Islamofascist Wankfest @ ABC Unleashed

ABC Unhinged:

Islamofascist agit prop Irfan Yusuf shills for the Bali bombers

*   “Unhinged” would be more apropriate than ‘unleashed’. The ABC provides a forum for Irfan Yusufs insidious Islamofascist propaganda. By allowing this creepy Islamist blog on their site Yusuf attracts radical fringe nutters and Islamic hate-mongers who  readily  do the bidding for the Islamofascist movement, thus legitimizing it. In his most recent entry, Yusuf, slick and sly as always, raves against ‘Death Penalty Hypocrisy’ and mixes his Islamo-poison with sweet molasses, just to make the medicine go down.

* Because we can’t have those ‘double standards’, right Yusuf?

But of course Yusuf has no problem with the death penalty. Yusuf has no problem with hand, arm and leg chopping, as long as its done under shariah. Public flogging, the stoning of women? Not a problem: you will never hear a sound criticising any aspect of ‘divine Islamic law’- what bothers Yusuf is the possible death penalty for the fanatical, brainwashed lunatics from the Bali bombings, and he would like your support in preventing their execution. Because they were only following their ‘religion’, right Yusuf?

Yusuf’s jihad by the pen:

Yusuf never fails to rave on about ‘Abu Ghraib’ (as if butt-pyramids could somehow be equated with the terror, the mass-murder and the beheadings committed by the Islamists) and yes: ‘Gitmo- torture’ must be brought into it again and again (oh the injustice!)

“Our attitude toward capital punishment seems to mirror our attitude toward torture – that it’s ok so long as one class of murder suspects (known as “terrorists”) are involved. And if the hysteria is enough, we’ll go along with even executing innocent people, again ignoring Drebin’s Law.”

Bali bombing: victim of Islamic terror

Did you get that? We are ‘hysterical’ because we would like to see the Bali bombers executed? What, pray tell, Yusuf, makes these perverted swine ‘innocent?’  Did you note Irfan’s exclamation marks on ‘terrorists?’ Am I missing something? Is there a criminal equivalence between a bunch of dumb kids who allowed themselves to be used as drug mules (by whom? Could it be a set-up?)) who are now held hostage by Indonesia in this perverted game against the Bali bombers who killed 300 people in the name of your terrorist prophet?

Rank Islamo-hypocrisy and snake oil from Islam-Intern operative Irfan:

Mr Rudd said a Labor government would only use such diplomacy against the death penalty in support of Australian citizens facing execution abroad.

So a Labor government will try to convince other countries not to adopt the Rule of Law – treating all equally under the law – but only when it comes to executing Aussies. If you smuggle drugs into Bali, a Labor government will argue to Balinese authorities that you shouldn’t get the same punishment as other convicted drug smugglers just because you hold an Australian passport.

There is a difference between Mass-murdering terrorists and kids who get caught carrying drugs, Yusuf. But for you the Bali bombers are ‘holy warriors’, are they not Yusuf? Which  makes you a co-conspirator to Islamic terror. Just like your jihadi-posters on the ‘Unhinged’ website who try to whitewash the Beslan atrocity, where Islamic terrorists killed 300 children in the name of your ‘religion’.

Beslan Jihad against children

No Yusuf, there is no conspiracy to make the world Islamic, because YOU say so. And because you say so, we will just ignore the daily atrocities in more than 30  theaters of jihad warfare around the world. Because Irfan Yusuf’s taqiyya with its 18 secret herbs and spices is so tasty it makes the awful Islamic doctrine of perpetual warfare against unbelievers and Jew-hatred in the Koran and the sunnah go away?

I don’t think so, mister Ikhwan. See you in Gitmo!

Behind Taqiyya:

“islam is not a normal religion like the other religions in the world and muslim nations are not like normal nations. muslim nations are very special because they have a command from allah to rule the entire world and to be over every nation in the world.”

“islam wishes to destroy all States and Governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of islam regardless of the country or the Nation which rules it. The purpose of islam is to set up a State on the basis of its own ideology and program, regardless of which Nation assumes the role of the standard bearer of islam or the rule of which nation is undermined in the process of the establishment of an ideological islamic State.”

“islam is a revolutionary faith that comes to destroy any government made by man. islam doesn’t look for a nation to be in a better condition than another nation. islam doesn’t care about the land or who owns the land. The goal of islam is to rule the entire world and submit all of mankind to the faith of islam. Any nation or power that gets in the way of that goal, islam will fight and destroy. In order to fulfill that goal, islam can use every power available every way it can be used to bring worldwide revolution. This is Jihad.”

Muslim scholar Bassam Tibi:

“Muslims are religiously obliged to disseminate the Islamic faith throughout the world…. If non-Muslims submit to conversion or subjugation, this call can be pursued peacefully. If they do not, Muslims are obliged to wage war against them. … Those who resist Islam cause wars and are responsible for them”

So after all the infidels are the one who don’t want world peace according to Islamic scholars.

World peace in accordance to Islamic teachings can be achieved only when all the people in the world submit themselves to Islam.

* This is what Yusuf Irfan calls jihad. A ‘struggle’ in the way of Allah….

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  1. I guess Yusuf ignores the hysteria of Mo’s followers, calling for death to those who insult false prophet, draw cartoons, don’t wear a tent, leave the death cult (and so on). Naturally, the West needs to “understand” Islam.

  2. >>”The ABC provides a forum for Irfan Yusufs insidious Islamofascist propaganda

    This unbelievable stupidity is understood by the savages to be verification of divine intervention and creates more terrorism.

  3. Unfortunately, Kevin 07’s been soaking in it, & is pushing for “interfaith dialogue” with

    * How long before Australia succumbs to Islam?
    I answered “never”, but Rudd apparently wants to play the harlot & accommodate it.

