China Jihad: Rush-Hour Blasts Kill at Least Two In South China



Officials Fear Attacks in Run-Up to Games

By Jill Drew


Washington Post Foreign Service 
A police officer checks one of the two buses gutted in separate explosions. The blasts, on a main street in Kunming, struck during the morning rush hour. (Associated Press)


KUNMING, China, July 22 — Two explosions on separate buses during Monday morning’s rush hour killed at least two people and injured 14 others in downtown Kunming, the capital of southwest China’s Yunnan province, according to the local public security bureau.

Police said preliminary findings showed the blasts were deliberate, making them the first clear-cut acts of intentional violence against civilians this summer, something Beijing has feared as it prepares to host the Olympic Games next month. The government has installed tough security measures throughout the country, including mobilizing a counterterrorism force of 100,000 to be on hand during the Games.


This story prompted Shem to draw us another one of his cartoons:

The usual suspects…


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  1. Muslims bring attention to Islam by mass murdering people

    Lefties endlessly declare Islam to be peaceful in newspapers throughout the world

    What a great proselytizing tag team!

    And Muslims are the “victims” at the end of the day!

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