UK: Cross-dressing Nazi-racist-child-porn-fetishist converts to Islam, in jail

* Now you know why Islam is ‘the fastest growing religion’ in the world.


* Because Allah is most forgiving, merciful and compassionate…
By Tom Carlin/ROP

A cross-dressing Nazi racist has converted to ISLAM in jail because he’s terrified of being killed in a revenge attack.

Hitler fanatic Martyn Gilleard, 31, was caged for 16 years last month for possessing 39,000 sick child porn images – and making four nail bombs.

The pervert, who kept pictures of himself in women’s underwear, planned to target mosques or places where black and Asian people gathered.

But now he has seen an imam at Wakefield Prison in West Yorkshire and says he has become a Muslim.

A prison source said: “Gilleard was kicked into touch by far-right parties for having child porn.

“Without their backing, he knew he wouldn’t last five minutes in prison. So he reckoned changing his religion was the only way he’d avoid reprisals inside.

“But Gilleard turning to Islam is laughable. Just a few months ago he was a fully paid-up member of various racist groups and now he wants to start reading the Koran. He’s making a mockery of Muslims and the lads will not stand for it.”

Fork-lift truck driver Gilleard, of Goole, East Yorks, admitted at Leeds Crown Court 10 specimen child porn charges and was convicted of two terror charges.

6 thoughts on “UK: Cross-dressing Nazi-racist-child-porn-fetishist converts to Islam, in jail”

  1. Muhammad was racist = check

    Muhammad liked little girls = check

    Muhammad hated Jews with a passion = check

    Muhammad like to wear women’s clothing = not sure

    Heck 3 out of 4 isn’t bad….sounds like a natural transition for this perv to Islam.

  2. Islam is the only “religion” that condones, even encourages, child abuse, child rape, child marriage, and child murder. This jerk should fit right in!

  3. This seems to be the “logical” conclusion for this man’s psychosis.

  4. It should be no surprise, no matter how genuine or not, since Nazi types have converted to Islam in the past, most notably David Myatt and Johann von Leers, who was converted to Islam by Haj Amin al-Husseini, “Hitler’s Mufti”. There isn’t much separating Islamists and Nazis.

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