Hazel Blears will go on an international tour to find 'moderate Islam'

* If it wasn’t so utterly idiotic you could call it comedy:

Fox-chicken-coop alert: your tax-pounds and shillings at work!


The government is to sponsor a theological board of leading imams and Muslim women in an attempt to refute the ideology of violent extremists. (words fail me!)

The committee, to be announced this week, will issue pronouncements on areas such as wearing the hijab and the treatment of wives and is part of a government strategy to counter radicalism.

* Chasing ‘moderate’ Koranimals?

It will rule on interpretation of the Koran and promote the moderate strain of Islam practised by most British Muslims.  (????)  It will also comment on controversial issues affecting Muslims living in Britain, including whether or not they should serve in the armed forces.

* WoJ definition of ‘moderate Muslim’ is one who watches while a ‘radical’ cuts your throat…

Its members have been recommended by leading moderates in the Muslim community and will be technically independent, although the government is expected to provide civil service support, a secretariat and members’ expenses.



Hazel Blears, the communities secretary, will announce the committee as part of an anti-extremism strategy called Prevent, devised following the 2005 London bombings. It tries to foster close contacts between Muslims and the rest of society to combat the glorification of terrorism.

The Muslim public affairs committee questioned whether the board would address issues relevant to Muslims’ lives. “To be successful, this initiative must have credibility with the Muslim community as a whole. What matters is what happens at the grass roots in someone’s local mosque,” said a spokeswoman.

The government is concerned that extremist leaders who preach jihad have been able to radicalise young Muslims, partly because of the failure of leading Islamic figures to challenge them.

A committee of Muslim young people will try to ensure the policies are relevant to them and do not inadvertently lead to further radicalisation. The government also plans to support Muslim women by providing discussion groups and work placements.

As part of the Prevent strategy, Blears will go on an international tour to learn the roots of British Muslims. A spokesman said: “Hazel is going to the subcontinent to deepen her understanding of communities.”


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  1. This woman is frakkin bonkers! Sorry but it will be a while before I calm down and am able to discuss her latest idea with sort of rationality! Everything coming from the British goverment at the moment is just plain looney, but it’s ok cause gordons going to teach us how to use our leftovers!!!!!!!

  2. “After finding moderate islam” she announced,she was off for a nice cup of tea with Lord Lucan

  3. * moderate strain of Islam

    A vaccine would be better than a “moderate strain”, which is still lethal.

  4. What was it someone said ? ‘ The difference between a Moderate muslim and a Radical muslim is that the Moderate muslim stands by and watches while the Radical muslim cuts your throat ‘.

    The Moderate muslim then cheers in the mosque and hides the radical muslim from the clutches of the law, lends him his mother’s burqa to enable him to escape and then gives a statement to the press deploring the murder while at the same time putting forward a complaint to the Police Authority about Police harassment and intrusiveness.

    The Blears woman is truly stark raving bonkers.

  5. Please, please…won’t somebody put her in a Burqah on the hottest day of the year, and then whip her like the male asshole in Afghanistan whipped the poor lady who exposed a little ankle!

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