UK: Hizb ut-Tahrir launches propaganda war against Hazel Blears "corrupted British Islam"

* Gotta keep the soldiers of Allah fired up at all times to fight the kuffars…

Sunday Express

RADICAL Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir has launched a campaign to stop young Muslims being corrupted by Western “liberal values”.

The organisation, which Tony Blair wanted to ban in Britain, has planned a summer PR campaign against Western “attacks” on the religion.

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The move comes as Hizb ut-Tahrir’s British arm slammed Government plans to combat Islamic extremism and to take on the preachers of hate.

The group claims the Government is trying to build a compliant British Islam, and complains no other religion is subjected to such state interference.

* That’s because other religions don’t have a doctrine of terror and subjugation of unbelievers…

Under the Government plans, a panel of 20 Islamic experts will be set up to counter warped interpretations of the Koran and to advise youngsters on key Muslim issues and how “that fits in with being a citizen in the UK”.

* The whole bloody book has to go, the whole thing is warped and so are the minds of those who are indoctrinated with this crapola…

Citizenship classes will also be held in mosque schools, or madrassas, but Hizb ut-Tahrir is intent on targeting Muslim youngsters to “empower themselves” with its summer Stand For Islam campaign.

It claims young people in particular have been subject to an intense Islamophobic campaign and believes they are at greatest risk from the “corrupting” influence of Western liberalism, which it brands the cause of binge drinking, gun and knife crime, yob culture and teenage pregnancies.

The group, which describes itself as a global Islamic political party, is banned in Germany where it is regarded as anti-semitic.

In Britain, former Prime Minister Tony Blair wanted it banned but, after two reviews, no action was taken.

The organisation insists it is not a conveyor belt to terrorism but British critics warn it plays a part in radicalising young Muslims to believe they cannot be both British and Muslim.

Its campaign, focusing on such areas as Oldham, Manchester, Bradford and Leeds, carries the motto “Don’t Sit And Take It”. It claims attacks by politicians and media in the West are part of a campaign to present Islam as a backward, medieval religion.

* Worse, much worse: its a perverted ideology in the guise of religion…

In Britain, it cites the furore caused by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr  Rowan Williams, when he suggested that introducing elements of Sharia law in Britain was unavoidable.

The campaign includes football tournaments, graffiti and rap contests,  youth conferences and seminars. A debate tonight in Coventry asks how Muslims should respond to calls to ban the Koran.

* Here’s a solution: don’t voluntarily immigrate to the UK and West in general, where your children, immersed as they will inevitably be in infidel culture, may have their Islam compromised. Logical enough, no? “UK Islamic group against Western values,” from NDTV,

Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Taji Mustafa said: “The current smears against Islam and the Sharia, the filthy cartoons defaming our beloved Prophet and the calls in Holland to ban the Koran are part of the propaganda used as part of the war on Islam, commonly called the war on terror.

* Yep. We need more cartoons…

“It is a supremacist war that aims to force one system, capitalism, and secular liberal values on the whole world.”

* That’s an appeal to the commies to back Islam…

Shadow security minister Baroness  Neville-Jones said: “Three years ago the Government vowed to ban this group and have simply failed to do so, speaking volumes about their approach to countering radicalisation. It is vital we stand up to attacks like these on our values and the British way of life.”

10 thoughts on “UK: Hizb ut-Tahrir launches propaganda war against Hazel Blears "corrupted British Islam"”

  1. >>”Gotta keep the soldiers of Allah fired up at all times to fight the kuffars…

    Muslims don’t fight. They murder babies, women and elderly and then boast of their fighting prowess with a straight face and believe themselves.

  2. Salaam

    It is not Islam and Muslims who are creating problems, actually it is
    British society creating problems for the Muslim community.

    The Muslim community has been vicitm of Paki-bashing in all walks of life by
    the British society and Establishment for the last 60 years. Now it is
    vicitm of terrorism by the British Establishment. Thousands of Muslim youth
    are being serched in the streets and hundreds of them are behind the bar
    without any trial.

    State schools with non-Muslim monolingual teachers are not suitable for
    Muslim children. This is the reason why majority of them leave schools with
    low grades.

    God has created diverse human beings to live in this tiny global villageas
    of one family. Creation by its very nature is deverse with different
    species, different communities, different cultures and languages. These
    differences represent the beauty and wonder but diversity is sometimes not
    fully appreciated, resulting in all sorts of clashes. The British society
    and Establishment must learn to respect and accommodate others, as if in a

    A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not want to
    become notoriously monolingual Brit. He/she is supposed to be well versed in
    standard English, Arabic, Urdu and other community languages, to be part of
    the Britisah society, as well as proud of his.her cultural roots and enjoy
    the beauty of his/her literature and poetry

  3. Ahmad, you really are a joke. You are living in the UK. Your children should learn to speak english. It is interesting to note that we see, once again, the usual muslim complaint about not getting a fair deal. However the facts are quite different. Despite the extraordinary amout of support muslim communities are getting from the UK government, they consistently fail to achieve anything of value. And the reason is because of fools like you Ahmad. Your crap could be interpreted in a different way, but I have yet to see any muslim country accept another religion or culture into their midst. BTW Ahmad, have you kindnapped any more 13 year old non-muslim girls to rape lately. No . whats wrong – Muslim Pakis do this quite often!!! .

