Moonbat Judge Tosses Radio Host Michael Savage's Lawsuit Against Islamic Group


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SAN FRANCISCO —  A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage against an Islamic civil rights group over its use of a portion of his show in which he called the Koran a “book of hate.”

Savage sued the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, for copyright infringement and racketeering lawsuit late last year, claiming the group violated his rights by using a segment of his “Savage Nation” show in a letter-writing campaign to get advertisers to boycott the program. In the broadcast used by CAIR, Savage also called the Muslim holy book “a throwback document.”

In her ruling Friday, U.S. District Judge Susan Illston said people who listen to a public broadcast are entitled to use excerpts for purposes of comment and criticism. She also said no evidence was presented to show that advertising on the show’s broadcast was affected by CAIR’s actions.

The racketeering element of the lawsuit alleged that CAIR was not a civil rights group, but a political organization with ties to terrorist groups. CAIR denies those claims, saying it opposes terrorism and religious extremism.

In an interview with The Associated Press after he filed the lawsuit in December, Savage said he was referring to Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his violent brand of Islamic extremism in the broadcast, not about the religion in general.

Savage’s attorney, Daniel Horowitz, told the San Francisco Chronicle he plans to file a new racketeering suit.


13 thoughts on “Moonbat Judge Tosses Radio Host Michael Savage's Lawsuit Against Islamic Group”

  1. Been reading your blog and some of your comments over at Schlussel’s site. You are one sick bigot.

  2. When will people grasp the idea that there is no such thing as Free Speech under Islam?

  3. Good news. Muslims just won’t be able to handle our freedoms – I hope they leave.

    Does that sound bigoted enough for you, Mr. Baum?

    As for bigoted – why don’t you read their koran and hadiths – you want hate, vitriole and sexual perversion? that is where you will find a load of it.

  4. Oops I misread the article. Mr. Savage lost his suit. sorry to hear that. CAIR needs to start paying out for all its harassments of normal people.

    I hope that the new lawsuit sticks it to them.

  5. “Michael Abdullah Baum”:

    Everyone who doesn’t submit to Islam is a ‘sick bigot’- we are used to that. Ever heard the term “projection?”

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  7. Michael Baun>>”Been reading your blog and some of your comments over at Schlussel’s site. You are one sick bigot.

    Joe Grey>> Sheik calls Muslims bigots **AND PROVIDES PROOF**

    Michael Baun calls the Sheik a bigot, but **DOESN’T PROVIDE PROOF?**

  8. Furthermore, mr Baun, the Sheik has stated that he believes illegal immigration is bad for the U.S., but has been nothing but gracious and welcoming to me, **AN AMERICAN OF MEXICAN DESCENT** I’m against illegal immigration, does that make me a bigot? There are **ALOT** of former Muslims who are opposing Islam as well–are they bigots? Give your words some thought next time before you insult someone who is trying to prevent your mother, wife and daughter(s) from being raped and enslaved. Geez!

  9. Mr. Baum,
    When I look at what idiots like you put into print I am rather upset because many people died so that, amongst other things, you could enjoy the right to free speech, a critical component in a forward moving society. Yo are abusing this priviledge. I dislike the fact that idiots like you are actually working to remove this right from others. Your islamic friends clearly do not even allow free discussion of their beliefs amongst themselves and your islamic friends represent a clear and present danger to the modern world. You seek to subjugate, rather than liberate. you seek to prevent discussion rather than seek knowledge. You, Mr. Baum, are not very bright and you are not worth much at all …. Also Mr Buam – a bigot is one who hates without cause – and unless you are blind there are a very significant number of issues related to muslim integration that should give you cause for concern that are raised in this blog. Bigoted no – this site is not bigoted although sometimes more objectivity is required, but on the balance this suite is far fairer and open minded than most that you will find from the muslim world (only exception i can find is the blog from Queen Rania of Jordan on you tube)

  10. Baum,

    Since you’re such n expert on Islamophobic bigotry, please tell me how these words of Moham [Piss Be Upon Me] ought to guide me:

    From an Al-Qaeda training course.

    If you have trouble making out the words, just consult Hamas’ constitution, which is based on the very same passage.

    BTW, Hamas says civilization’s main enemies are The Jews, Lions Clubs, and Rotary Clubs.

    So, since you love Moham [P.B.U.H.] so much, make sure you stay away from those 3 dangers!

  11. A San Francisco judge will always rule against the conservative even if it means helping those that want to destroy this country. This is typical of all Marxist Liberals in this country. Their motto is “stifle all that support our Constitution”.

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