Treat Muslims better, Britain told by UN

* We’re coming to rule and to regulate you: UN demands British government take “energetic measures to eliminate” Islamophobia

Britain has been told by the United Nations to challenge negative public views towards the Muslim community.

Muslim women in Small Heath, Birmingham 


UN continues down the road of unabashed dhimmitude. “Treat Muslims better, Britain told by UN,” by Chris Irvine for Telegraph, 

The nine-member human rights committee composed of legal experts, said it was concerned “negative public attitudes towards Muslim members of society” continued to be allowed in Britain.

It recommended the Government “should take energetic measures to eliminated this phenomenon and ensure that authors of such acts of discrimination on the basis of religion are adequately deterred and sanctioned.”

The committee also expressed concern over the Government’s plan to extend detention of terrorist suspects without trial from 28 to 42 days.

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Comment on the above by Hugh Fitzgerald: 


Has this nine-member committee “of the U.N.” addressed any complaints to the government of Saudi Arabia, instructing it that it must remove Islamic teachings on Infidels — with Qur’anic passages and Hadith as supporting — from its textooks?

Has this nine-member committee “of the U.N.,” one of whose members is from Egypt, addressed any complaints to the government of Egypt for the antisemitic content of atelevision series on the government channel, one based on “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”? Has this nine-member commitee “of the U.N.,” one of whose members is from Egypt, addressed any complaints to the government of Egypt for the mistreatment, tolerated for so long in so many ways, and even collaborated in, at times encouraged by, the official media and the government that controls it, of the Copts of Egypt?

Has this nine-member committee “of the U.N.” ever addressed any complaints to the government of Iran for its harsh treatment of the Bahai’s, and of Jews, and deplored the execution of leaders of both communities under the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially when Khomeini came to power, and hanging judge Khalkhali’s court was in full swing?

Has this nine-member committee “of the U.N.” ever addressed any complaints to the government of Pakistan, or to tht of Bangladesh, for the mistreatment of Hindus, the discrimination and persecuation and threats, and sometimes threats carried out, against Hindus who have, in large numbers, been forced to flee both Pakistan (formerly West Pakistan) and Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan), while not only have no Muslims in India been forced to flee, but millions of Muslims from Bangladesh have instead fled to India, carrying their Islam with them.

Shall I go on? How many more such rhetorical questions should I put up here? No, I won’t continue. You do it. You think up another dozen or two dozen questions, to which of course you know the answer, to be submitted to the nine-person committee “of the U.N.” that has just chastised and lectured the government and people of Great Britain for allowing investigation, analysis, and public discussion of the meaning, and therefore of course of the menace, of Islam.

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Those suspected of terrorism should be promptly charged and taken to court within a reasonable period of time, while their lawyers should have access to the evidence against them.

The committee contains members from Britain, Ireland, Australia, Benin, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Mauritius and Sweden – all are expected to be independent from their governments.

Their comments come in response to reports from the UK and Ireland on how to carry out their obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Ireland was called upon by the committee to open up its largely Roman Catholic primary school system to secular education, while also asking the Irish parliament to “take measures to help women avoid unwanted pregnancies so that they do not have to resort to illegal or unsafe abortions.”



    9 thoughts on “Treat Muslims better, Britain told by UN”

    1. I guess letting them have all the freedoms that they have is not enough. Instead they want to replace those freedoms with sharia law and subjugate the Brits – that is what muslims call equality.

    2. The only way the UK could be nicer is if it named a Koranist for prime minister. That should be in a couple of years the way things are going there.



    4. I’m British and the Tower of Babel that is the UN needs to STFU and STFD.
      Perhaps they would like to investigate the Islamic countries in the UN. Most, if not all are in direct contravention of Article 14 (IIRC) of the UN Charter about freedom of religion.
      As to dictating to us Brits, it’s laughable. We have been incredibly tolerant over the insults, offences and even provocation that has been coming our way for years; and especially post 7/7 (how insulting is that!). The list of offences is too long to type and I can’t be bothered. Their whining has become very tedious. They don’t want to be treated the same as everybody else (try for that in an Islamic country) but are constantly demanding special treatment and influence completely out of proportion to the numbers here. There are modern Pakistanis who fit in fine but I fear most are either in favour of destroying us as a culture to suit themselves or actively want to destroy us and institute and islamic state. Sadly we don’t have enough information in the public sphere to give us a good idea. They think if they push and threaten enough they will get what they want. The politicians are gutless but the Brits aren’t and they will only find that out when we turn round and tell them to shove it. I don’t think they really have an understanding of what we’re like because too many isolate themselves in their own communities and don’t join in.
      The Europeans are also getting fed up with it.

    5. The Brits are overly accomadating to Muslims

      Americans are much less accomadating, and much more resentful of Muslims

      The U.N. asks the U.K., not the U.S., to treat Muslims better?

      The U.N. is attacking the West at it’s weak point for Muslims!!!!!

    6. R_not Says:to replace those freedoms with sharia law and subjugate the Brits – that is what muslims call equality.

      That is what they call peace – dar al Islam.

    7. Have these morons been living on Mars for the last fifty years? In Ireland a convicted abortionist would be punished by no more than a year or two in jail. In an islamic country, both the practitioner and patient would be summarily beheaded. Have these nine numbskulls considered addressing that issue? Of course not; the enemies of freedom now feel so confident that they have abandoned any pretence of even-handedness. However democratic
      peoples choose to live is automatically wrong, and the one-worlders don’t care to have their beautiful theories toppled by ugly facts.
      I can’t believe that fifty years ago I was so naive as to be an enthusiastic member of my high school’s united nations club! This sorry collection of whiners lost whatever relevence it may have once had decades ago: its only function is to syphon off the wealth and expertise of innovatve and progressive peoples to further their desire to propel the civilized world back into the ninth century.
      There is absolutely no reason for any developed country to belong to this backward group of know-nothings.

    8. The resistance to this crap has to start from the ground up. That is – if your local member in parliament or council is not prepared to stand up the lawyers that represent these thugs then basically get them removed. It is your contry – not the playground of these muslim thugs. Also,
      find out names of all lawyers who work for these muslim scum and blackban them from the community – they dont get spoken to, they dont get served in shops etc. etc. Sounds a little unrealistic but this is possible. As for the UN, tell them to read the relevant charters and understand them before asking us to support the enemies of civilisation. Folks should also start lobbying to remove financial support to the UN. Ban Ki Moon is not the problem – it is the
      concept that is flawed. Also muslims abuse the functions of the UN regularly. Did you known that Pakistani troops have been busy raping women and boys in most of the regions where they have been used by UN.

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