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Islamists kill four in brutal train massacre

By Muhammad Ayub Pathan

*   Mohammad reports that the “Insurgents, rebels & gunmen” have nothing to do with Islam, apart from the fact that they’re ‘Islamists’

* Graphic stuff from the Illustrated PIG

Insurgents shot dead four and injured one on board a train transporting about 100 people from Sungai Kolok district to Yala, police said. Six men, sitting in the second coach, gunned down the crew, including a railway police officer and cleaning staff, with AK-47 assault rifles.

Another railway police officer, identified as Pol Snr Sgt-Maj Chananan Pongdong, sustained serious injuries.

The insurgents attacked while the train was running between Tanyong Mas and Marue Bue stations in Rangae district. Passengers were unhurt, police said.

As the gang fled from the train, other rebels hiding nearby also opened fire on the carriage.


Insurgents kill widow in Narathiwat

( – Southern insurgents shot dead a widow in Narathiwat on Tuesday morning when she was going to rubber plantation.

The Muslim victim, 45, was killed at around 6.30am. Police said she had five children to look after.

Police said two insurgents on a motorcycle chased her after she left her house for work before opening fire on her in Bacho district.


6 suspected insurgents killed in 3 clashes with authorities in Yala

Yala – Six suspected insurgents were killed Monday in three related clashes with the authorities in this southern border province.

The first clash between a group of insurgents and police happened in Tanyong Narkor village in Tambon Bacho of Yala’s Bannang Sata district about 6 am.

Two suspects were killed and police arrested eight of them and seized a pistol and two AK-47 assault rifles from them.

Then, a team of police, soldiers and Interior Ministry officials chased after the fleeing suspects and located them inside a rubber plantation only about 100 metres from the two first clash sites.


The authorities exchanged gunfire with them for about 15 minutes after which four more suspects were found dead.

The Nation


Insurgents kill 3-year-old boy, dad in South

( – Insurgents shot dead a three-year old boy and his father in the southern district of Yala on Thursday morning.

The boy, identified as Anas Doloh, was shot with his 45-year-old father Korbay when they were riding a motorcycle to rubber plantation in Bannang Sata district.

Police collected evidence with the hope to find suspects.

 Seven insurgents shot dead in restive South 


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