UK: Poor widdle Muslims feel 'Betrayed' after Police Raid

* Didn’t the police use dogs with booties?

*   “Feelings have been hurt”

*  ” Muslims have been victimized and singled out”

Shoe me your bootey, Fido!




Two of the men at the centre of anti-terror raids say they feel “betrayed” by the police. 

Abu Bosher and Abu Saif had always thought they had a healthy relationship with the police, until their Stoke-on-Trent homes were raided on Tuesday.

They are members of a group of young Muslims who have regularly manned stalls around the city for two years, preaching to passers-by and distributing leaflets and DVDs.

Police raided five homes this week as part of an investigation into a small group of people suspected of being involved in promoting violent extremist views, and radicalising vulnerable members of the community. 

See the men speak out in our video


4 thoughts on “UK: Poor widdle Muslims feel 'Betrayed' after Police Raid”

  1. The nasty,nasty policeman/person PC, whatever next will they do arrest terrorists?
    Muslims need to learn one very quick lesson here, start on about our animals especially dogs then they will see the teeth of the average Brit.
    They may kid the cops on and the lefties, the rest of us have their cards marked!
    What next blindfolds for male dogs when entering an house with females in?
    There is fury already over trying to force two boys into bowing to their sun god, the kids refused and received detention.
    The boys deserve praise for showing some backbone which our cops seem to lack!
    Forcing islam onto Children is child abuse then to intimidate them is fascism!
    The teacher will have a special place in hell no doubt the traitor.

  2. *SIGH*
    Who the hell do those cops think they are? Arresting terrorists and whatnot like they OWN the country…

    WAKE UP!

  3. Unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They’re complaining about using dogs in terrorism related searches!

    This is facilitation for terrorists–plain and simple!

  4. Personally, I think the police should train and use pigs instead of dogs in terrorism searches.

    What about stress and trauma suffered by dogs when forced to enter Muslim premises?

    Yes! Ferocious, ravenous pigs ought to be conscripted!

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