Bin Laden Father & Son: "Accelerate the destruction of America, Britain, France and Denmark"

“Osama Bin Laden’s 16-year-old son calls for Britain’s ‘destruction’ in new terror video,” from the Evening Standard,

Osama, the SOB, has 18 sons and an unknown number of female offspring. Omar, (pictured above)  another one of the  the terror chief’s sons, is trying the ‘Peace’ schtick and will ‘fight for right to live in the UK’

5 thoughts on “Bin Laden Father & Son: "Accelerate the destruction of America, Britain, France and Denmark"”

  1. Clearly, Jr has never been to London town. False bravado can occur when one spends most of their life in a cave. Nor has he ever met our feral yoof who would be finished with him before he completed the phrase death to Britain.

  2. i think is ideal if we can avoid all these sort of things to preach peach peace. terorism is not when one commit sucid or challange US and it allied. you can terrorize people ECONOMICALLY OR HUMANLY. pls do answer this question: how wil u be if you wake up a day & find out that someone has taken over your abode & your assest both solid/ liquid? Pls let leave the sleeping ‘DOG’ to rest & let POT stop accusing KETTLE of stan. pls do pray for the world peace. thanks

  3. A question.

    Where do all the eighteen sons live?

    Maybe they are planning to set up a Global Caliphate using Bin Ladens’ sons, as leaders in key areas, around the world- just as has been set up in UAE. Nice mess that is!

    Omar has definitely picked a patsy to get into the U.K.
    He definitely is planning something!
    Can you imagine the world set up like that?

    Dhimmis Unite! Let’s stop this rot, now!

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