    Yes – the world is a global village, but scum like you are trying to destroy it. Note that no replies to your crap with a greeting. That is because we are honest. You are not – so your greeting is about as much worth as your IQ. As my good friend Bester would say – Be seeing you. Do not post here again. Incidentally Ahmad, did you know that the Koran makes excellent toilet paper but only the more expensive copies as the inks used in cheaper copies can run. Well okay – you got me there – all copies are cheap!!!!

  4. Ahmad,

    There is hope for you. Just turn to the real God of creation, the Lord God who made himself known through Jesus Christ. Then you will know real eternal peace. Then you will understand about loving your neighbour as yourself, treating all mankind as equals, (including women, you know, God’s creation of our other half, not just some posession..)

    Turn away from Satans messenger mohammed, who will only lead you to eternal damnation.

    Islam is, as islam does….. the religion of (blown apart) pieces…

  5. Ahmad>>”This is the reason why majority of them leave schools with
    low grades.

    Bzzzt!! Wrong again! The Indians are doing great in school–the Pakis aren’t. Indians and Pakis are basically the same people divided by a border, so what’s the difference? One major reason is inbreeding, which is resulting in much higher aggression and much lower I.Q.’s. in Muslims. Inbreeding being such a bad idea, shouldn’t all examples from the Quran be questioned? Save yourself!

  6. Last month, the Hazelnut said it is [“common sense” for Christianity to be sidelined at the
    expense of Islam]; now she’s reaping what she’s sown, and is saying [that believers from
    different faiths in Britain, such as Muslims and Christians or Jews and Sikhs, should get
    involved in the same social projects] as part of an “interfaith framework”.

    I suspect that islam intends to sideline you, Hazel, & your ailing government with you.

  7. This is a Muslim problem and not merely a Pakistani one. The same kind of behaviour- soliciting young non-Muslim girls, and rape of non-Muslim women, is evident in Europe, and particularly the Nordic countries. As usual the police is not keen to investigate or prosecute, for fear of the charge of “racism”. The fact that these men in the UK are of Pakistani origin is merely a consequence of the fact that Pakistani Muslims predominate in the UK. In European countries, it is the Turks, Somalis, Iraqis, Kurds or whatever, and the same pattern is prevalent.

    Just transferring the charge from “Asian” to “Pakistani” is just another device born of fear, to avoid naming the real problem – Islam.

    I’m afraid you are very deluded, were you to believe this kind of bahaviour brings respect, all it is bringing is sheer hatred!!
    When violence eminates from the muslim commuinity what do you expect?
    You want the poilce to stop and search a decent white boy, just to make you feel better and to satisfy the neo marxist brigade?
    Act like scum and that’s how you will be treated!
    Islam has become nothing but trouble across Europe, you’ve brought your filthy disgusting habits with you!
    Because that moon God of yours has brainwashed you into thinking you are something special, let me tell you, you are nothing soft lad!
    The BBC recieve complaint after complaint for it’s constant flaming islamic slant, many have ceased to listen to it’s islam this, islam that!
    We can read, we can research!
    Islam has been trouble from day one, and the bastards that allowed any of you into Europe should be hung drawn and quartered, which in the end God willing we shall see!
    The British establishment have bent over backwards appeasing muslims, when the average Brit would have, dropped the lot of you over the Atlantic ocean on a dark foul night!
    Why would muslim kids want to study? claiming state benefits does not require any education, and muslims are the highest unemployed right across Europe!!
    There are more than enough islamic school, too many infact!
    Mosques in every city and town, Any idea how much those ugly monstrocities men wearing long frocks followed by their daleks offend the British people?
    From the MAB, HUT all should be kicked out, back to their shitholes! the bunch of nazis!
    Diversity we know is just one huge con! go and diverse in China see how far you get!
    After 30 years, some still can’t speak English, that’s a sign of stupidity nothing else,
    I speak another language, just due to visiting another nation, it was in my interest to learn, communication being important, but muslims had no intention of integrating,you like sheep followed when ordered not to.
    Now the line has been drawn, and you can go stuff yourselves for all we care,
    Other’s came and settled with few problems, but they came to make a new life, where you lot, like cuckoos come to steal, a pattern familier to anyone that read’s up on muslims and islam.
    I’d rather the country were blown off the map, than allow muslims that which is ours!!!
    You are so quick with your threats, beating up on young white boys when alone. try it one, to one, and not the, 12 to one or 5 to 1.cowards!!
    The Brits are quiet, but inside seething, you’ve no idea how we think at all, but we know how you lot think matey!
    When the English began to hate….tell you how that feels…like a greyhound tied to a post..seeing the hare running past….blood boiling in anticipation…………ever noticed that side smile we give?
    Don’t confuse the population with those arseholes at Westminster!!
    They throw money at you, i’d throw bombs!!!
    Now FXXX off back home. No! there is no, Pakistani Britain or Indian Britain, that’s just bull, were i born in Pakistan to British parents, then i’m British not Pakistani anything.
    Bleary Blears, pushes islam in our schools that much, when kids get home, hours are spent undoing the lies about MO and islam twisted and whitwashed to the extent, it makes MO sound intelligent, instead of a nomab epileptic paedo that shouldn’t be allowed near children!
    What God would have left any kind of message with someone like that?
    Plus where was all the writing equipment, to make sure that should he have a seizure, he’d still recall what was said when the seizure ended?
    Imagine scribbling a book the size of the quran in the desert, on a chunk of stone, that’s if he could write more than an XXXXX

