Louise 'awful' Arbour gets cold feet?

Louise Arbour: Leftist Lawyer, Liberal Lackey, Appeaser of Iran

UN’s Arbour opposes “taboos” in human rights body

* 5 minutes before closing time this awful, compromised commie moonbat sees the light?

*  I’m not buying any:

*  Do you realize that this dumb twat was unable to tell the difference between the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the pathetic Muhammedan Cairo Declaration of Human Rights which means no human rights at all but living under shariah?’

* Tori minister calls Arbour a bloody disgrace (which she is)


 By Robert Evans

GENEVA, June 18 (Reuters) – United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour voiced concern on Wednesday over “taboos” on discussion in a key U.N. forum of subjects that Islamic countries see as offending their religion.

Her comments followed a row at the forum, the 47-nation Human Rights Council, after Islamic countries intervened this week to stop mention of their system of sharia, or Islamic law, and the body’s Romanian president appeared to back their stance.

“It is very concerning in a Council which should be… the guardian of freedom of expression, to see constraints or taboos, or subjects that become taboo for discussion,” the former Canadian High Court judge told a news conference.

* Read it all, its important


Here’s how the wind blows:

OIC: Combating “Islamophobia” top priority, working with Western governments to restrict free speech

* Islamofascism goes into overdrive to shut you up:

Muslim brothers Ihsanoglu/Abbas

* Danish cartoon ruling may prompt “Islamophobia”-OIC

Ihsanoglu says: “The OIC has become an indispensable player at the international level, in many domains, notably in the realms of dialogue among civilizations, defending the image of Islam, and combating the phenomenon of Islamophobia.” He also says: “We have established an OIC Group in Washington D.C., with the aim of playing a more active role in engaging American policy makers.”

What will the OIC be engaging those policy makers about? The OIC hasn’t ever acknowledged the obvious fact that it could end “Islamophobia” right away by rejecting Islam’s doctrines of violence, supremacism and conquest and moving strongly against those Muslims who are acting upon those doctrines. It will be working with American policymakers to restrict free speech — that is, honest discussion of the elements of Islam that the jihadists use to justify their actions and gain recruits.

As he says below, “In confronting the Danish cartoons and the Dutch film ‘Fitna’, we sent a clear message to the West regarding the red lines that should not be crossed.” We are going to have to shut up, and get in step, and passive and mutely acquiesce to our Islamization.

Free Speech Death Watch Update:

“Speech of Secretary General at the thirty-fifth session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the organisation of the Islamic conference,” from the OIC, June 18, via JW

* Its bloody depressing. The Islamo-Nazis are already jubilant that they’re making inroads  by corrupting the core values of Western society. We need more cartoons, more FITNA!

Read it all

In face of the adverse and mounting phenomenon of Islamophobia in the West, we placed this issue at the top of our priorities and preoccupations, while conducting a large-scale world-wide effort to confront it at four levels:

First: The official level of countries and governments of the West, where this phenomenon is rampant and wide-spread. We have exhorted the officials in these countries to assume their inherent legal responsibilities in order to stem this illegal trend in conformity with international and domestic laws which prohibit discrimination based on incitement to hatred towards individuals or groups because of their religion, race, or other grounds.

Second: The level of major international organizations, such as the United Nations General Assembly in New York or the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, as well as organisations concerned with Dialogue among Civilizations, or inter-religious and interfaith dialogue.

Third: Renowned academic institutions, intellectual and research centers, and think-tank circles.

Fourth: The level of the OIC Islamophobia Observatory, which we have established in order to monitor and document all manifestation of this scourge, and to deal with them in an interactive manner.

Taken together, this plan has proven its merit and we have been able to achieve convincing progress at all these levels mainly the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, and the UN General Assembly.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted similar resolutions against the defamation of Islam.

In confronting the Danish cartoons and the Dutch film “Fitna”, we sent a clear message to the West regarding the red lines that should not be crossed. As we speak, the official West and its public opinion are all now well-aware of the sensitivities of these issues. They have also started to look seriously into the question of freedom of expression from the perspective of its inherent responsibility, which should not be overlooked.



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  1. I’ve had it with “Islamophobia”. Since everything is being given a new name in regards to Koranism I want to change the term “Islamophobia” to “Figmentalism”, which is short for a figment of the imagination because that’s exactly what Islamophobia really is.

  2. “Islamomisia: state of disgust for/revulsion of Islam. (Greek: disgust for; revulsion of: -misia). We are all simply Islamomisiac really. Islamophobia should be reserved for those that do not want to discuss Islam truthfully. They are the ones that are actually afraid of Islam when you stop to think about it.”

    Thanks to Foehammer’s Anvil ^ , I can now correctly describe myself.

  3. Canadian Tory minister calls Arbour ‘a disgrace’

    “… Vic Toews, a Manitoba Conservative MP and the president of the Treasury Board, yelled “she’s a disgrace” during question period…”

    “… After question period had concluded, Ms. Hall Findlay asked Mr. Toews to withdraw his remark. He did not, telling the House, “the comments that Louise Arbour has made in respect of the state of Israel and the people of Israel are, in fact, a disgrace and I stand by those words.”


    Ain’t that the truth.

  4. United Nations = all nations “united” under the heel of sand weasel fascism.
    When are my country (Canada) and yours going to stop throwing our taxpayers’ dollars into this bottomless pit? The more we give these dreadful people the more contempt they have for us. These losers are so inept that without western technology and infrastructure they’d be rationing sand in six months. Who needs them? Time to exit stage left.

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