Jihad against the Christians

* Things are getting worse, much worse in Iran:


‘I have no doubt they wanted to kill me,’ says former Muslim.

ANKARA, July 21 (Compass Direct News) – Days after his release from a month of interrogations and severe torture under secret police custody, Iranian Christian Mohsen Namvar has fled across the border into Turkey with his family.

Traveling by train, the badly beaten Christian arrived July 2 in eastern Turkey with his wife and son.

Compass Direct News


NEWS ALERT: Pakistan Clerics Threaten To Kill Christian For Marrying Muslim; Christian Girls Kidnapped Print E-mail Add to Favorites
Thursday, 17 July 2008
By BosNewsLife Correspondents Stefan J. Bos at BosNewsLife News Center and Jawad Mazhar reporting from Pakistan
Members of Pakistan’s tiny Christian minority join Easter prayers at a church in Karachi. Via BBC News

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)-– A Christian man was hiding Thursday, July 17, after Muslim clerics in Pakistan’s Punjab province threatened to kill him for marrying a Muslim woman, while two Christian girls in the same region were forced to marry their Muslim kidnappers, rights investigators and local Christians said.


Asim Pasha, a Christian resident of the city of Attock, reportedly married Samina in 2004, despite objections from her parents. “Samina’s Muslim parents opposed the marriage due to Pasha’s Christian faith. That’s why the couple fled the city and remained in hiding to protect themselves from Samina’s parents,” said US-based rights group International Christian Concern (ICC) with Website www.persecution.org 

Pak Court Stands Behind Kidnapping, Forced Conversion and Rape of Christian Girls

A Christian father in Pakistan is trying without success to gain custody through the courts of his two pre-teen daughters who were kidnapped and made to convert to Islam – writes Anto Akkara.

On 12 July 2008, a judge in Pakistan’s Punjab province ignored pleas that Saba Younis, aged 12, and her 10 year old sister, Anila Younis, who went missing on 26 June from the small town of Chowk Munda, had been kidnapped while on their way to their uncle’s residence and ruled that their conversion to Islam was legal.

By Ecumenical News International

Philippines: Bishop receives threats to convert to Islam, pay jizya, or face war

In accordance with Qur’an 9:29. “Philippine bishop reports receiving threat to convert to Islam,” from Catholic News Service, July 22:

MANILA, Philippines (CNS) — A bishop in the southern Philippines reported receiving a letter threatening him with harm if he does not convert to Islam or pay “Islamic taxes.”

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Big-budget Egyptian movie portrays Copts as fanatical as Muslims

Strangely, however, it is only the Muslims who have boycotted the film, charging one of the Muslim actors of apostasy for playing the role of a Coptic infidel priest.”Egyptian movie confronts sectarian rift,” by Nadia Abou el Magd, for the National, via DW

Hiding amongst garbage, but never safe from the ‘fanatical frenzy which is more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog’ (Churchill) : Egypts indigenous people, the Copts

The sad reality of the Copts living under Islam in Egypt can be seen here:

Garbage People

Please everyone, take the time to watch the series:

Rubbish People – Part 1

Rubbish People – Part 2

Rubbish People – Part 3

6 thoughts on “Jihad against the Christians”

  1. The leftists controlling the media could sell alot of papers if they reported this stuff. They’d rather encourage more Muslim savagery than succeed in their careers. Encouraging terrorists creates division between democrats and republicans.

  2. Re: Rubbish People. I watched it months ago, and it triggered a question in my mind …

    Has anyone ever seen a Muslim binman? Anywhere? Ever?

    I haven’t.

  3. That documentary is very painful to watch.

    I have it here, with alternate links, in case the YouTube videos are deleted sometime:


    Also other essential info about the Coptic Church.

    The Ethiopian Church (Tawaheda) is also called “Coptic”, but this is only because during the centuries of Islamic imposed isolation, the Ethiopians’ main links to Christendom were through Egypt and Jerusalem.

    Ethiopia accepted Muslim refugees when Moham and his gang of thieves were driven out of Mecca.

    “During the seventh century, the Muslim conquests cut the Ethiopians off from the rest of the Christian world, except for the Ethiopian monastary in Jerusalem, which continued to be a pilgrimage site for pious Ethiopian monks, and the continuing thread of contact with Egypt maintained through the Coptic Patriarch of Alexandria [Egypt].

