyers told us not to, but that’s why I didn’t want it here,” Mr Romer said. “They’ll be everywhere. The property prices will plummet.”

Asked if Cairns was at risk of terrorist attack, Mr Romer said: “It will be now. Their objective isto spread their tentacles throughout Australia, bit by bit.The judge hasn’t thought of that.”

Cairns 2030

See what others have said:

Dear Fellow Hatemongers and Anti-Moslem Fanatics,

It is rather early in 2007 but the The Sectarian Strand Award for Dhimmi of the Yeargoes to Gavin King of the Cairns Post for a series of articles on an Anti-Mohammedean Blogger in Cairns.


The first article, mentions a supposed Federal police investigation into the website Winds of Jihad by Sheik Yer’mami for the ”offensive and racist” crimes of publicising the various quirky practices of our Moslem brothers and for opposing the building of Mosque in Cairns.

The next article, entitled “The Man behind Sheik Yer’mami”, breaks an emailed promise of anonymity and gives the Sheik’s real name, where he was born, and the location of his house and businesses – thereby putting the “Sheik’s” life and welfare at the mercy of the local Mohammedans and possibly at risk of the next outbreak of Sudden Jihadi Syndrome.

And the third and last article, rather incoherently titled “Blogging off to hatred”, makes the idiotic claim that Mohammadanism isn’t the problem - that anger is the problem. Apparently the well deserved abuse Mr King received from outraged bloggers and readers was similar to the anger felt by Islamic ”extremists” – despite the distinct lack of headchopping, suicide bombing, and death threats from anti-Moslem bloggers.

No, the problem of Mohammedan “extremism” wouldn’t have anything to do with the clear prescriptions of violence towards unbelievers in the Koran and its long history of acting upon these prescriptions. After all, Mr King has met the leader of Cairn’s Mohammadeans and found him as “dinki-di Aussie” as himself – something which is, sadly enough, probably true.

Where would Australia be without such insight and journalistic integrity? I know that “Sheik Yer’mami” and the rest of the population will be able to rest a lot safer knowing that such a journalist is willing to bet their lives on his incredible insight.

Your Sincerely,
Mild Colonial Boy, Esq.

P.S. For more detail on the subject, Readers may like to go to Foehammer’s Anvil at here andhere. The Vanishing American has his own comments to make on the situation here and here. The Illustrated P.I.G offers Gavin King his own accolade.

P.P.S. Those wishing to extend their appreciation of Mr King’s gallant efforts may email him at:

P.P.P.S. (01/04/07) Finally the news has hit some larger websites - Little Green Footballs andA Western Heart.

P.P.P.P.S. (01/04/07) In a new surprising development the Australian Press Council backs Gavin King, accuses Blogger of ‘no analogous consideration for the safety of the journalist”. Apparently, the Press Council feels in that in Magical Equivalence Land that there is an equal chance of violence from anti-Mohammandean writers than there is from Muhammadeans. I know which group I would prefer to be threatened by.

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  1. Useful idiots? I don’t know anymore if this bunch is idiotic. They seem to plan the destruction of the world as we know it quite methodically in order to bring about their idea of utopia.

  2. * [muslims] curse Christians and Jews seventeen times a day in your prayers

    “Allah”‘s followers bring down the curse of God upon themselves if they do so, as in
    Genesis 12:3 (to Abram / Abraham and his descendants):

    [I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you, I will curse. Through you every family on earth will be blessed.”]

    If Islam is a race, as some apparently claim, it is a race that has invoked the curse of God
    upon itself … it will be destroyed, & there is nothing the UN or the diversity managers can
    do about it.

  3. * Hamas vs The Lions Club

    I’d rather have a park bench donated by the Lions Club than a rubbish bin that has been
    removed to stop followers of “Allah” leaving devices in it – I’ve never heard of anyone
    being killed by an exploding Lions bench.

  4. Sorry to hear this but it was expected, wasn’t it? I suggest Dunne Street residents get themselves a pig for a pet and do anything within the law to ‘irritate’ the muslims in their presence…

  5. Re: “I suggest Dunne Street residents get themselves a pig for a pet and do anything within the law to ‘irritate’ the muslims in their presence”

    Any suggestions?

    How about distribute/display flyers throughout the hood with choice quotes from The Ignoble Koran and Hadith on them? Could Muslims object?

  6. Am I getting this right? You/Our Sheik Yer Mami, are/is the Cairns businessman who has received death threats?

  7. you muslim hating assholes will be taught a lesson. There will be more mosques in Australia than churches within the next decade so you should convert now. Assholes !!!

  8. * There will be more mosques in Australia than churches within the next decade

    That is entirely possible, if things continue as they are, and the strong possibility that
    Jesus Christ (God the Son) will return for the Church, leaving the followers of the sonless,
    violent “Allah” to their fate. While noone knows the hour or the day of Jesus’ return, the
    signs (roadmap) are presented that we not be in darkness and caught unawares.

  9. its not just a temple of worship,it is a place where terrorism will be planned,teach hatred and even a place for beheadings!!!! oh its simple, just wait for it to be built and then you can throw a grenade on it!!

  10. mates look at “cairns mosque” in youtube and show your support to the proud families living there that are harassed by this disrespectful act.
    Leave a comment, tell everyone, they need awareness of this issue.
    Let’s get together on this issue.

    go visit the residents at Dunn street to show your support
    make signs or flyers for a protest
    sign a petition

    Make sure everybody knows that even when it is built, it is against the will of the people in cairns.

  11. Dont insult the Mormons like this. Many of Mormons sons and daughters died for the U.S.A.

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAH man you guys are really uneducated ^^^^^. You know NOTHING about Islam. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, why? It promotes PEACE. The word ISLAM = PEACE. You guys are so thick that you watch something on television, or follow media and get your sources from there, well let me tell you something, someone who uses the media for authentic information is well and truly considered an IDIOT/HANDICAP/UNEDUCATED/And very well CLOSED MINDED. If you read the Quran properly, you’d know very well that we are the leaders of peace, you see one person who is Muslim doing something bad on TV and you blame the entire religion. When you see a Priest molest a child you don’t blame Christianity?…. You guys are really hypocritical and contradict your sayings… gosh, when will you guys ever educate your small brains?

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