ISNA and MPAC Seek to Silence Steven Emerson at Congressional Hearing

Congressman Sherman: “We need to make sure that the State Department is not giving U.S. tax dollars to those on the other side in the war on terrorism.”

Steven Emerson

*  From the ‘anything to shut you up” department:

*  if you’re still a bit squeamish about the term ‘Muzzie’ now you can feel perfectly comfortable using it, in light of their persistent efforts to ‘muzzle’  us, the term ‘Muzzie’ seems quite appropriate…

By Jeffrey Imm

As mentioned in Andrew Cochran’s July 28 posting, the Investigative Project on Terrorism’s (IPT) counterterrorism leader Steven Emerson will be testifying on Thursday July 31 at a Congressional hearing on “Foreign Aid and the Fight Against Terrorism and Proliferation: Leveraging Foreign Aid to Achieve U.S. Policy Goals.” This hearing will take place at the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade this Thursday at 10:30 AM ET in room 2200 of the Rayburn House Building.

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Cheepnis: brave soldiers of Allah are using women and children as suicide bombers

Using women and children for suicide missions

Iraq: “Vengeful” women increasingly engaging in suicide attacks

IRBIL, Iraq (AP) – A girl strapped with explosives approaches an Iraqi army captain, who dies in the suicide blast. A woman posing as a mother-to-be to disguise a bulging bomb belt strikes a wedding procession as part of a coordinated attack that kills nearly three dozen people.

Using the handicapped, women, and children for terror is nothing new. 

*  Women, Children and Mentally Disabled are New ‘Martyrs’ For Al Qaeda.

Recently we are getting more and more reports like this: 

* Iraqi Woman Describes Daughter’s Descent Into Suicide Bombing

* More Women Join Ranks of Suicide Bombers in Iraq

Since Jan. 1, the U.S. military reports 14 female suicide bomb attacks in Iraq, up from eight in 2007. Preventing such attacks — which Iraqi government officials say have caused some of the highest numbers of casualties in Iraq in recent months — is a challenge.

 Iraq: suicide attack leaves three dead, four wounded

Since this is an al-Qaeda affiliated attack, one wonders if the suicide bomber was a child. “Suicide car bomber kills three policemen in Iraq,” from ABC News,

* Rising Female Bombers in Iraq: An Alarming Trend

* Al Qaeda In Iraq Exploits Desperate Women As Suicide Bombers After Getting Their Men Killed

Jihadists develop “suicide underwear”

Unmentionables. “Terrorists develop ‘suicide underwear,’” by Imran Asghar for the Daily Times, July 31 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

RAWALPINDI: Would-be suicide bombers could be using explosives “underwear briefs” rather than explosives jackets to evade “conservative” body searches, sources said on Wednesday.Sihala Police College forensic lab sources told Daily Times that the study of recent suicide attacks showed that suicide bombers used “explosives-laden” under-garments, briefs in particular, to carry out the attacks….

* “We will conquer your country with the bellies of our women…”

* But who is really surprised? A cult(-ure) that sucks hatred in with the mothers milk, a cult that teaches that every man, women and child must be a ‘martyr’ for Allah, a cult that breeds children for the sake of killing  unbelievers for the teachings of a depraved ‘prophet’, how do we deal with that if we don’t dare to even talk about  the ‘root-causes?’

*  Click here for sheik yer’mami’s song “Philistine Child”


Denmark & the dreaded cartoons of blasphemy

For a Muhammad-free Denmark!!

We shall never forget — the cartoons!

Likewise, we should never forget the Muslim backlash to freedom of speech — including mass riots, burned buildings and cars, and dead Christians. See here for a long list of Muslim “reactions” to the “cartoon controversy,” arranged by country. “Muslims to appeal cartoon case,” from News 24 with thanks to DW


Sheik yer’mami sez: “We shall never forget!”

Hateful parasite: Abu Laban

*  No, we shall never forget  that awful, disgusting Abu Laban, chief-instigator behind the cartoon riots, how he was whining and whingeing on CNN, that “we love our prophet more than we love our own children”, that “this kind of democracy is no good for us” and the threatening “we Muslims have been very, very patient”- but try to find these clips on youtube now and you will find you have very little luck.

With our own news networks and their stooges being bought with petro-dollars we are digging our own graves. That’s why Hugh Fitzgerald sez: “Reprint!