    * Rudd, Yudhoyono push for interfaith dialogue

    * “There is nothing inevitable about the clash of civilisations,” Mr Rudd said.

    Really? It is more than a clash of “civilisations” (which implies that islam is civilised) – it is
    a war in the heavenly places, and it is inevitable, with the outcome being known.

    * “But in fact, there are huge commonalities between us which we need to build on.

    Build on any “commonality” with islam at your peril, Kevin 07.

  4. Wrote Yusuf: “Yet we still see, hear and read of the Muslim community and the Muslim world having a uniform manifestation of faith in a monolithic (usually violent and hostile) manner. We so easily lump together 1.2 billion people in the same category. Riaz Hassan, a sociology professor at Flinders University, argues that the tendency to generalise about Muslims is caused largely by the lack of empirical research.”

    And every time someone in the West criticizes some aspect of Islam, by publishing a political cartoon, say, we hear from Islamic ambassadors and imams and “Islamic scholars” from around the world that there are “1.2 billion Mulims” who will react violently to this affront. You see, when making threats of violence, all of a sudden they are all one, big monolithic Islamic community. All of a sudden, they are “lumped together” in the same category. How convenient.

    More doublespeak. More deception. More lies.

    The left always defended the Comintern the same way. Communists are not monolithic, they said. There are many variations of Communism–modulated by local culture–they said. Most Communists are not ideologues, but just normal folks looking to live out their lives in peace, they said. They say they intend to “bury us”–that’s just unserious political rhetoric, they said.

    Meanwhile, scores of millions across the planet died in pogroms, political purges, and slave labor camps, or lived their lives in perpetual terror from the secret police, or otherwise had their lives ruined.

    Communism is not that bad, they said.

    “Empirical evidence” says that more people survived the Communist pogroms, political purges, slave labor camps, and police terror than perished. That fact changes nothing!

    Communism was that bad.

    Communism is that bad.

    Islam, destroyer of worlds, was that bad.

    Islam, destroyer of worlds, is that bad.

    Posted by: Stendec

  5. I haven’t read anything that Irfan Yusuf writes, however, this article or blog is the biggest load of shit that I have ever had the misfortune of partially reading. You know nothing of Islam and what it represents, how about you take all your ignorant and baseless hatred and educate yourself, you absolute joke of a human being. ABC provided this man with an outlet through which to generate constructive discussion, your arguments are weak as piss, lacking any credible sources. ABC haven’t given you the opportunity to voice your prejudice opinions because all you are good at doing is taking quotes and ideas out of context and manipulating them in such an obviously racist manner as to give any logical reader an insight into the kind of idiotic cocksucker that you are. Peace out motherfucker, I wont be back here to check, but i hope you read this.
    PS. The only ‘Wankfest’ taking place is on this stupid site. LOL you’re a fucking JOKE!

  6. Joe – don’t come back. You should perhaps read things thoroughly before commenting – and your rant is rather typical of a radical muslim so one suspects that Joe is not your name. The only “Wankfest” that is occurring is in front of your television set every morning. achmed or whatever your real name is – you are the joke. but you are not even remotely amusing. Since when is criticism of islam racist, you nitwit. Sheik, I suggest you do a trace route on Joe – his poorly thought rant is typical of the logic of a potential terrorist – and pass his details onto the AFP. It is about time that we started fully utilising our resources.

  7. ‘LOL you’re a…

    SNIP for profanity. Stop your rants, Pierre!

    Ps: Joe come back i love analysed your Psyche…I have much more to say !

  8. @Joe – sounds like a black man in jail turned muslim to me (peace out?) Joe everything out of your mouth is lame and typical responses to outcries against muslim atrocities. I don’t have to know a thing about islam other than the fact that they kill innocent people EVERY SINGLE DAY – even their own !! They blow up their own children, their own mosques, they are ridiculous in their rabid violence. They systematically murdered tiny school children in beslan, they kill buddhists in thailand, christians in gaza, iraq, lebanon, nigeria, and every other country in which they have the mis-fortune to live near muslims, murder people in chechnya, spain, london, bali, the U.S., and the uigher muslims in china, murder han chinese. I have to give china its props though, the army came right in and shut that shit DOWN. within weeks 7 people executed, and crazy muslims running in the street with machetes towards soldiers SHOT dead as they should have been. They have instructed the muslims they may not teach their children islam, and are systematically destroying their 200 year old structures and replacing them LMFAO – GO CHINA, never thought I’d say that.

    ISLAM = DEATH (period)

  9. Please can we stop all of this hatred? If you all disagree with each other why not remove the source of the problem? Agree to disagree and walk away. Don’t give haters such a large platform and stop feeding the hungry bee.

    The unwanted know by now. They should work it out for themselves, and any who are perpetuating the conflict are clearly troubled enough in their own hearts – and will suffer their own pain whatever we all do.

    Do what you can and then rest is my motto.
    [Riding the wave, rolling with the punches.]

  10. I cannot seem to deny the concept, that the arab-islam world is a freak of nature. Some genetic, congenital lapse. Psychopathy enmasse also is a marked feature also. I notice the arab world seems socially innadequate, insecure and dependent on other nations, and ironically excessively dependent on other people of different religious persuations. The disturbing images of hate-crazed frenzy of the islamic murder-mobs, is all I need to conclude this.

  11. Quote:
    So after all the infidels are the one who don’t want world peace according to Islamic scholars.
    end quote.

    That is taken straight out of Islamic doctrine and tradition– the infidels live in the Dar Al-Harb. The house of war. They are responsible for Muslim aggression, according to Islam.
    Once Westerners can see through this projection, they will begin to understand why Islam has to be humbled once and for all, and why Muslims must be countered, attacked, their faith must be discredited in the light of reason.

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