At Last: Some good News!

The Grand Reopening

Did you think you would ever see this in your  lifetime?

Germany’s biggest  synagogue, on Rykestrasse in Berlin
has reopened after a lavish  restoration.

Rabbi Chaim Roswaski,  who presided at the ceremony,described the reconstruction as “a  miracle.”

The synagogue was set  ablaze on Kristallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass, in  1938.

Friday’s  inauguration saw rabbis bringing the Torah to the synagogue, in a ceremony  witnessed by political leaders and Holocaust survivors from around the  world

The synagogue, with  a 1,200-person capacity, has been described as one of the jewels of Germany  ‘s Jewish community.

*  With thanks to Julian who just sent this over:

Restoration of the  neo-classical building, which is more than 100 years old, cost more than  €45m ($60m).

The re-opening comes at  the start of a Jewish culture Festival in the capital.

Did you ever think you would see this in your  lifetime?

3 thoughts on “At Last: Some good News!”

  1. How long before the Islamniac Kristallnacht finishes the work of the original?

  2. How long before the Islamaniac Kristallnacht finishes the work of the original?

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