Another housemaid abducted, gang-raped in Riyadh


M. Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Arab News  

The Rape of infidel women continues. Because infidel women are ‘war-booty’

RIYADH: An Asian housemaid has taken shelter at her embassy after being abducted and gang-raped by seven men in Riyadh last week. 

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A previous case:A judge in Riyadh awarded $670 damages to the maid, Nour Miyati, but dropped all charges against her employers.


“The 22-year old maid … was forced into a car, taken to an undisclosed location and later dropped off at the same place from where she was picked up,” said a spokesman for the embassy.

“The housemaid left her employer’s home to throw garbage into the municipality’s garbage bin when the men overpowered her and abducted her,” he said, adding that the men invited their friends to rape the woman until she bled and became unconscious.

“The men repeatedly raped her and left her in a battered and bleeding state,” he said.

On June 27, Arab News reported the story of another maid who was also gang-raped and is now being cared for at a maids’ shelter run by her embassy.

The embassy spokesman said the victim of the first rape would be repatriated to her country. “No arrests have been made in both cases so far… A number of similar cases are being reported by different embassies on a more frequent basis now,” he added.

Over the past year, local newspapers have reported incidents of maids giving birth to babies after falling pregnant in sexual assaults.

The problem of maids being abused has become a major issue for some embassies, which are forced to devote a substantial amount of their time, effort and money in dealing with the problem.

Meanwhile, Waleed Al- Soweidan, chairman of the Saudi Recruitment Committee at the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the Kingdom started directly recruiting housemaids from Nepal following an agreement between the two countries several months ago. Due to the absence of a Saudi diplomatic mission in Katmandu, Nepalese maids come to the Kingdom via India or Bangladesh.

Al-Soweidan said that the National Recruitment Committee has agreed that the monthly salary for a housemaid from Nepal should be no less than SR500 and that Katmandu should train the maids before sending them to the Kingdom.


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  1. Another reason why the criminal and indolent regime in Riyadh should be wiped out. All that ill gotten oil money has created the world’s most useless and lazy nation run by a bunch of supremacist freaks. That’s why they need to import slave labor-they can’t be bothered to do any real work aside from exporting Wahabbism.

  2. The Kingdom is indeed very worried about the problem with maids, not so much with the rapes, but with the maids running away. Every week these is another news report about runaway maids. Think of those poor Sowdis, the spent all that money on air tickets and then the bloody kaffir has gall to run away.

  3. Please read story on Phillipina who was raped by Saudi man and son, then executed by Saudi government. And you wonder why the middle east might become good parking-lot real estate soon (well *1000yrs or so)

  4. When a Muslim sees a beautiful woman with a non-Muslim it angers him because he sees her as booty that can’t be stolen.

  5. These poor women! If several embassies are having to shelter the victims of rape I would hope they would be sending warnings home about working in KSA.
    Saudi men are truely disgusting.

  6. Hope you’ll overlook my leftist roots, but think seriously about the following:
    The official USA position: saudi arabia is good; Cuba is bad.
    saudi arabia: when you arrive at the airport, all Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Bhuddist etc. literature, jewellery and other symbols are confiscated. You’re lucky if you aren’t arrested. Women may not own property, and are forced to dress up like beekeepers. The clitorises (is that the correct plural?) of young girls are forcibly severed at 4-10 years of age. Homosexuals are summarily hanged. Apostasy from islam is punished by death. Friday afternoon beheadings for petty crimes and perceived blasphemy against islam are routine entertainment for the faithful. The treacherous sheiks and princes are proven financial backers of jihadic terrorism. Amputations of hands and feet are so common as to be boring.
    Didn’t you just love seeing George W. groveling before his saudi masters during his recent visit to that bastion of freedom?
    Cuba: (from a subjective perspective) unlike USA citizens, we in Canada live in a free country, and may visit any other country we care to without penalty. We enjoy cordial relations with Cuba, and there is much tourist travel between the two countries. My family (three generations) was in Cuba last year, and, contrary to the anti-Cuba propoganda, we were free to travel the length and breadth of the country, on public transportation, without restriction or interference. We visited many Cubans in their homes, and engaged in frequent loud political discussions late at night in restaurants and cantinas. (We are all Spanish speaking) No, Virginia, we weren’t followed and spied upon by saudi-style thought police. We are Catholic, and every Sunday we enjoyed mass in one or another of the country’s many historic and well-attended churches and cathedrals. (Try THAT in saudi arabia!!!)
    In spite of a completely illegal and immoral forty-five year US economic blockade of their small country, Cubans have managed to thrive. Last year Cuba was cited as having the best public health care system in the world by the World Health Organization. Pandering to islam is simply not an option.
    Tell me honestly – am I missing something here?

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