Poll Results are in: Gitmo was a great idea, terrorists should be executed

Winds of Jihad readers didn’t take long to vote:

* Only 7%  feel that terrorists in Gitmo should be allowed to waste taxpayers money on expensive trials

(Don’t forget that Muslims read this blog also!)

*  31% agrees that Gitmo was the best idea the Bush administration ever had

* which means indefinate imprisonment without trial is quite in order

*  61% of voters would like to see them summarily executed.

*  Why waste time fattening them up with halal burgers when a bullet (or a rope)  does the trick?

* In other news: Majority of Indonesians support sharia  (Islamic law)

*  Germany’s Greens are ready to offer asylum to Gitmo terrorists

New Poll Starts Today:

Moslems in Australia demand we change the law so they can practice polygamy. Have your say:

*  We must totally reject their outrageous demands

*  We should consider it in some cases

*  The useful idiots and the multiculti-brigades will cave in anyway

*  Only if Australia becomes Islamic, but withdraw all child support until then

3 thoughts on “Poll Results are in: Gitmo was a great idea, terrorists should be executed”

  1. Accepting polygamy is the thin end of the wedge for Islam. There are many unsavory aspects of this religion such as marriage for under age girls, restricting the rights and freedoms of women, intolerance of other religions.
    Sorry if you mistook my previous comment as a serious one, it was meant as tongue in cheek.

  2. I voted for C too. The lapdogs are always persistent and eventually they just wear people down. And they are more deadly than the actual Koranists.

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