Taliban threatens to disfigure un-veiled women with acid


Properly dressed for the Islamic state

That threat comes as part of an extensive list of additional violent moves to impose more Sharia. “Taliban warn ‘un-Islamic’ businesses of dire consequences,” by Shahnawaz Khan for the Daily Times, July 31:

LAHORE: Tehreek-e-Islami Taliban Pakistan (TITP) has distributed a fifteen-days notice to several “un-Islamic” businesses in Kot Addu to shut down or face dire consequences.

The TTIP wrote threatening letters to owners of CDs shops, Internet cafes and cable service providers urging them to close down their activities.

Similarly, the group warned that women must wear hijab to ensure their safety.

Muzaffargarh District Police Officer (DPO) Shahzad Sultan told Daily Times that Rao Yasin, owner of Nomi Video Center, at Railway Road received one such letter.

Sultan said the police have increased the security though it could not independently confirm the group’s activities.

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Kot Addu Police Station House Officer (SHO) Irfan Khosa said that another person, who requested anonymity, received a similar letter and the police have registered a case in this regard.

The letter, typed and printed on computer, had Baitullah Mehsud’s photograph on it along with two gunmen, Khosa said. There were also Quranic verses about Jihad around the picture, he added.

The message said that Western and Indian media was damaging the character of youths and madrassah students, the official said. The business of music and movies is ‘Haram’, it added.

The message then warned that those who continued their businesses after the 15-day deadline expired would be dealt with sternly.

Acid: The second paragraph said that within five days of the receipt of the letter, every woman not wearing Hijab would be disfigured with acid.

Very soon we would cleanse earth from the traitors of Allah, the third paragraph said.

Name of Khalid Mehsud, purported local Taliban leader, was printed at the end.


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  1. If these fools are going to start cleaning the world of enemies of “God”, then an excellent place to start would be a mass-suicide by Islamists. That way they can all p.o to their version of heaven and leave the rest of us to advance mankind in a meaningful way.

  2. You note that their immediate knee-jerk response is to torture women. That just about sums them up. What filth.

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