Muslim gets away with murder, Times Online complicit

BNP activist ‘fell on knife’, claims Asian Musulmanic neighbour

* Character assassination and totally skewed reporting by useful idiot Dominic Kennedy, who writes for the treacherous Times Online

* Excerpt:

On the day Mr Brown died Mr Khan was in the kitchen when a daughter alerted him that Mr Brown was trying to kill her brother, Azir.

My Khan grabbed the knife and went outside to find Mr Brown holding his son in a headlock. He tapped the white man on the shoulder. Mr Brown turned and mouthed: “I’ll kill him.” Mr Khan said, using slight pressure, he put the knife on to Mr Brown’s back so he could feel the blade. But Mr Brown fell, pushing the knife in farther.

Keith Brown’s family had helped the far-right party in the local elections in Stoke-on-Trent and Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, attended his funeral, Stafford Crown Court was told.

*  Would this have been mentioned if the Brown Family had leafleted for the Labour Party somehow I think not, does it matter who they leafleted for?

* There is more, here

*  Now the same rabid Times Online reporter Dominic Kennedy comes out with flying colours to vilify the BNP, after smearing the victim:

The British National Party is the enemy:

“BNP seeks to make a martyr of activist killed by Muslim elder”

The British National Party sought yesterday to present the killing of one of its activists by a Muslim elder as an act of white martyrdom.

On the steps of Stafford Crown Court, Michael Coleman, a BNP councillor and organiser of the party’s Stoke-on-Trent branch, said: “We advise anybody who gets angry: get involved with the BNP.” He was speaking at the end of the trial into the killing of Keith Brown, 52, a former boxer and friend of the BNP leader Nick Griffin, who collapsed and died after being knifed in the back by his next-door neighbour Habib Khan. Mr Griffin attended his funeral.

Khan, 50, was unanimously cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter after a jury heard that he had endured racism, threats and violence from Mr Brown and his son, Ashley Barker, also a BNP activist. Khan was also convicted of wounding Mr Barker, 20. His son, Azir Habib Saddique, 24, was cleared of the same charge. Khan’s sentencing was adjourned.


* Bunglawussi jubilant,  murder of native Brit justified:

“BNP seeks to make a martyr of activist killed by Muslim elder”. And yes, that’s a reference to Keith Brown, “an unemployed father of seven with a long criminal record” who was responsible for “a frightening campaign of intimidation, violence and racial abuse” against his Muslim neighbours – precisely the sort of racist thug who would make an appropriate “martyr” for the BNP.

* BNP members live dangerously in their own country….

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  1. All Khan had to do was fight like a man, hand-to-hand. Lowest of shame for Times Online.

  2. I would have thought the fact he had the knife in the first place would suggest murder? What do alleged prior racial taunts have to do with whether murder has been committed. Shit, no wonder the legal system is a farce.

  3. Bunglawussi’s father was a convicted drug smuggler (heroin) what else do you expect from 70K per annum Islamic at British tax payer’s expense? Notice the psychopathic lack of of feeling and respect for the dead, so typical of a moslem’s true attitude to Kuffars

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