Iran wants to talk you dead


Iranian blueprint for nuclear talks: Buy time. Lots of it.

“‘The paper calls for a huge exercise in talking,’ said one senior European official. ‘If you were to try to implement it, it would take a minimum of several years’.”

That’s the idea. “Iran Offers 2 Pages and No Ground in Nuclear Talks,” by Elaine Sciolino for the New York Times via JW


6 thoughts on “Iran wants to talk you dead”

  1. Given the assistance from former USSR people, given that a significant amout of technical help seems to have passed from Russia to Iran, I suspect that Iran will have a working numcear device in short-order. Suspicion of Russian technical support to Iran is by justified by examining what data is available from the Israel-Hezbollah conflct of last year. So perhaps it is not a question of stopping Iran, but how to enforce a set of condititions that they and their proxies will respect.

  2. Folks, the Muslims are determined to bring worldwide death, famine and pestilence. The sooner we unite against them, the less people will die.

  3. These are great days for Iran-everytime they burp oil prices go up, they are working day and night on nukes and they run terrorists all over the region without being punished. It’s almost as if Hitler were allowed to keep doing as he pleased after Poland without Britain and France declaring war.

    Iran needs to be dealt with and fast. Once this is done oil prices will drop down to normal (after an initial spike of course), terrorists will have a harder time finding a sugar daddy and everyone in the region will be able to sleep better. The longer Iran gets to run amok the worse the whole world’s situation will become.

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