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Its unfortunate the twin towers were not filled with the likes of the people posting here

From Dearbornistan: Money for nothing and the lawsuit for free…, 2008/07/27 at 5:06 AM

In addition to whining about Islamophobia, over the past week 
devout Muslims killed 
Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, homosexuals,
, the elderly and plenty of children in at least 15 countries.
Jews, adulterers and those wanting out of Islam weren’t forgotten).

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  2. Hi muslim LOOSER (scalpthe white theives) – your name suggests that you are rather ignorant of history but never mind. You just spat in the face of 3,000 innocent murder victims. Not very nice. Be seeing you…………………………………………….

  3. Actually, I said “unfortunately” meaning that its unfortunate that innocent people died. I’m sure if I posted under the name BillyBob and said “it’s unfortunate the twin towers were not filled with muslims” I would of probably gotten a lot of “yeehaw” responses. Meaning that ignorant people who establish these site and post on them are useless pathetic individuals. US bombs killed as many as 140,000 people in Hiroshima and 80,000 in Nagasaki by the end of 1945. Muslims are not the only ones who have killed innocents.

  4. Hello Scalpthewhitethieves , or ScalplessDwarfwithWhiteDandruff ., or idiot with a silly name,

    “Its unfortunate the twin towers were not filled with the likes of the people posting here….

    So I will start with a couple of simple points …………..

    Firstly …

    Most people who post here are probably considerably brighter that you. And being the idiot that you are, you have completely missed the point that most people on this site are against the mindless and violent ideology of Islam. If your religion was capable of living in peace with other belief systems there would be no problem and no person would feel the need to say anything on this site.

    Secondly …
    We have mindless scum like you spouting out mindless and inaccurate rubbish to justify your perverted understanding of religion. That you insulted the memory of 3000+ who were murdered by your violent and brain-dead co-religionists is undeniable. That you are a liar is also evident from your second post -what is contended therein is clearly is not supported by what you said in your first post. That you will be brought to court for this is also something that will happen – you are now being tracked and your details are being collated and they will be passed onto respective authorities. Americans really hate terrorists supporters who insult the memory of those murdered by terrorists. You are in for a fun time – as I said – be seeing you…………………………

    As regards the use of atomic weapons to end WW2 – well you again spout the usual uniformed rubbish that we have come to expect from muslims. I have neither the time not the patience to teach a moron like you history, but for many reasons it was considered at the time that the use of these weapons would shorten the war and save a considerably larger number of lives – both Japanese and American, which would have been lost as a consequence of a ground invasion. And incidentally, the Tokyo fire bombings killed more people. I am not justifying what happened but, from interviews with veterans of the Imperial Japanese Army, Air Force and Navy, the people who made this decision may have been correct. This is of course of no comfort to the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They are the real victims of war, like all civilians and it is these civilians that your cowardly muslim scum have always targeted in your “campaigns”. It is curious to note that the west has always sought to minimize civilian casualties (sadly there are a few exceptions but the statement is generally true and can be verified by countless examples), whereas muslim scum consider civilians as legitimate targets. There are numerous examples in Iraq and Afghanistan of your “brave” muslim Moo-have-jeans using children and woman as shields as they fire on coalition patrols. There are numerous examples of your “brave” muslim scum murdering citizens of various countries as they go about that activity that threatens every muslim – living. People massacred whilst talking, shopping, drinking tea with friends ….. murdered by a pack of muslim loosers who are so stupid and selfish that they feel they have to destroy all that they cannot understand in order to justiify their own pitiful existence,

    And to finish ————–

    Keep writing – true stupidity is represented by muslims like you. I feel sorry for you – you do not understand, you can only hate, you have no tolerance, you are short-sighted, you cannot appreciated other ideas and cultures, you are selfish, you are incabable of questioning your own decisions, you cannot even learn because you can only cast failure into the very narrow terms of the Quran – it is very doubtful that you are even capable of understanding that texts (from other religions) which were use to write the first part of the Quran .. as for the later parts – ask a peadophile or a mass murderer – they can explain these parts to you!!!!

    And your concept of BillyBob setting on his chair and yeehawing really applies to muslims only
    See following examples, which are taken from an almost infinite set.

    1) muslim reactions to Challenger accident, particularly when Israeli astronaut died.
    2) muslim reactions to release of child murderer Kuntar to Lebanon
    3) muslim reaction to test written by the very latte Emperor of Constantinople and read by Current Pope.
    4) muslim reaction to cartoons that had been printed and forgotten, until brought to notice of the Arab BillyBoy
    press eight months later by a muslim scumbag that had been given a home in Denmark.
    5) muslim murders of 4 Catholic schoolgirls in Indonesia in response to item 4)

    I could go on – but it’s rather pointless. This is all in the open press – but morons like you seem to be unable to read articles which do not conform to or confront your perverted world view.


  5. >>”Its unfortunate the twin towers were not filled with the likes of the people posting here

    Joe Grey>> Actually, they were! All the victims in the twin towers were freedom loving people whose lives were interrupted by thieving inbred rapist savages.

  6. scalpthewhitethieves>>”I’m outside your window.

    Joe Grey>> Guys, pretend like you’re scared! When these retards flatter themselves it’s because they think Allah has their back and it is then that they make really stupid mistakes. Kinda like in Iraq a few years back after a few car bombings–these idiots would start confusing themselves for real fighters and they’d come out to fight the U.S. Army. You know **EXACTLY** what happened next. Sigh.

  7. Joe Grey,

    It seems that BILLYBOB has posted a threatening email to you – the text that you note in the email above is not to be found on this particular page – can you repost the entire email or send me the address of the page to which it was posted – I need it as I am collating interesting little tit-bits like this for some folks who, in addition to having bad attitudes, wear blue uniforms with certain insignia and carry guns. They would like to be informed as to the whereabouts of potential muslim terrorists – you never know when this sort of information will become useful.

  8. Kaw, he was threatening Peter Barry, but here’s the post:

    Salpthewhitethieves Says:

    July 27th, 2008 at 4:07 pm
    Peter (the) Ferry Says:
    July 27th, 2008 at 1:25 pm
    I see the local loony ‘Scalpthewhitethieves’ has logged on do they have computer access in the asylum?

    I’m not in the asylum, I’m outside your window.

  9. ok..is “scalpthewhitethieves” Muslim, or some dude running a reservation casino?

  10. I think KAW has said everything I would like to say – thank you.
    As for scalpy:
    Do more homework
    Type less.

  11. Hey Scalpthewhitethieves, You don’t like my posts? Then you can kiss my white Christian Ass.

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