Canuckistan: Star Witness Leads Court by the Nose


Star witness in terrorism case warns prosecutors he’s ‘nobody’s shill’

* You can always rely on a soldier of Allah to tell the truth in an infidel court…

From Friday’s Globe and Mail


Mubin Shaikh leaves Ontario Provincial Court in Toronto on Thursday. He pleaded guilty to uttering threats. 

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TORONTO — An RCMP mole and star witness in a terrorism case defiantly warned prosecutors against attacking him at the coming trials of the 10 key “Toronto 18” suspects.

Police informant Mubin Shaikh said Thursday that he was “nobody’s shill.” Two weeks earlier, the Crown pounced on him at the trial of a youth on terrorism charges for contradicting statements he had made at a previous hearing.

His warning to prosecutors came outside a Toronto court minutes after he pleaded guilty to threatening a pair of 12-year-old girls in April, 2007, in his Etobicoke neighbourhood.

Mr. Shaikh, a devout Muslim who was paid $300,000 by the RCMP to infiltrate an alleged terrorist cell, said a group of preteens had “swarmed” his two children, and when the group did not back off at his request, he threatened two girls.


Mr. Shaikh pleaded guilty to telling the girls, “Do you know who I am? I’m going to chop off your legs!”

Outside the court, he said the pair had called him “Taliban boy” and “Osama bin Laden” based on his “overtly Islamic appearance” – a prayer cap, long beard and traditional clothing.

“I hear Osama bin Laden a lot, but I’m half the height of Osama bin Laden, so I don’t know why people mistake me for him,” he said.

The judge gave him a conditional discharge and two related charges of assault were dropped.

After leaving the courtroom, Mr. Shaikh said he was pleased the whole matter was behind him before the trial of the adults accused in the terrorism case begins.

“Everything’s cleared, now I can just focus on the adult trial,” he said.

In May, 2007, Dennis Edney, defence lawyer for the alleged ringleader of the terrorist group, told The Globe and Mail he would consider using the threatening charges to question Mr. Shaikh’s integrity as a witness.

Although he testified for five days at the trial of the youth, now 20 years old, last month, the incident was never raised in cross-examination.

The most aggressive questioning he faced came from Crown prosecutor John Neander, who grilled Mr. Shaikh about how much the youth knew about the alleged terrorist plot.

Mr. Shaikh also clarified some of his testimony from the terror trial, saying that the youth and other minors were asked to clean up shell casings and litter at an alleged terrorist training camp to hide evidence, but had been told by the leaders of the group that it was to protect wildlife.

He maintained throughout his testimony that the leaders had “nefarious” intentions, but the youth on trial was kept in the dark about the alleged plot. He said the cross-examination by the Crown caught him off guard.

“… I’m kept in a room and they don’t tell me anything. I can’t be expected to stick to some script,” he said.

“I’m not bought and paid for,” he said. “The only script I follow is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. If the Crown has a problem with that, they can take it up with God.”



4 thoughts on “Canuckistan: Star Witness Leads Court by the Nose”

  1. This POS “witness” is a total islamic supremacist. He absolutely shares the goals of the terrorist scum he exposed – but he’s much smarter than they are. His only quarrel with their jihad would have been the premature timing of the attack and the fact that the muslims in the larger community and their dhimmi enablers had not yet been stoked with manufactured outrage sufficient to justify the attacks (i.e. they’re still in Mecca mode, being insufficient in strength and numbers to have yet made the transition to Medina mode). The time will come for jihad in Canada, just as it has everywhere else, but the timing of this attack was premature and ill advised. So the POS, acting in service to the Ummah – NOT Canada – rats out the perpetrators and stops the attack; but mind you, that does NOT mean that he’s willing to see a fellow muslim subjected to the jurisdiction of an infidel court; so now he’s doing what he can to tank the case against them. Accordingly, the prosecution is now treating him as a hostile witness – which he is.

    That’s what’s REALLY going on here, and if the prosecution and the Canadian government doesn’t get it, they’re idiots.

  2. Lisa,
    They will get it when it is too late. Apperently they have not learned from what is going on in Europe. Only Geer Wilders does.
    Good Luck Canada.

  3. Understood, Mimi. Still, the next 50 years are going to be like watching a train wreck played out in slow motion.

  4. Excuse me Lisa – but POS? And what the hell makes you think I support ANYTHING terrorist maniacs preach?! Why would you say such a thing? WOW

    As to jurisdiction of “infidel courts” – Lisa, I BACK the judiciary as a pillar of the country we live in and if I hated it so much – WHY, pray tell, did I even show up in court, let alone stand against my detractors, who would like nothing less than my death?

    Haters like you, for whom I will gladly risk my life – are the real ones that need deporting. I hear DENMARK is looking to fill positions for its extremist political parties.


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