*  Every time Muslims raise this matter, simply reprint the cartoons again. Every time a lawsuit is filed, every time a threat is made, directly or indirectly, reprint the cartoons again. In Denmark, and all over. Do it so often, in a show of solidarity for the principle of free speech, for the principle, that is, that not only the principle but also the actual exercise, of free speech, is to be defended.

Repeat ad libitum.

 Hugh [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 31, 2008 10:11 AM

*  The Audacity of Hypocrisy



Copenhagen – Seven Danish Muslim associations were planning to appeal to Denmark’s highest court over the publication of 12 cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that sparked violent protests in 2006, reports said on Thursday.

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Pali Child Abuse Watch

Gaza summer camps teach kids to fire rockets

“Unity and principle maintaining camps”

“Hamas alone is currently conducting no less than 300 summer camps for tens of thousands of children.” By Ali Waked for YNet News,  thanks to JW

In the Gaza Strip, as in Israel, children are currently in the midst of summer vacation, and the Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s “summer camps” are in full gear. In the past few weeks, the Palestinian groups have been holding camps throughout the strip, some of them proudly displaying rockets and other weaponry.

Hamas alone is currently conducting no less than 300 summer camps for tens of thousands of children, and the focus is on familiarizing kids with the Palestinian towns and cities destroyed in 1948, as well as instilling religious fervor in them. The camps also feature sports and military-type trainings such as crawling under barbed-wire.

Islamic Jihad has also launched its own summer camps, offering some 10,000 children activities similar to those of Hamas. The kids study passages from the Koran and participate in quizzes on religious matters, with emphasis on the required commitment to political prisoners and Palestinian land. They also learn how to hold a Qassam rocket-launcher.

An Islamic Jihad operative told Ynet that the students were not exposed to real rockets but to ones made of plastic. “In the camps we emphasize the need to unite and put an end to the internal struggles. We called them ‘unity and principle maintaining camps.’”

The third organization conducting summer camps in the Gaza Strip is United Nations Relief Association (UNRA.) Fatah is abstaining from camp operation for the second year in a row, due to the limitations placed on the movement by Hamas, as well as its meager financial resources as a result of Hamas’ takeove

Taliban threatens to disfigure un-veiled women with acid


Properly dressed for the Islamic state

That threat comes as part of an extensive list of additional violent moves to impose more Sharia. “Taliban warn ‘un-Islamic’ businesses of dire consequences,” by Shahnawaz Khan for the Daily Times, July 31:

LAHORE: Tehreek-e-Islami Taliban Pakistan (TITP) has distributed a fifteen-days notice to several “un-Islamic” businesses in Kot Addu to shut down or face dire consequences.

The TTIP wrote threatening letters to owners of CDs shops, Internet cafes and cable service providers urging them to close down their activities.

Similarly, the group warned that women must wear hijab to ensure their safety.

Muzaffargarh District Police Officer (DPO) Shahzad Sultan told Daily Times that Rao Yasin, owner of Nomi Video Center, at Railway Road received one such letter.

Sultan said the police have increased the security though it could not independently confirm the group’s activities.

* HuffPo nutroot claims “the Taliban are not terrorists as the US wrongly claims…

* Fuckwit claims Bible has ‘threatening verses too..’

Kot Addu Police Station House Officer (SHO) Irfan Khosa said that another person, who requested anonymity, received a similar letter and the police have registered a case in this regard.

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Finnland: No Mo Bikini in the Park because of new 'modesty' rules


Creeping Sharia in The Park: Helsinki Bows to Islam…

* Sun-starved Scandinavians can no longer enjoy the few sunny days in their short summer. Willing dhimmitude and cowardice makes way for the burka.

Flappin’ with the Finns:

Tundra Tabloids July 30 2008

Those of you who think that we in the Counter-Jihad are guilty of over playing the threat that Islam poses to our western culture and way of life, take a look at this one, originally posted at Jussi K Niemelä’s blog (Finnish), based on an article in Helsinkin Sanomat(Finnish).

“Mother forbidden to wear bikini in play park”

A Helsinki mother was taking in the sun in the Tapuli residential park in Tapaninkylä with her two sons, ages 5 and 6. While the boys were splashing in the swimming pool the mother decided to get some sun. She spread her blanket on the grass by the pool, so she could keep an eye on the children.