    “Initially relations between the Ethiopians and the Muslims were cordial, with mutual trade and mutual religious toleration, some of which grew out of real religious similarities. The prophet Mohammed also instructed his followers to be kind to the Ethiopians, since they had been kind to several of Mohammed’s companions who had fled there.

    “Eventually, however, relations deteriorated and Ethiopia slid into its dark ages, retreating into the securitity of the mountains to defend themselves against the Muslims.”

    There’s a lesson there for he West.

    I doubt that fools like ABC Rowan, or Blair, or Brown, or Prince Big-Ears will ever learn.


    The Germans attempted to convert the Ethiopian emperor Iyasu to Isalm, so that the Ethiopians could be led into Jihad to support The Ottomans’ [i.e. Turkey’s] reconquest of Greece and Serbia during the First World War. (Germany and Turkey were allies).

    “Encouraged by German and Turkish diplomats [Iyasu] made the fuqaha construct a genealogy deriving his ancestry on his father’s side from the Prophet. He made prolonged stays in Harar where he adopted Muslim dress and customs. He put away his Christian wife, Romane-Warq, and started a harim by marrying the daughters of ‘Afar and Galla chiefs, including a daughter and niece of Abba Jifar of Jimma. He built mosques at Dire Dawa and Jigjiga. In 1916 he officially placed Abyssinia [Ethiopia] in religious dependence upon Turkey, and sent the Turkish consul-general an Abyssinian flag embroidered with a crescent and the Islamic formula of faith. He sent similar flags to his own Muslim chiefs and promised to lead them to the jihad. He entered into negotiations with Muhammed ibn ‘Abd Allah, the Mahdi of the Ogaden, and sent him rifles and ammunition. He then issued a summons to all Somalis, some of whom regarded him as true Mahdi, to follow him in a jihad against the Christians, and went to Jigjiga to collect an army.”


    Anyone reading this, please try to get people to WAKE UP that this invasion of Europe, Australia, the US, Canada, Japan etc. is just the latest phase of Jihad.

    Conquered: Syria, Lebanon, The Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium), Egypt, Libya, India, Somalia, Sudan (Yes it also was Christian: The Nubian Church), Persia [Iran], Arabia, Indonesia [another lie is that Islam was spread peacefully there – in fact some kings were converted and immediately conquered one after another territory for Islam – most of the conversion occured when the defeated king/chieftain/etc converted and his people followed him), etc etc.

    Conquered, then liberated, and now targeted again: Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Bali, Sicily, Malta, Cyprus, etc.

    Repelled invasion; now on their knees ready to submit: Austria & France.

    Under assault for 1300 years: Ethiopia. According to official stats it is about 80% Christian and 10-15% Muslim. Some people however claim that it is really 50% Muslim now.

  4. More on soon-to-fall (?) Ethiopia:

    “According to the latest 1994 national census, Islam is the second most widely practiced religion in Ethiopia after Christianity, with approximately one third (32.8%) of Ethiopians adhering to Islam[1], having arrived in Ethiopia in 615. The CIA World Factbook places Islam as the second most widely practiced religion in Ethiopia, stating that some 45 percent of the population are adherents.[2]. Islam is only religion of the Somali, Afar, Argobba and Harari and the majority religion for the Oromo peoples in Ethiopia with roughly 60% adhering to it.” [Wkipedia]

    This is a funny (dark humour of course) bumf-job about Islam + Christianity in Ethiopia from a tourism site:

    “Ethiopia has long enjoyed the most intimate [ha ha] relations with Islam. Some of the earliest disciples of the prophet Mohammed, when persecuted in Arabia, found refuge at Axum…

    “The prophet later prayed for the Axumite Kings soul and instructed his followers to leave the Abyssinians in peace, thus exempting them from a holy war. [Oh how grateful we are, you filthy pedophile bastard!]

    “Many words in Ge ez, the classical language of the Ethiopians, are to be found in the Holly [sic] Quran.

    ” Ethiopia has an extensive and very active Muslim population [who doesn’t these days?]

    “The majority of Muslims inhabit the eastern , southern and western low lands, but there are also many followers of Islam in Addis Ababa and in all Ethiopian towns– even in the so-called Christian highlands. Mosques, however, were for the most part constructed only with in the last century or so; they are now found throughout the length and breadth of the country.

    [Oh glory of glories, Islam all over. In the Muslim lowlands and the “so-called” Christian highlands. Just like there are Muslims in Muslim Arabia and Muslims in “so-called” Christian Europe.”


    People, whether most people realize it or not,


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