Norway grows a spine, supports Muhammad cartoons

* Well, not exactly, but almost. First it is, then it isn’t, but it might be, or maybe…

Norway: Muhammed cartoon

The debate rages in Norway about whether this is or isn’t a Muhammad cartoon.

Adresseavisen, a Norwegian newspaper, printed its very own ‘Muhammad cartoon’. Of course, most newspapers who reported about it, did not dare print it themselves, and at most sufficed with a picture of the paper. NRK brought a facsimile version.

[Update: Adresseavisen published the cartoon on their site, in an article headlined “This is not Muhammed”]

“I am Muhammed and nobody dare print me!”

Arne Blix, chief editor, realizes that cartoon is controversial, but thinks it’s necessary. This is Adresseavisen’s response to the attack against the Danish embassy. Blix doesn’t expect negative reactions from the Muslim world, and he doesn’t think it’s a cartoon of Muhammed and that it doesn’t attack Muhammed or Islam. He says it shows a terrorist who commits violence in the prophet’s name.

Adresseavisen’s cartoonist, Jan O. Henriksen, says that this is not a picture of Muhmmad. Henriksen says this cartoon is completely different from the Jyllands-Posten cartoons, since he didn’t draw it in order to be provocative. He didn’t agree with his colleagues who supported the Danish Muhammad cartoonists. He says that here he’s talking about people who hide behind religion in order to support terrorism. It’s provocative that people think that if somebody waves the Islam card than people will give in on any criticism of what is a real terrorist act.

Lawyer Abid Q. Raja thinks this is a cartoon of Muhammed and that the newspaper is hiding by saying this is a cartoon of a terrorist. If it would be a terrorist, he says, it would say “I am Muhammad, nobody dares stop me when I blow up suicidebombers.”

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5 thoughts on “Norway grows a spine, supports Muhammad cartoons”

  1. “Blix doesn’t expect negative reactions from the Muslim world…”

    Is he kidding?

  2. Just as these people push and push their intolerable and abominable “religion” on us, so should we keep ridiculing them, and their murderous “prophet”.

  3. And just as these ceaselessly seek to demoralise us and wear us down, so should we return the favour to them.

  4. What happened in the very early days was that the Muslims adopted a very simple way of doing things. They deliberately inflicted the most cruel, merciless and barbarous killing campaigns against peoples in order to subdue them and bring them into a state of chastened and fearful subservience. And so the defeated enemy was divided – the women taken as sex slaves, the men executed without mercy and even the children taken to bear victuals, arms etc. In this way the instilled fear, dread and terror into everyone.
    Accordingly, during the crusades, the crusaders adopted the same policy – they showed no mercy whatsoever and paid the muslims in their own coin – just slaughtering them like cattle. It was only then that the muslims folded up and ran away like headless chickens. It was discovered that when you met the muslims in battle – you did it with a barbarity even greater than their own – and then they would shit themselves, turn and run. The Turks used a scorched earth policy with the pursuing crusaders – so there was nothing to eat – the Crusader solution to that was also simple – they ate the Muslims.

  5. I liked that cartoon on this article – heh heh heh.

    There is a new book out by Ali Sina, called the ‘Understanding Muhammad: The Psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet’

    Check out the writeup on it. I ordered it – I already have read quite a bit about mohammed, but this certainly puts a new spin on the story.

    I just brought it up since that cartoon reminded me of what I just purchased.

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