Netherlands: selling Mayonnaise to Arabs more important than free speech

Brain police attack bloggers over comments:

THE HAGUE, NIS NEWS – The Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) appears to have launched an initiative against comments on Internet sites that are critical of the multicultural society. The OM is among other things focusing on the popular website

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GeenStijl received a written request this week to report to a police station in Amsterdam, without further information on what it was about. GeenStijl’s editors reported they were told that 14 comments on its website were punishable offences. These were contributions from visitors to the site in 2006.

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Netherlands: Government to probe mosque schools

* Anti-dhimmitude alternates with attacks on free speech, confusion and cowardice is the order of the day:

Amsterdam, 26 June (AKI) – Dutch Integration Minister Ella Vogelaar has ordered an investigation into claims that Saturday mosque schools are using corporal punishment, the centre-left daily Trouw reported on Thursday.

The children are being indoctrinated to be anti-Western, according to an Amsterdam city councillor Ahmed Marcouch cited by Trouw.

Hundreds of children have lessons in the Koran and in Arabic in informal classes attached to mosques.

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Netherlands: Government to probe mosque schools

The integration of Muslims remains a concern for the Dutch government, particularly after a film-maker critical of Islam, Theo Van Gogh, was murdered in 2004 by a radical Islamist.

Crime and unemployment levels among Muslim youths are also a source of tension. The Netherlands favours multi-culturalism or the equality of different ethnic and religious groups.

There are around one million Muslims in the Netherlands, approximately 5.8 percent of the population.

Many Muslim immigrants in the Netherlands are from North Africa, Turkey and Morocco. Some Muslims arrived from the former Dutch colonies of Suriname and Indonesia in the 1950s.

Brain police in Holland attack bloggers over comments:

GeenStijl is astonished at the move. It says it is actually very active in removing unacceptable comments. GeenStijl has three staff members for this. The site says its archives contain 11 million comments. If 14 reactions are inadmissible, this is a margin of error of 0.00001 percent, according to the site.

GeenStijl noted that the Internet Discrimination Reporting Centre (MDI) praised the site only last week for its policy. “Geenstijl is the best at removing. They seem to be checking their email permanently; generally we have an answer with apologies within two minutes,” MDI director Niels van Tamelen told De Pers newspaper.

But it is actually based on a complaint by MDI dating from 2006 that GeenStijl has now been summoned to the police station. The OM in Amsterdam denies there is a new policy. “More attention was already allotted to discrimination last year,” was all a spokesman would say.

GeenStijl founder Dominique Weesie said about the 14 comments: “Half of them could have been made by the average politician; the other half plainly went too far. But what goes too far for us is that we as a website are now held accountable for this.”

If MDI had approached GeenStijl, the reactions would have been removed, but this did not happen, according to Weesie. “The MDI is required to inform the website manager first, before transferring the case to the OM. Not GeenStijl, but the MDI can therefore be accused of negligence.”

GeenStijl is challenging the OM to prosecute it. The site writes: “You bunch of amateurs, go and be deeply ashamed and then go and catch real crooks, instead of creating a climate in which webloggers and cartoonists are declared outlaws. As far as we are concerned, bring this case before the judge, be sure that you will lose it.”

The move on GeenStijl is not isolated. Recently, cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot was arrested by 10 police for ‘discriminatory’ cartoons. Last week, the webmaster of the politically incorrect site Hoeiboel was summoned to the police station. What they have in common is that they are critical of Islam and immigration.

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  1. Islam doesn’t take freedom of speech as granted human right. In fact, they don’t particularly value human rights at all. That is another reason to balk at the infiltration of Islam into western culture.

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