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* France: “Muslim woman deemed too submissive to be French”


By Estelle Shirbon

PARIS (Reuters) – France has denied citizenship to a veiled Moroccan woman on the grounds that her “radical” practice of Islam is incompatible with basic French values such as equality of the sexes, a legal ruling showed on Friday.

The case will reignite debate about how to reconcile freedom of religion, which is guaranteed by the French constitution, and other fundamental rights, which many in France feel are being challenged by the way of life of some Muslims.

* Hint: killing unbelievers is exercising freedom of religion. When unbelievers forbid the wearing of hijab, burka, niquab etc. it is against freedom of religion and against human rights. Got it?

Sorry honey: you will never be French!

Le Monde newspaper said it was the first time a Muslim applicant had been rejected for reasons to do with personal religious practice.

“She has adopted a radical practice of her religion, incompatible with essential values of the French community, particularly the principle of equality of the sexes,” said a ruling by the Council of State handed down last month and sent to Reuters on Friday to confirm a report in Le Monde.

The Council of State is a judicial body which has final say on disputes between individuals and the public administration.

Married to a French national, the woman arrived in France in 2000, speaks good French and has three children born in France.

She wears a black burqa that covers all her body except her eyes, which are visible through a narrow slit, and lives in “total submission” to her husband and male relatives, according to reports by social services. Le Monde said the woman is 32.

The woman’s application for French nationality was rejected in 2005 on grounds of “insufficient assimilation”. She appealed to the Council of State, which last month approved the rejection.

In the past, nationality was denied to Muslims who were known to have links with extremist circles or who had publicly advocated radicalism, which is not the case here.


The ruling comes weeks after a heated debate over whether traditional Muslim views were creeping into French law, prompted by a court annulment of the marriage of two Muslims because the husband said the wife was not a virgin as she had claimed to be.

In the case of the Moroccan woman, Le Monde suggested the Council of State had gone to the opposite extreme by rejecting the woman’s beliefs and way of life rather than accommodating them.

“Is a burqa incompatible with French nationality?” the newspaper asked.

The legal expert who provided a formal report on the case to the Council of State wrote that the woman’s interviews with social services revealed that “she lives almost as a recluse, isolated from French society,” Le Monde reported.

“She has no idea about the secular state or the right to vote. She lives in total submission to her male relatives. She seems to find this normal and the idea of challenging it has never crossed her mind,” Emmanuelle Prada-Bordenave wrote.

Le Monde quoted Daniele Lochak, a law professor not involved in the case, as saying it was bizarre to consider that excessive submission to men was a reason not to grant citizenship.

“If you follow that to its logical conclusion, it means that women whose partners beat them are also not worthy of being French,” Lochak said.

(Additional reporting by Gerard Bon; Editing by Ibon Villelabeitia)




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  1. It seems the French are showing the rest of the world the problems ahead and how to deal with them. We can all learn from the French mistakes while following their example in excluding Islamic values from French culture and law.

  2. No foreigner in France has a “right” to become a citizen of France, this has nothing to do with freedom of religion. The privilege of citizenship may be granted to some foreign born residents who accept French culture and law which this lady evidently has not. She still has the right to practice the Islamic faith, no matter how misguided she might be, so her freedom of religion has not been violated.

  3. What awesome news. Is Europe finally waking from it’s deep slumber? It won’t be a moment too soon, and the path ahead will be bloody even if they wake up, but there might just be hope that our culture can be saved.

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