Poll results are in: majority believes Australia will become Islamic

* Sorry folks, but here it is:

* The question was: How long before Australia succumbs to Islam?

*  47% voted   Never

*  20% gives us 10 years, which means 2018

*  13% gives us 20 years

*  20% gives us 30 years

*  Now are we being defeatist or  realistic?  And what are we going to do about it?

New Poll Starts Today:

*  The US Supreme Court ruled that Guantanamo Bay terrorists can contest their imprisonment in civilian courts . Should Guantanamo be closed?

* Yes, foreign born terrorists have rights to enjoy million dollar trials

*  No, Gitmo was the best idea the Bush administration ever had

*  Execute them all and close Gitmo at once

* Khalid Sheik Mohammed & Shoebomber Richard Reed enjoy a halal brekkie in Gitmo

*  Links: Foreign Terrorists Have Constitutional Rights

*  Scalia: Supreme Court decision on Gitmo “will make the war harder on us. It will almost certainly cause more Americans to be killed”


*  Detainees given trial rights

10 thoughts on “Poll results are in: majority believes Australia will become Islamic”

  1. I would hope that Australia never succumbs to Islam but the fact is that very few people are aware of the infiltration of Islam into Australia and this is the real problem. Once the Muslim population reach critical mass, it will be hard if not impossible not to grant concessions to them for their demands for Australia to accommodate Muslim values and beliefs.
    Once this process begins, possibly it already has ie (Police force recruits Muslim police to patrol Muslim neighborhoods) there is no turning back. Other measures such as separating sexes in public swimming pools, the building of mosques in suburbs and the wearing of hijabs in schools are just a few examples of infiltration. There is legislation already in place to prevent criticism of Islam that comes under the racial vilification act (hate crimes). Yes, I know Islam isn’t a race but the horse has bolted and people do now consider Islamiphobia to be racism.
    Bury your head in the sand but you cannot escape the facts.

  2. * majority believes Australia will become Islamic

    45 years ago, Menzies might have said “Thus far, no further!”

    Rudd says “I’m Kevin, how can I help?” (much like his predecessor) to build madrassahs
    in Aceh & promote “interfaith dialogue”.

  3. Can the savages and leftist traitors deceive Australians faster than they realize the truth? I voted that Australia would never become Islamic, but I also think it will take very unfortunate events for all to wake up.

  4. Loved the pic of Reid and Mo at Hotel Guantanamo! I’d love to see a comparison of prison life and cost per inmate between Guantanamo and American prisons. It would put eveything in perspective.

  5. el greco… the major problem is that the Saudi Boy Toy El President Heir Bush asked the US congress make a resolution, this is some thing you do to lose wieght, and as such congress and the supremes will continue to fiddle while the west burns.

    A Declaration of War was needed to had the issue over to the generals and admirals, until that is done, the politicians can continue to meddle like they did in Vietnam.

  6. * I voted that Australia would never become Islamic …

    I voted the same way, Joe, but that was before Kevin 07 went on his World Submission Tour and salivated over the jizyah that Howard had thrown at rebuilding Bandar Aceh, and decided
    to kick in some more, & promote the poison of “interfaith dialogue”. I still expect God to
    intervene & destroy Islam before it rules Oz, but Kevin is doing his best to bring it on.

  7. Mullah>>”I still expect God to intervene & destroy Islam before it rules Oz

    God is powerful, but Moslem stupidity is almost as fast. These vermin are only as effective as the extent of leftists’ facilitation. Without this dynamic, Islam goes back to being an afterthought at best.

  8. “Islam is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog”. Churchill.

    Gitmo is America’s home for mad dogs.

    If you let them loose their bite is fatal.

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