Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld: The Libel Tourist

“Rachel’s Law” & “Free Speech Act

Battling censorship

This documentary short film, produced by the Moving Picture Institute, shows how Saudi billionaire Khalid Bin Mafhouz exploits the British legal system and sues for libel whenever he is the subject of a terrorism accusation.

Fitzgerald: The Money Weapon

“Pen, tongue” — though to an Infidel ear archaic — is the islamically accurate way to describe propaganda efforts on behalf of Jihad. Similar archaic phrasing about the weapon of “gold” or “wealth,” is used to describe the deployment of tens of billions of dollars (mainly by the Saudis, but also by other rich Arabs and Muslims) to promote Jihad in the non-Muslim lands.

“Funding Evil” is one way of describing what has here repeatedly been called the Money Weapon.

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