Veteran Jihadist & Gitmo Inmate Hicks Becomes Celebrity, Hangs Out With Nutroot Senator Stott Despoja

* Scraping the bottom of the barrel: failed politician Stott Despoja seeks the limelight with convicted terrorist and Taliban by choice David Hicks and his pathetic father. What does that tell you about politicians?

*  Of all the people in Australia to honor, why not pick out one who chose to be an al Qaeda recruit?

* Was she and Cornes escorted by a male relative? Did they cover their hair?  No skin showing?

* Was alcohol consumed?

* And they wonder why they have no members in Federal Parliament now…

Pia Akerman | The Australian

DAVID Hicks last night made his first public appearance since being released from jail in December, stepping out for drinks with departing Democrats senator Natasha Stott Despoja.

With his father, Terry, at his side, a relaxed Hicks sipped beer and chatted freely with guests at an Adelaide function to mark Ms Stott Despoja’s retirement from the Senate.

The confessed terrorism supporter left the fashionable Universal Wine Bar in Adelaide’s East End without breaking his silence with the media. “We’ve already told you, he’s not talking,” another companion said, before ushering Hicks away.

Hicks, who agreed to a gag order as part of his deal with US military prosecutors, has refused all media approaches for interview since his release.

Senator Stott Despoja said she had invited Terry Hicks to the function but declined to comment further.

* He wouldn’t have it any other way, and yes: that does appear to be Irans ‘First Lady’

* Does Stott Despoja realize that in Muhamad Dawouds world she  would be under a burka?

* In other News: Appeals court rules for Guantanamo prisoner

The A-list crowd at her goodbye drinks included South Australian Treasurer Kevin Foley, state Solicitor-General Chris Kourakis QC, high-profile former Labor candidate Nicole Cornes and media personalities.

Senator Stott Despoja had been one of Hicks’s staunchest supporters during his long detention at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

On his release from Guantanamo Bay, she said his detention without trial had “diminished any threat” he posed and called continuing police control orders on his movements in Adelaide a “PR stunt”.

Terry Hicks has been previously approached by the Democrats to run as a candidate with them but he declined.

Dressed in a grey suit, Hicks spent about 90 minutes mingling with the crowd of 60.

Seeming at first to be minded by his father and other supporters, Hicks later left the group to stand alone.

His appearance at such a social event underlines his growing confidence just over a year after he was returned to Australia in a plea-bargain with the US military.

The 33-year-old had pleaded guilty to a charge of providing material support to Taliban and al-Qai’da terrorists in Afghanistan ahead of his transfer to an Adelaide prison in May last year, having served nearly six years in custody.

He was released from jail in December, but remains bound by control orders.

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  1. Why do you put pornographic pictures of women that you don’t like on your site? Whatever you think about Senator Scott Despoja, she doesn’t deserve to be turned into a porno pin-up, which is what you are doing.

  2. By hanging out with the convicted terrorist and traitor Muhammad Dawoud, Despoja exposed herself.
    Nude is not the same as pornographic. No, this harmless foto-montage is complimentary and drives the point home:

    Despoja is ridiculous and she deserves ridicule.

  3. >>Natasha Stott Despoja is encouraging attacks–she deserves more than ridicule. She is an accomplice to terrorists for encouraging them by reassuring them that we are fools that are ripe for domination.

  4. Too bad Mohamad didn’t prescribe burqas for inbred neanderthal Moslem men–Ahmadinejad is the newly crowned ugliest world leader champ since Arafat passed away.

  5. lol, I never knew how hawt tasha stott-destroyer really was!, Sheik, you should have included her doc martens, then she’d be smokin` hawt!

  6. Is that really Despoja in the picture? Oh well, her politics might suck, but at least she looks good naked!

  7. Irans ‘First Lady’

    What a glamour! Reminds me of a Beatles song… ‘I want to hold your hand’, oh wait, can’t do that. How about ‘Shes a woman’, or ‘Ive just seen a face’, uh….no. Um, ‘Ive got a woman…’ there must be some Beatles song for her… of course… ‘Babys in Black’.

  8. I don’t have a clue what this story is about, but I LOVE your Nice Firm Policies. Oh yea. (o:

  9. nutty slut destroyer….there’s a lot of skeletons in her closet, this will be just one more.

  10. I find it interesting that you state that “obscene, abusive, silly, or annoying remarks may be deleted” when the obscene and the abusive is exactly what you seem to delight in. No woman should be sexualised in the way you have sexualised Ms Despoja in that poster you made and I think the comments it has incited prove that your “harmless foto montage” argument is a joke. You have been deliberately offensive and degrading to women. If you had half a brain, you would be able to argue against her actions rationally without having to resort to such cheap tricks.

  11. That is the silliest and poorest attempt at ridicule I have ever seen. That could be my head on the woman’s body and it would look more real. Let alone the outrageous remarks and insinuations. You represent the lowest side of society and probably the least intelligent. How old are you, 15? You don’t even know how to form a proper paragraph you fool!

  12. Neither, it appears, do you Amal. In Australia people have a right to comment. Against whom was your rather pointless diatribe intended? It is quite clear that you are a representative of that group that lies more that three standard deviations to the left of the mean IQ (assuming that IQ is a normal distribution which can be mathematically justified using e.g. law of large numbers) – note that Einstein would be found to the right of the mean. Since you almost certainly have not understood the above let me state it quite clearly – you are a dumb ignorant and useless muslim twit – go back to pakiland, or from whichever crevasse you crawled out from. You also appear to have visual acuity problems – the picture to which you refer is sufficiently real within the standard parameters, however the head of an ugly bearded mohammedan freak like yourself would certainly stand out in its repulsiveness.

    Can we get a trace route on this jerk??

  13. Firstly I was a bit surprised to see the Photoshop I did of Natasha over 9 years ago on your website! No dramas but I’d be keen to know where you got it from.
    Next, I can’t agree with your article either. The last thing I’d call Terry Hicks was pathetic as the lengths he went to and the danger he exposed himself to in an effort to gain justice for his son was quite extraordinary. I’d be blown away if my own dad did a fraction of what he did in an effort to help me.
    You’ve also missed the point about David Hicks too. He spent 5 years in custody without charge and when he was finally charged they actually had to invent the crime he was supposedly guilty of. He was then offered the plea bargain to actually get back home. If you and others think that this was fair treatment then we have differing opinions on the definition of “fair”. You’ll note that for some bizarre reason every other democracy demanded and obtained the release of their citizens in “Gitmo” except Australia.
    I think it’s fair to say that David Hicks isn’t the smartest man in the world but what he did wasn’t illegal at the time he did it. To tell the truth I’m still not totally sure what he was supposed to have done.

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