The mother managed to lay only for a second, when the park’s staff, a woman, came over and admonished her to dress up. According to the woman an adult is not allowed to be in the park in a bikini.

Why can’t someone get a tan in a play park, director in charge of parks, Leena Timonen?

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Stop the Jiziya: Norwegian Pol Calls for Freeze on Aid to PA


by Hillel Fendel

Why are we financing this?

( Itamar Marcus, director of the watchdog Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) organization, made a recent trip to Norway that sparked a national political debate about whether Norway should continue funding the Palestinian Authority.  Marcus supplied convincing evidence that the PA uses its budget to glorify terrorism and terrorists, and to promote hatred and violence. 

The opposition “Progress Party,” which recent polls indicate is Norway’s most popular party, responded with a call to freeze all Norwegian funding to the Palestinian Authority.

The issue was the lead item on a recent edition of Norway’s nightly TV news, which began with the dramatic announcement, “Norwegian tax money is used to teach children to hate the West, says the Progress Party.” 

The announcer continues, “Good Evening. The Progress Party demands that Norway freeze all money given to the Palestinian areas. The party fears that the money is funding Palestinian TV, which teaches the children to hate Israel and the West.” 

Pali Killer Rabbit

A scene from the infamous “PA TV Mickey Mouse” series is then screened, showing the famous lovable mouse – named Farfur on PA TV – threatening U.S. President George Bush.  The narrator then tells the Norwegian news-watching audience that Farfur “wants to conquer the world for Islam – and [this] nice rabbit wants to kill Danes because of the Muhammed cartoons.”  The rabbit is seen crying out, “If they repeat it, we will kill them, by Allah… I will bite them and eat them.”

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UK: Bunglawussi Damage Control Watch

The Bungla in defense mode: Infidels who spread “mischief in the land”  must be crucified or their hands and their feet cut off on the opposite sides, or be exiled from the land…and a great torment is theirs in the Hereafter. (Q5.34).

* an update to this story: UK Muslims in Taqiyya Frenzy: “Infidels, stop spilling the beans, or else…!”

*  and this: 1 in 3 Muslim students approve killing for Islam/‘Stop talking about celebrating diversity and focus on integration and assimilation’

Joint statement: “divisive study for divisive ends”

* Another victory for Muhammedans: KIDS CAN NOW DEFY HEADS TO WEAR BURKHA

British Muslim students have long contributed to the success of Britain. Muslim students have gone on to become doctors, business people and public servants, and all have been part of making Britain the vibrant society that it is today. ‘Islam on Campus‘ a survey published on Sunday that supposedly charts UK student opinion is silent on this, just as it is silent on seeking positive good practise examples of British Muslims reaching out, seeking the common good.

* If BS was currency Muslims would be the wealthiest people in the world:

The latest report on British Muslim students by the Centre for Social Cohesion serves only to strengthen bigots and demagogues keen to sow discord amongst British people. The authors of the report cannot hide behind a purportedly scientific survey to justify their own agenda of creating anything but cohesion in society. We refer to more concrete polling data that illustrate the commitment British Muslims have to British society and the people around them. The authors cite their unsatisfactory sampling to extrapolate ideological and biased conclusions to serve their own divisive ends.

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Unity & Harmony Watch: Obama favors REPARATIONS FOR SLAVERY

* With thanx to the ever vigilant Pamela from Atlas Shrugs:

This guy is going to set off race riots. The irony is Obama’s ancestors would have been the enslavers not the slaves. Obama’s strategy is to make the whole race about race.

WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW:  Muslim Black slavery – Islam slave history of Black Africa.

What about reparations for that?



Worse, his family were the enslavers.



“I think the reparation we need right here in South Carolina is investment, for example in our schools. I did a town hall meeting in Florence, South Carolina, in an area called the corridor of shame. They’ve got buildings that students are trying to learn in that were built right after the Civil War. And we’ve got teachers who are not trained to teach the subjects they’re teaching and high dropout rates. We’ve got to understand that there are corridors of shame all across the country. And if we make the investments and understand that those are our children, that’s the kind of reparation that are really going to make a difference in America right now.”

UPDATE: Does it mean anything that Black Americans have the highest standard of living in the world? Is his angry wife proud of that?

Indonesian Christian Dimwit Watch:

Indonesian Christian leader: “We are praying for Obama because we feel he can help reduce the widespread stigma and misperception that Muslims in Indonesia are fundamentalists”

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