  8. From a in Europe. Interesting! No media coverage….

    Just recieved in an email.

    Hi there

    I attach the following video of the attack made by Jean-Marie Le Pen on Nicholas Sarkozy in the European Parliament as sent to me by Cyber-Resistent, our French correspondent. I also give you the translation into English.

    THURSDAY 10 JULY 2008
    Video of Le Pen’s attack on Sarkozy at the European Parliament:

    Transcript in French:

    English translation by

    Mister President,

    You are currently in charge, for the next 6 months, in this rotating and short-lived position, as President of the European Union. Contrary to the majority of the French electorate, you have revealed yourself as a zealous europeist, even daring to reintroduce (under a hardly changed format of the Lisbon Treaty) the Constitution that the Dutch, alongside the French, rejected in 2005.

    Your project to re-introduce the Lisbon Treaty has failed again because it has stumbled on the will of the Irish people. Therefore, it is null and void, despite all the manoeuvers to try to impose the will of the reining euro-internationalist camarilla on the European people.

    As a young deputy, I voted in 1957 against the Treaty of Rome, which was the first stage of a process aiming to lead to the United States of Europe according to its promoters: Monnet and Coudenhove-kalergi among others.

    Given that this Tower of Babel was only able to be built on the debris of the nations and initially of my fatherland France, I have been its determined adversary ever since. It is said that globalization involves fundamental changes everywhere to which we must subdue ourselves.

    But the truth is that, in the world, the nations are getting stronger, supported by enthusiastic patriotism, except in only one place, Europe, where nations and fatherlands are sold off, dismantled, demoralized for the profit of a project without power, without identity, while the foreign migratory waves invade it gradually and that the opening of our economic borders, delivers it to the unrestrained competition of the rest of the world.

    None of the promises made (so that Europeans could accept the loss of their independence, their sovereignty, their identity, of their culture) were kept – neither economic growth, neither full employment, neither prosperity, nor safety. And it is anguish which prevails at the start of the coming systemic crisis: energy, food and financial meltdown. By then, it is true the media carousel will continue to turn; yesterday, the European soccer tournament, tennis at Roland Garros, tomorrow the Olympic games of Beijing and today the miraculous saga of an icon: Ingrid who laughs, who cries, who prays, who comes and goes supported by your fraternal arm.

    In your desire to be the libertador (the liberator in English), you were misled in accepting negotiations with the terrorists of the FARC. But it is neither you, nor Mr Chavez who released the Colombian Senator Mrs Betancourt, it is President Uribe, who with tenacity, against the general mobilization of world progressives, gained a decisive victory over criminal terrorism.

    You multiplied the approaches to negotiate in vain and you even went to the length of inviting the repented communist terrorists of the FARC to profit from asylum in France, but to protect them from whom? From Uribe the democrat! While you were at it, why not the talibans, the Hezbollah, the Tamils Tigers? You are like the amphisbene, dear to Césaire.

    Do not doubt at any moment Mr. President that all your talent as media director will not be enough to avert the brewing crisis which you will have to face before the end of the year. Your Europe is a drifting vessel, windswept and beaten by the waves. It is the only region in the world to have deliberately dismantled its political and moral structures.

    Without borders, gradually invaded by a mass immigration which is only at its beginning, economically ruined by the ultra-liberalism, socially impoverished, weakened demographically, without spirit and military strength. At best, it will fall under the American protectorate, at worse it will become a slave of the dhimmitude.

    It is now long overdue to give up on the deadly illusion of federalism and to build a Europe of the nations, united in concrete alliances, probably more modest, but more effective.

    Both failures, the Constitution and the Treaty, must be used as warnings. The people of Europe do not want them. They will not allow them to be forced upon them because they do not want to die.

  9. Hey Itchy Ahmad, Europe is with Tinker Bell – SO F.O WHILE YOU CAN. Your time to choose is your own – BUT ONLY FOR THE PRESENT. This will change – and in a shorter span then you can imagine.

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